Combining Cheats with PUBG’s Game Mechanics

If you’re going to make the most of your cheats in a game, you have to know how they will synergize with a game’s mechanics so that you can excel. Over the course of this article, we’re going to explore some of the best ways you can combine your cheats with PUBG’s game mechanics.

There’s Not Much of a Need for an Aimbot in PUBG

Aimbots are popular because of how they can completely change around your gameplay experience and make you a much more effective killer, but they’re also dangerous. Using an aimbot is one of the main reasons why cheaters end up getting themselves banned when they cheat.

Thanks to PUBG’s hardcore game mechanics, an aimbot is a lot less necessary than in other games. When you can kill another player with a few shots, you don’t have to stick your aim to them for as long, meaning that precision is a bit less important than it would be in other games.

As long as you can make the most of your ESP to ensure that enemies are always where you expect them to be, you can predict their movements and ensure that you always end up on top in a fight. If you’re going to use an aimbot and you’d like to reduce your chances of getting caught, you can always use the aimbot FOV and aimbot smoothness settings.

Finding the Right Weapons with an Item ESP

As with any other battle royale game, a huge part of success is ensuring that you have access to the right gear, and finding it can often be a major challenge. If you struggle to find gear before you get shot by someone who knows where all of the best spawns are, you can always use an item ESP.

Configurable item ESPs allow you to keep track of all loot locations across the map, and you can even filter the loot on the ground based on what you’re looking for. For example, if you only want to look for a particular kind of weapon, you can filter it so that you can see that with ease.

You can even use this kind of ESP before you drop so that you’ll know exactly where to go so that you can get the best weapons. Keep in mind that you may have some competition from other cheaters that can also see the position of that gun, so make sure that you’re the one who lands first.

Using Cheats with Vehicles

If you’re trying to hunt down the top players in the lobby so you’ll have less of a challenge later on in the round, you can combine your cheats with vehicles for faster transportation.

Some cheats even allow you to spawn vehicles or teleport them to you, so if you need to get out of a difficult situation or escape the storm, you’ll always have a way out. Some cheats even allow you to make vehicles fly.

5 Cool Things You Can Do With Cheats in PUBG

PUBG is one of the world’s most impressive battle royale games, but its realistic development style holds players back from being able to accomplish things that are truly incredible. In this guide, we’re going to explore a few things that you can only do in PUBG if you’re cheating.

Dropping Into the Least Populated Part of the Map

One of the most annoying things about battle royale games like PUBG is that you often find yourself dropping into a part of the map where you can expect to be surrounded by enemies. Unfortunately, if you’re not lucky, it’s usually too late to drop far enough away from enemies if you see that you’re hot dropping.

However, using an ESP will allow you to determine where the enemies are around you, even as they’re dropping towards earth. This will make it a lot easier for you to survive until later on in the round. As with any other battle royale, the longer you live in a round, the more likely you are to last until the end.

This strategy typically works if you drop later on, since you’ll have a better idea of how many people are on the ground, though this varies based on the round. Some rounds, you’ll have more people dropping early on and in other rounds, you’ll face more enemies if you drop later on.

Targeting Players Based on Their Gear

There are several detailed ESPs that work on PUBG and allow you to see what kind of equipment your enemies are using. With this info, you’re able to determine whether or not you want to attack an enemy before you get near enough to them that they might engage you first.

So why would you want to target someone based on the kind of gear they have? The first reason is that you can more easily engage targets who don’t have advanced gear, ensuring that you won’t get killed as easily. However, other players may actually want to target players with better gear.

If you’re trying to get the best weapons and items so that you can survive as long as possible, using a detailed ESP will allow you to hunt down enemies.

Do The Impossible With Vehicles

Vehicles add a new dynamic to battle royale games like PUBG but they can also have some pretty interesting interactions with hacks. Depending on the hacks you’re using, you might be able to even spawn a vehicle right in front of you so that you can make a quick escape from a dangerous enemy.

However, this isn’t the only thing that you can do with vehicle-based hacks. Along with this vehicle teleporting cheat, some cheat packs come included with a flying vehicle hack that will allow you to fly around in a car, allowing you to get to places that would otherwise be unreachable.

Finally, being able to fly around in a car in PUBG will let you have fun and take the game a little less seriously, which is refreshing when you’ve had a few bad rounds in a row.

Customize How Your Weapons Perform

Some cheats allow you to alter the performance of your weapons so that you can use certain guns that may otherwise be uncompetitive. This will also make it easier for you to use weapons that you’ve picked up and may not necessarily be ideal, but it’s possible that they’re all you have.

For example, the recoil control system hack allows you to modulate the kind of recoil you experience whenever you fire a gun. This lets you alter how much of the recoil you feel when you fire a weapon without making it obvious that you’re hacking through a complete lack of recoil.

There are also no spread cheats that allow you to make your weapons perfectly accurate, ensuring that they hit the exact point that you’re aiming at.

Pinpoint the Exact Locations of Death Crates

When you kill someone after a heated fight, you don’t always have the luxury of immediately heading over there to loot them. Perhaps you’ve run into yet another enemy that you have to neutralize before you can safely approach the previous enemy’s death crate, and in moments like these, loot can get lost.

This is why many PUBG cheat packs come included with hacks that allow you to track the locations of enemy death crates, so that you can easily go around and scoop up all of the loot later on.

How to Hide Your Cheats From Other Players in Rust

Cheating in Rust opens up a range of possibilities that never would have been possible if you hadn’t been hacking, but it also exposes you to the risk of getting banned because other players report you. If you’re trying to make sure that you don’t get caught hacking in Rust, here are some tips.

Don’t Overdo it With the Aimbot

Aimbots are the most popular cheats available for a reason, and it’s because they’re able to improve how you play the game directly instead of leaving mechanical control in your hands. An aimbot can instantly turn you into a world-class player, so why not use one of them. Unfortunately, they’re pretty risky.

Due to how aimbots work, it’s often pretty easy to see that a player has one active. For example, if you go around killing people the millisecond they come into view, they’re going to have some questions about how you were able to react so quickly and get them on target faster than they could notice you.

While this can happen from time to time with legitimate players, if this keeps happening over and over again, it will become evident that you’re using an aimbot. One thing to remember is that Rust servers are relatively small communities where word will get out if someone’s being suspicious.

So what if you want to use an aimbot to the fullest extent without getting caught and banned from your favorite Rust server? One of the best ways to do so is to use the aimbot settings that are available in the configuration menus of most cheats, and these include aimbot smoothness and aimbot FOV.

Aimbot smoothness is the most crucial configuration option since it lets you reduce the amount of jerkiness that is evident in an aimbot’s snapping to targets. When your aimbot smoothness setting is set lower, it will snap to targets faster, making you much more likely to get caught by perceptive opponents.

On the other hand, if you turn up the smoothness slider for your aimbot, you’ll slow down the speed with which your aimbot locks on. If you turn the slider up high enough, your aimbot will start looking like an actual human being with the ability to aim smoothly.

Along with your aimbot’s smoothness, you should also make sure that you properly set up the aimbot FOV setting. Your aimbot’s FOV will determine the forward angle in which it works, so if your aimbot FOV is set to 100 degrees, it will lock on to enemies within a 100-degree cone in front of you.

Making sure that you have a limited aimbot FOV will ensure that you don’t end up doing anything weird like turning around 180 degrees and killing an enemy that you couldn’t have known was there.

Don’t Develop a Reputation for Hacking on a Single Server

Rust servers are like small communities, and word spreads fast through them, so if you make people think that you’re hacking, you’ll likely end up getting banned pretty soon. Be sure to keep your hacking low-key and if people start accusing you of hacking, you’ll want to take it easy with the cheats for a little bit.

When hackusations pop up, you’ll want to switch over to cheats that other players can’t confirm that you’re using. For example, if someone accuses you of using an aimbot, stop using it for a little while and switch over to an ESP to ensure that you still have an advantage without a chance of getting banned.

Remember that there are two different ways to get banned from Rust. Server bans are a little less serious than game bans but they still will never allow you to access a particular server again. If you have a community of friends on a server or if you have made a lot of progress on it, you likely won’t take too well to a ban.

However, if something like anti-cheat catches you hacking in Rust, you’ll be permanently banned from accessing the game, and your computer hardware may even end up getting banned. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, we’d highly recommend using an HWID spoofer when you hack in Rust.

If you don’t want to get in trouble, another option is to switch servers entirely. While this might mean giving up your friends and your progress, it also means that you won’t get caught cheating, which can potentially increase your chances of being banned from Rust entirely.

Three Cheats That Will Revolutionize Your Battlefield 2042 Experience

Most Battlefield players will tell you that you can win the game by simply PTFOing, but what if I told you there was a different way to lead your squad (and your team) to victory? There are countless cheats that can improve your performance in Battlefield 2042, so let’s take a look at three of the best kinds.

A Good Aimbot

As with any other FPS game, an aimbot can turn you into a God amongst mere mortals in Battlefield 2042. For those who don’t know, an aimbot is a cheat that gathers information about enemy positions from the game itself and then uses that info to lock your crosshair to those targets.

What this means is that you don’t have to do any of the work aiming as you mow down legions of enemies with relative ease. While aimbots are pretty easy to use, they won’t set themselves up for you and you’ll have to do a little bit of tinkering in the configuration menu to get your aimbot working the way you want it.

For example, you can change the key that you use to activate your aimbot and you can even alter how smoothly it moves from target to target. Some options will allow you to make your aimbot less obvious, ensuring that you don’t get reported by salty players that you’ve killed over and over again.

Several Different Types of ESPs

An ESP is a cheat that allows you to see things that you otherwise wouldn’t by outlining them through walls. The most popular ESPs are enemy ESPs, and these allow you to keep track of enemy players by outlining them with a glow, a hitbox, or even a wireframe skeleton that represents their player model.

This means that you’ll always know where an enemy is approaching from and you can even track down valuable targets on the enemy team like their top player. This is possible because many ESPs provide you with detailed info about the target you’re looking at, including their name, distance, and potentially even their loadout.

However, enemy ESPs aren’t the only ones available. Some player ESPs allow you to keep track of allies as they move around the battlefield, and some will even allow you to track items. In-battle pickups and other gear will be visible through walls while you’re using an item ESP.

Gun Handling Hacks (i.e. No Recoil and No Spread)

Hacks like these allow you to make your weapons work the way you want them to. For example, you can use a no recoil hack to make high-recoil weapons a lot more manageable. This can turn a nearly unusable weapon into a meta killing machine since high-recoil guns tend to have more damage and higher rates of fire.

Along with no recoil cheats, you can also activate a no spread hack so that you can more effectively use weapons that have lower accuracy. This also allows you to counteract Battlefield’s mechanic where weapons get less accurate the longer you shoot them, so you’ll be able to hold down the trigger and hose down enemies accurately.

How to Hide Your Cheats From Other Players in Fortnite

Hacking in Fortnite can give you the tools you need to defeat your enemies but it can also put you at risk of being banned if you’re not careful with how you use your cheats. If you want to make sure that you’re as safe as possible while hacking, this guide will give you some crucial tips.

Configure Your Aimbot Manually

We understand that it can be exciting when you first get your hands on your cheats, and you likely don’t even want to go into the config menu so that you can set them up, but this is one of the best ways to avoid getting banned. Finely tuning your aimbot will allow you to ensure that your enemies don’t surmise that you’re using one in the first place.

Aimbots are pretty easy to notice because of how dramatic of an impact they have on your gameplay, and failing to use the right options when you configure them might get you caught. A basic aimbot simply snaps your crosshair to an enemy instantly, making you deadly but also noticeable.

For example, if you have your aimbot automatically snapping to targets and you’re racking up a ridiculous number of kills round after round, then you’ll probably get yourself caught sooner than you think. However, if you’re a little more restrained with your aimbot, you can go for a long time without getting yourself caught.

If you have a shot on an enemy and they’re not aware that you’re there, you don’t always have to use your aimbot to make the shot. It’s always good to rely on your own skills from time to time so that you can stay sharp and so that you can supplement your aimbot with decent reflexes of your own.

You should also look at a few of the specific settings for your aimbot so that you don’t end up making it too obvious that you’re aiming with the help of a cheat. The most crucial setting to ensure that you don’t get caught with your aimbot is the aimbot smoothness setting.

Aimbot smoothness is a slider that allows you to alter the speed that your aimbot snaps to a target with. A lower setting on the smoothness slider will make your aimbot snap to targets faster with a jerkier look while a higher setting on the slider will slow down your aim and make you less likely to get caught.

Also, the aimbot FOV setting is another thing that you’ll want to take a look at when you’re trying to reduce your chances of being caught. Reducing your aimbot’s FOV will allow you to ensure that you don’t aim at enemies who are outside of your view, which could understandably make people think you’re hacking.

While limiting your aimbot using these settings may not sound like fun, it certainly reduces your chances of getting caught. Don’t hesitate to play around with your aimbot settings until you find the perfect setup that works for you.

Don’t Use Blatantly Obvious Hacks Unless You Accept the Risk

Our Fortnite cheat packs tend to feature a few hacks that are considered risky, meaning that you don’t want to use them unless you’re fully willing to get banned. For example, the flying vehicles cheat allows you to fly around in any cars you find but people will see you flying and report you for hacking.

Other cheats, like teleporting vehicle hacks may not be obvious to other players if they don’t directly witness you doing it, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll be safe whenever you do it. However, the number-one cheat to avoid if you’re not trying to get caught hacking is the silent aim cheat.

Silent aim is a form of aimbot that can kill an enemy without you even having to see them. These cheats essentially teleport your bullets in front of an enemy, no matter where they’re located on the map. However, if you use this, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll get reported for cheating unless your enemy is in denial.

So why do these cheats exist? Some players don’t mind getting caught hacking, believe it or not. These players usually have backup accounts ready that they can use to access Fortnite after they get caught, so losing access to their current account isn’t a big deal to them. However, if you’re going to adopt this approach to cheating in Fortnite, you’ll want to be sure that you’re using an HWID spoofer.

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How to Hide Your Cheats From Other Players in PUBG

The one bad thing about cheating is that you can get caught and banned if anti-cheat or another player catches on to the fact that you’re hacking. If you’re trying to hack without getting caught in PUBG, then this guide will go over some of the best ways to hide the fact that you’re cheating.

Properly Configuring Your Aimbot

One of the most common ways that people get caught when using hacks is through their aimbots. Aimbots are some of the most useful cheats available because of how they directly impact your gameplay and make you better at a shooter game like PUBG, though they’re also extremely risky.

The thing about an aimbot is that it can often be obvious that you’re using it because of the superhuman reflexes that one gives. Some PUBG players have excellent twitch reflexes to the point that they may make you think they’re machines, but no one is fast enough to mirror an aimbot.

However, cheat developers understand that it’s easy to get caught if you have an aimbot that instantly locks itself to enemies, and that’s why the aimbot smoothness setting exists. Ensuring that your aimbot smoothness is set to the right level can dramatically reduce your chances of getting caught.

When you activate the aimbot smoothness setting, it essentially slows down the speed with which your aimbot locks itself to enemy targets. This may make your aimbot a little less effective but it will still ensure that you’re able to aim at people with the speed of an esports pro.

A lower smoothness setting makes you more likely to get caught but makes you a more effective fighter. Higher smoothness makes you look like there’s an actual person doing the aiming instead of the bot. If you’re worried that people will notice your jerky aim, then you’ll want to turn up the smoothness setting.

However, smoothness isn’t the only way to make sure that you don’t get caught using an aimbot, since the FOV setting may also be crucial. The aimbot FOV determines the forward-facing angle in which your aimbot works, so if you set your aimbot FOV to 90 degrees, it will only work in a 90-degree cone in front of you.

This ensures that you don’t end up doing anything suspicious like turning around and shooting an enemy that’s right behind you and that you couldn’t possibly have seen. Your aimbot FOV also ensures that your aimbot will always be predictable and that it won’t take control of your point of aim at the worst possible moment.

Avoid No Recoil and No Spread Cheats

There are few cheats that are as noticeable to an outside observer as both no recoil and no spread cheats. These hacks allow you to reduce the amount of recoil or spread that your weapon features to the point that you can fire it with pinpoint accuracy like a laser beam. While this makes you a highly effective killer, it also makes it obvious you’re hacking.

Think about it from the perspective of someone that you just killed while using your no recoil or no spread cheats. If someone is able to land every shot on you without even a miss, it’s easy to assume that they’re hacking, especially if they’re using a fully automatic weapon with high recoil and relatively low accuracy.

While you can use these cheats from time to time just to try them out, growing reliant on them means that you can likely expect to end up getting banned sooner rather than later. If you have to use a cheat that impacts recoil, use something like a recoil control system that can mitigate recoil without eliminating it fully.

Try to Avoid Using Your ESP to Prefire People

Having an ESP allows you to determine where enemies are located with a preternatural sense but it also exposes you to some risks. Even though these risks aren’t as significant as using an aimbot, it can still sometimes be relatively easy to determine that someone is using an ESP.

For example, if you make a habit of going around corners while prefiring the exact spot where an enemy is located, then sooner or later, people are going to catch on to the fact that you’re not just lucky. Try to position yourself so that you can engage targets that you see with your ESP without making it blatantly obvious that you’re using hacks to pinpoint their location.

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5 Cool Things You Can Do With Cheats in Warzone

Warzone is a dream come true for any Call of Duty player, combining the franchise’s tight gameplay with everything there is to love about battle royales. Cheating in Warzone can get you far, but it can also allow you to do things that most legitimate Warzone players would only dream of doing.

Speed Hacks

If you’ve been playing Warzone for a long time, then it’s likely that you’ve been on the receiving end of this kind of hack. Imagine you and your squad are advancing through Verdansk, giving each other good cover. As you look off into the distance, you see a small blur and within seconds you’re dead, and so is your squad. You’ve just run into a speed hacker.

Speed hacks allow you to run far faster than the developers intended you to, and being the one with the speed hacks is exhilarating. You can run around the map and auto-aim everyone as you fly by them as fast as The Flash.

No Recoil Cheats With Full Auto Guns

Fully automatic weapons, especially high damage ones, tend to be balanced out by unpredictable recoil. For an example, take a look at the AK-47. What would be the best gun in the game is held back by bouncy recoil that makes keeping it on target more of a chore than we’d like it to be.

Thankfully, you can now use high-recoil weapons to your heart’s content with a no recoil cheat. This will allow you to either tone down or entirely cut out the recoil that you feel when you fire a weapon, and it helps with more than just full-auto guns like AK-47s.

Hunting Contract Targets With a Radar or ESP

If you ever get a bounty contract, the game gives you a bit of an indication as to where the player you’re hunting is located, but it’s rarely ever sufficient. However, if you have a radar cheat or an ESP, you’ll be able to see exactly where your target is located, making hunting them down a lot simpler.

When you combine this with the additional info that an ESP will provide you about the enemy squad (weapons, health, distance), you’ll be able to engage them on favorable terms unless they somehow spot you early.

Completing Headshot Challenges With an Aimbot

Getting headshot challenges in Warzone alone can be almost impossible because of the small number of kills you can expect to get with every match. However, if you have an aimbot, you can change the aim bone to your targets’ heads so that you’ll get a headshot with each kill.

Find Specific Items with ESP Filters

Looting in Warzone can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you end up with a bunch of green guns and not enough cash to call in your loadout. If you want to find all of the best gear early, you can set up a filter on your item ESP so that you’ll know exactly where to search for all of the good stuff.

Combining Cheats With Warzone’s Mechanics

When you cheat in a game like Warzone, you’ll instantly become a lot more powerful than the average player, but what separates a good cheater from a great one is an in-depth range of knowledge about game mechanics. Let’s take a look at some great strategies that you can use with Warzone cheats.

Use an Item ESP to Find the Best Gear

One of the biggest parts of being successful in Warzone is ensuring that you pick up the best possible gear, as in any other battle royale. The problem with this system is that it often results in unfair situations where you’re expected to fight enemies who are much better outfitted than you are.

However, by using the right cheats, you’ll be able to find the best gear for your needs without any trouble. Item ESPs will show you the positions of the best gear all over the map through walls, so you can track down the legendary crates that contain the best loot and your whole team will benefit from it.

ESPs and Bullet Penetration

Ever since the modern generation of Call of Duty started, bullet penetration has been a huge part of the game’s mechanics, allowing you to shoot enemies directly through soft cover. However, knowing if an enemy is behind cover is one of the main challenges associated with getting penetration kills.

However, if you use the right cheats, you’ll always know where your enemies are located, especially if they’re behind cover that you can shoot through. If you see your ESP outlining an enemy through a thin sheet metal wall, then you’ll know exactly where to shoot to kill them.

Rapid Fire Cheats with Semi-Auto Weapons

Rapid fire hacks have been a thing in Call of Duty for as long as the game has existed, and they were even present on consoles at one point using modded controllers. However, rapid fire cheats on PC games allow you to overcome built-in firing caps so that you can fire your weapons as fast as possible.

For example, if you’re trying to use something like the FAL as effectively as possible, then you may want to be able to fire it on fully automatic at close range (like you can with the real weapon). Rapid fire cheats give you the tools you need to make the most of even semi auto weapons.

Instantly Eliminate Other Players by Auto-Aiming at Knocked Targets

Our Warzone aimbots have a wide range of features that let you alter the way they function, including the targets that they aim at. For example, some of our aimbots let you choose whether you automatically aim at knocked targets or switch to other enemies that can still fire at you.

Auto aiming at knocked targets is a great way to finish a player off before their teammates have a chance to revive them, and it ensures that you can secure the kill, especially if you’re not a fan of the downed system in Warzone.