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3 Best R6S Hacks & Cheats

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 1, 2022


Not many games can achieve the feat of having over 30,000 concurrent players over 7 years after launch; Rainbow Six Siege’s continued popularity is a testament to its addictive strategic gameplay, and with new operators, events, and skins coming out over 2022, its momentum isn’t stopping.

Want to start your R6S grind? This isn’t a game that you can pick up on Day 1 and be Diamond rank by Day 7 - you need a solid squad of skilled members, a good knowledge of the map, and a logical mind.

Or…you could get some Rainbow Six Siege hacks. PrivateCheatz sells the highest quality R6S hacks for any type of player, at any skill level - and here are 3 of our top picks.


Why R6S Hacks & Cheats?

R6S is a fun game but it's not very "noob friendly". Even if you're an experienced player of another FPS game, like CoD, you'll still struggle in your first few months of playing Rainbow Six Siege. With R6S hacks, your first few matches become more fun and less target practice for experienced players. 

Here are some more reasons to consider R6S hacks & cheats: 

  • Instantly unlocking cosmetics such as skins
  • Having more freedom to customize your UI
  • Unlocking new ways to play the game


The 3 Best R6S Hacks & Cheats

We’ve tested and picked the best R6S hacks, all of which are available only from PrivateCheatz. The top 3 R6S hacks are: 


1. R6S Intel Hack


As the name might suggest, the Rainbow Six Siege Intel hack will only work with Intel CPUs. This means you’ll be getting a bug free experience though. The hack also includes a bonus HWID spoofer


Noteworthy Features

  • Long knife: Increase your melee range and strike from the shadows using this hack. 
  • No spread, no recoil: Two of the most annoying FPS features, gun recoil and bullet spread; this hack has the option to turn them both off completely for every weapon.
  • Visibility check: The smart aimbot will stop itself from snapping to targets who are in your field of view, but break line of sight by being behind a wall.



1-Day Access: $13.95

7-Day Access: $54.99

30-Day Access: $104.95



As long as your system is compatible with it, the Intel R6S hack is the best cheat you can buy right now for Rainbow Six Siege. It has a high-quality aimbot, plenty of miscellaneous features, and even a powerful ESP hack.



2. R6S Hyperion Hack



The R6S Hyperion hack is an external cheat that will work with Intel and AMD CPUs, and later builds of WIndows 10 as well as Windows 11. It also supports both Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

Noteworthy Features

  • Aimbot toggle: Instantly turn off your aimbot when you’re being spectated, and turn it back on when it's safe - as easy as clicking a button. Toggle the no recoil hack too.
  • Adjustable FOV: See as much or as little of your environment as you need to, and extend your FOV beyond what the vanilla game allows.
  • Enemy ESP: This ESP will show you your enemies name, health, distance, and even advanced features such as their hitbox.



1-Day Access: $8.90

7-Day Access: $39.99

30-Day Access: $94.99



This Hyperion cheat is a great choice for a compatible hack that will work with almost any system. While it has less features than some hacks, this can actually be a benefit because it means the hack will work well with low-spec systems. 



3. R6S Army Hack



The Army hack for R6S works with Intel and AMD CPUs, and specific versions of Windows 10.  The hack includes a HWID spoofer, and runs internally for better performance. 


Noteworthy Features

  • Silent aim: No matter where you aim, you’ll always get a kill; and your enemies won’t know what hit them. 
  • Force ACOG: ACOG stands for advanced combat optical gunsight, which is the ultimate scope attachment. With this hack, you’ll always have this advantage on any weapon you pick up.
  • Show traps: Traps left by the enemy squad can slow you down or even take you out. Use this hack to always know where they are, and never be caught off guard.



1-Day Access: $14.99

7-Day Access: $54.00

30-Day Access: $109.99



The Army hack has a lot of unique features that can make your time in R6S that little bit more accessible, and more enjoyable. We’d recommend this hack for new players who are looking for good value!



Which is the Best R6S Hacks & Cheats?

The best R6S Hacks & Cheats are an intersection of features, value, and ease of use. Grab a HWID spoofer for r6s to keep on the safe side. Make sure to take notes of features that are important to you when deciding on a hack to buy for Rainbow Six Siege, and if you’re in doubt, why not try a 1-Day Access Pass? 


To recap, here are the best R6S hacks & cheats:


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