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PUBG Beginners Guide -

Understanding how PUBG works may seem like an impossible feat to some, but thankfully, this article should drop a lot of knowledge onto you (the readers). Battle royale games aren't meant to be easy, as it's supposed to mimic what it would feel like to really be in a war – when there are 99 other players that want to tear your head off in every single match, things can get a bit hectic. When you're jumping into a server for the first time and could be considered a “noob”, things are going to come at you fast. You're probably going to die quite a bit, but don't get too discouraged. If you aren't willing to put in the time and effort that's needed in order to get good, you'll always have our amazing PUBG hacks and tools to make use of.

Beginners will need to understand what the game actually calls for you to do, as well as what you can accomplish in a small frame of time. Newcomers will always be welcome to Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, but only the best ones around will rise to the top. Getting that elusive first win will come much easier once you've read through all of the tips that we have to offer here, but want to know what would make it a breeze? Using the Player Unknown's Battlegrounds hacks that we offer up here at PrivateCheatz.

Learning the Map

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Learning the map is going to take you a long way when it comes to playing any sort of shooting game, but when you're dealing with the PUBG map, it's going to ring especially true. The right PUBG ESP hack is going to make finding enemies nothing to fret about; all you'll have to do is press a button or two and they'll be on display. With that being said, it doesn't hurt to learn the map itself – PUBG wall hacks are great and all, but if you still don't know where people are going to drop (there are many popular locations within the map to be considered, it's up to you to decide which ones you want to target), you can't kill them quickly.

Learning the map isn't as hard as it may seem, as just playing the game will give you a good idea as to which areas are the most reliable. Some areas are always to give you good loot, or at least it would seem that way; one thing to remember is that the loot you find all over the map is randomly generated. That's another thing that we're going to cover, because many people think that just because they found an abundance of goodies in one area during a match, they're always going to be there.

Some areas are going to have a lot more players hanging out in them than others, and it's due to the amount of loot that is readily available. Get familiar with the map and you'll be able to prepare yourself for battle, or know that you're relatively safe (and can loot in peace!).

Learning How to Loot

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Looting is a main component of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, and there's no hack that can save you from being a poor looter. If you're bad at looting, you'll never be able to give yourself a fighting chance – there are hundreds of different spawn locations on the map at any given time, and if you can't successfully navigate to one, you're going to get gunned down. Looting will call for you to not only land in a great place, but you also need to worry about looting people you've just killed (although we'll save that for a different guide). Noobs who don't know how to loot will carry several guns of the same caliber, as well as refuse to carry bandages or a med-kit; because why would you ever want to drop a gun (kidding, of course)?

There is a time and place for every loot item available in PUBG, which is why you need to understand what all of them can do for you. Some of the most ideal locations to find loot would be:

  • Houses
  • Secret Loot Locations
  • Dead Enemies
  • Supply Drops

Houses are self-explanatory, while the “secret loot locations” probably aren't all too much of a secret anymore. Dead enemies will drop the most loot, as they have been preparing to survive for themselves; supply drops are almost always going to guarantee you a good weapon as well. Looking the backpack of an enemy player is an art form of sorts, and while Player Unknown's Battlegrounds hacks may not apply to that specific process, you can still use scripts and tools to help you out.

Looting the right stuff at the right time will be determined by your current situation. If you have guns, but need a new scope, you'll just have to grab the scope – too bad it can seem like a cluttered mess to beginners. Get used to the backpack interface and you'll be able to clean out dead enemies in no time at all.

Beginner's Luck

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As a beginner, people are probably going to target you. If you run around in the open, you're bound to get shot at some point; so just apply the simple tactics that you would use in any shooting game. While it's technically a game of survival, you still need to be able to shoot your way out certain scenarios; you've got no clue what it is to be in a gunfight, until you've taken on two people with SCAR rifles at the same time. Sometimes luck can play a large role in how successful you are in battle royale games, as the loot system is supposed to be random.

Sometimes you'll drop down and find the best gun possible at your first location, and other times you'll be tiptoeing around the map with a minimal amount of ammo. They do say that life is all about balance though, so we suppose it's a fair trade off for having such a fantastic game to play.

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