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PUBG Intermediate Guide -

Feeling a little more confident in your PUBG gaming skills? Maybe it's the PUBG or PUBG ESP that you've just purchased from PrivateCheatz, or maybe you've just been practicing – whatever the case may be, you're finally ready to call yourself an “intermediate” PUBG player. You aren't one of the best players in the server at any given time, but you understand how the game works; you may have even gotten a win or two under your belt already. Winning in a game like PUBG could be easy with a plethora of Player Unknown's battlegrounds hacks up your sleeve, but just developing a set of skills for the game in general will take you even further.

If you can pair your PUBG hacks alongside an amazing skill set, there will truly be no one to stop you – unless they're cheating themselves of course, and just happen to be better at it. There's no better tool to be used for PUBG hack purposes other than the ones provided here, so if anybody gets the drop on you, they are more than likely using our tools as well.

Optimizing Your Rig

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You can't drive a car across the country if the engine is terrible, as you're bound to break down at some point – this may seem like a null point to some, but the rig that you sport is going to play a part in how well you do within the game. If you're trying to play PUBG on a computer that was made pre-2010 and doesn't have any upgrades, you're going to have a bad time; it would actually be a surprise if the game ran at all on something like that. There are players who may stumble upon this article that happen to be playing the console version of PUBG, but we all know that PC is the master race! Some would say that not even the best PUBG on the planet could help you out, because the computer can't even help itself (actually, the would do all of the work for you, so I suppose you've found a solution).

A poorly optimized rig is going to result in poor performance, such as lag spikes and even graphical glitches. Playing a game that's laggy isn't fun by any means, and when your computer genuinely cannot handle the needs required for a game, things are going to start breaking down. Your computer could just crash the game, so even if you manage to make it far with a bad computer, there's always that risk lingering in the air.

Sick of Solos? Find a Team

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There are millions of people playing this game, so finding a team that you can actually win with shouldn't be too difficult. There are a lot of online communities that will link you up with potential teammates, but just playing the game and going the “fill” route should lead you to a few people as well. You're bound to end up with a bad team or two when you are queueing up by yourself, but that's just how the game works – eventually, you'll come across some people you truly enjoy playing with.

Communication is Key

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Communication is going to be a factor that determines whether or not your team is going to win the game. If you cannot communicate effectively, you probably aren't going to find yourself in the win column anytime soon. Sure, if you've got a lot of player unknown's battlegrounds hacks to use, you can go off on your lonesome and be a one-man wrecking crew – but you'll be leaving your team behind to fend for themselves. You want to call out as much as possible, which is when you call out either enemies or weapons (or anything else, for that matter).

Weapons – Weapons are going to be an easy thing to call out, as they don't move and will never intentionally harm you. The whole point of PUBG is to keep yourself equipped with the best guns in the game, and when your whole team is locked and loaded, it's going to be tough to take you out. Call out extra weapons and other items for your teammates, because sharing is caring!

Enemies – When you see an enemy, you should be calling them out almost immediately. Use the compass at the top of your screen and give your teammates numbers, as they'll usually ask for them anyways. When you give them numbers, they'll be able to find them easier; not everyone is going to have a PUBG ESP or PUBG wallhack to make use of.

Vehicles – Vehicles can be especially important in the realm of PUBG, since you need to cover a lot of ground in order to avoid the storm. Whenever you or a teammate have spotted a vehicle, calling it out should come right afterwards. Not only that, but you should be calling out whether the vehicle is idle or is occupied by an opposing team. When there are enemies in a vehicle, it might be time to engage; if it's just sitting there, it may be time to go for a ride.

Communication can not only save your team from getting completely obliterated by an unsuspecting ambush, but it can also just lead to some good times in general. The game is meant to be fun, so you should have at least a little bit of it every now and then.

From Good to Great

When you want to make that leap from being a good player, all the way up to becoming a great player, it's going to take some practice. Realistically, you could load up on the best playerunknown's battleground hack on the web and just demolish teams; but that won't make you better at the game. It will allow you to dominate for sure, but when you pair these PUBG hacks alongside your hard-earned skill, nobody will be able to stop your reign. Keep your eyes peeled for the next guide, as there is always room to improve.

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