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Call of Duty Vanguard Field Upgrades

Call of Duty Vanguard marks the return of Field Upgrades, which are powerful pieces of equipment that you can unlock based on a timer. This limits them to being used strategically, but if one side is using them and the other isn’t, it can turn the tide of the battle and result in a swift victory.

As you may be expecting, the list of Field Upgrades available in COD Vanguard will be changing slightly because of the era that the game is set in. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to have Black Ops Cold War’s Field Upgrades available in a game set in World War II.

Let’s take a look at the Field Upgrades that will be available in COD Vanguard.

Field Mic

The Field Mic was one of the most useful Field Upgrades available in Black Ops Cold War because it revealed enemies on the map. The catch for the Field Mic is that players have to be moving or otherwise making noise so that they would appear on a player’s map, and only within a relatively small circle.

The Field Mic is returning in Vanguard in all of its glory and its basic functionality remains unchanged except for a few adjustments so that it’s more balanced.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a favorite among oldschool COD players, and many of us remember when Dead Silence used to be a perk, and it was certainly one of the most important. The developers saw how frequently this perk was picked and decided to turn it into a time-limited Field Upgrade.

Dead Silence, as the name suggests, works by making the noises you make when you’re moving all but silent. While you’ll still be slightly audible, it will be very difficult to hear you.

Armor Plates

Another thing that oldschool COD players will remember is the Juggernaut perk, which allowed you to survive a few more shots before dying. In COD Vanguard, this perk won’t be making a reappearance, but we’ll be able to use the Armor Plates Field Upgrade to accomplish the same thing.

If you like the idea of having a chance to survive a few more hits with armor, then you’ll probably find yourself using this Field Upgrade.

Supply Box

The Supply Box Field Upgrade is one of the oldest available, and it’s also one of the more useful ones if you tend to go on long killing streaks and you find yourself frequently running out of ammo.

If you don’t want to rely on scavenging ammo from your enemies’ bodies, you can drop down a supply box and you’ll be able to replenish your ammo and equipment.


The Goliath was a real remote-controlled explosive used to detonate bunkers and emplacements in World War II. It appears in Vanguard as the game’s analog to the RCXD and it works exactly the same way. You have about half a minute to drive it into an enemy and blow it up before it self-destructs.

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