Valorant Cheat Troubleshooting

By Tom Capper – Updated June 18th, 2021


Valorant made waves when it first released due to its combination of controls like CSGO and its hero characters like Overwatch, but one of the most impressive things about Valorant is how it redefines competitive shooters. The game is designed to run as fast as possible, giving you the best refresh rates available.

However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t run into technical issues when you’re playing Valorant. In this guide, we’re going to explore some of the issues that you may run into when you try to cheat in Valorant. We’ll cover some of the most common problems and we’ll give you some potential solutions.

Try Reinstalling Your Cheats

If you’re experiencing a range of issues with your cheats and you don’t even know where to start, it’s often a good idea to work with a clean slate, and that typically means reinstalling your cheats. To do so, you’ll have to start by uninstalling your hacks, and the process varies based on the cheats that you’re trying to reinstall.

Some cheats may get so deeply rooted into the files of the game that you’re trying to hack that you may have to uninstall the game itself. Once that’s done, you should download the game once again and install your hacks to see if there’s a difference and if they now work the way they’re supposed to.

In other cases, you may be able to reinstall your cheats while holding on to your game files, which is great if you have a slow internet connection. Check and see if your cheats come with an uninstall package that will allow you to cleanly remove the hack’s files without any trouble.

Sometimes, you may even have to remove the cheat files from the game manually, but we wouldn’t recommend attempting this unless the cheat comes with details on how to remove the files manually. If you go it alone, you run the risk of deleting important game files and having to reinstall the game.

Make Sure Your Hacks are Compatible

When you pick up a set of hacks, you may be too excited about what they can do for your Valorant gameplay experience to see if they’re compatible with your machine. Incompatible hacks can result in a wide range of problems that you certainly don’t want to deal with.

There are a few different forms of compatibility issues, but the most common ones are those that pertain to your computer hardware. If your machine has the wrong hardware for a particular hack, then it likely won’t work at all, so be sure to know what kind of CPU and GPU your computer has under the hood.

Internal cheats tend to be a little more finicky when it comes to the kind of hardware that you’re running. For example, our Intel cheat packs are designed to work with Intel CPUs and they will give you an error or won’t even work at all if you decide to run them on a computer with an AMD processor.

Also, you should account for the kind of operating system you’re running on your computer. Most of our hacks are designed to work with specific versions of Windows 10, so head over to your “Check for Updates” page to see which version of Windows 10 you’re running and whether or not it’s compatible.

Check Your Anti-Virus and Your Secure Boot

In most of our cheat instructions, we outline that you need to disable your computer’s anti-virus as well as the secure boot function in your computer’s BIOS. This will ensure that you don’t run into any unexpected errors when you’re installing your cheats, but if you didn’t follow these instructions, then this is likely the cause of your issues.

We understand that disabling your anti-virus may make you think twice about using cheats, but that’s because most anti-virus programs consider our cheats to be unwanted software. That means that whenever our cheats try to alter your game files, you’ll end up losing crucial files as they’re quarantined.

Whether you have a third-party anti-virus program or Windows Defender, make sure that the program is temporarily disabled while you install your hacks. You should also whitelist your game folder so that your anti-virus doesn’t end up deleting your files on subsequent scans.

Also, be sure to go into your computer’s BIOS so that you can disable the secure boot feature. Some cheats need to run in your boot order to avoid getting detected by anti-virus, and having this feature off will allow them to do so.

Warzone: Before I Cheated vs. After I Cheated

By Tom Capper – Updated June 17th, 2021


Warzone brought Call of Duty to a much wider market of people by virtue of its free to play nature, but it also introduced a lot of players to the frustration of losing in a battle royale game. If you’re sick and tired of losing at Warzone, perhaps you’ve considered using hacks for it to improve your skills.

In today’s guide, I’m going to explain how hacking in Warzone changed my playing experience for the better. I’m going to shortly describe how I was doing before I started cheating before showing you the great results that I’ve gotten from hacking Warzone.

Radically Better K/D

One of the most noticeable differences between before I started cheating and after I started using hacks was how my K/D skyrocketed. Previously, I had a K/D of about 0.89, which admittedly wasn’t great, but I was still learning my way through Warzone and I didn’t feel too bad about it until I compared it with my friends’ K/Ds.

Once I realized how much better my friends were doing than me, I felt a little self-conscious about my K/D, but that’s not the case any longer. After I started using my aimbot and ESP combo, my K/D started gradually rising day after day, and now I’m at a K/D of about 1.30, which is still rising.

I hope to one day get my K/D to at least a 2.0, and maybe beyond, but the limited number of engagements over the course of a Warzone match make it a little harder to boost my K/D in it. In Modern Warfare multiplayer, I saw a much quicker rise in my K/D due to the number of people I would run into over the course of a game.

More Consistent Wins

However, stats aren’t everything in Warzone, and like with any battle royale, what matters is the number of games you survive and not the number of players you kill. You can take out the whole lobby in a game of Warzone and if you get killed by a sniper in the final circle, then you’re still a loser.

I was getting a little annoyed with how frequently I would get myself killed when I would play without cheats. I’d often stray out of cover and get hit by a stray bullet coming from what seemed like nowhere. However, after I started using my ESP, it became a lot easier to survive a match stress-free.

Being able to last until the final circle means that I’ve been able to win far more matches than when I first got started playing Warzone. Before I started cheating, I had only two victories, but now I have more than 30 over the course of just a couple of weeks of playing Warzone on and off!

My Friends Want to Play More Often

I already mentioned how my friends used to have a much higher K/D than I did, and this often led to me letting them down over the course of a Warzone match. Now that I have my cheats, it feels like my friends actually want to play with me instead of feeling like they’re carrying me as a burden on their shoulders.

In fact, I tend to carry my team way more frequently than when I first started playing Warzone, to the point that my friends are excited whenever they see me get online.

Fully Modded Weapons

Before I cheated, I would have been better off using the weapons that I picked up over the course of a Warzone match instead of using my own loadouts. This is because almost none of my guns had any attachments on them, putting me at a severe disadvantage compared to most other Warzone players.

Weapon attachments can make a huge difference in how well you perform, and getting more kills thanks to my cheats has led to improved weapon experience gains. While grinding weapons in multiplayer is still a lot easier, I no longer feel like I’m forced to step into multiplayer to grind out kills.

Now most of my weapons are fully leveled, allowing me to select from a versatile set of loadouts that I can use over the course of even the toughest battle royale matches. I’m getting to the point where it’s getting increasingly tough to choose which gun I want to use when I call in my loadout.

Warzone Cheat Troubleshooting

By Tom Capper – Updated June 17th, 2021


If you just installed a set of cheats for Warzone and excitedly booted up the game just to see that your hacks aren’t working as you expected them to, then you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’re going to explore what you can do to get your hacks working again by covering some of the most common culprits that can cause instability or other issues.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an exhaustive list of the problems that could potentially be hampering your use of cheats. If none of the following options help you get your cheats working, don’t hesitate to contact customer support and we’ll see if we can guide you through the process of fixing your Warzone hacks.

Compatibility Issues

One of the most common issues that players run into when they’re trying to use their Warzone cheats is trouble with compatibility. This is why it’s so crucial to keep an eye on the specs about compatibility when you’re purchasing your hacks. There are two major forms of compatibility when it comes to hacks: software compatibility and hardware compatibility.

Software compatibility typically has to do with your operating system, since most games are automatically updated to the most recent version. Be sure to take a closer look at the required OS before you decide to purchase your set of hacks, since most of them require Windows 10 to run properly.

You’ll also have to take a look at the specific version of Windows that you’re trying to use with your cheats, as certain packages or versions may not work with some hacks. In these cases, you may have to roll back your version of Windows 10 so that you’ll be able to use your hacks.

Of course, you’ll also have to account for the kind of hardware that your computer is running the game on. Some cheats may only work with Intel processors, for example. It’s always a good idea to know the exact specs of your computer before going out and picking a pack of cheats at random.

Check Your Anti-Virus and Secure Boot

If you’re getting errors and software exceptions with your cheats, then you may wish to see if the anti-virus program on your computer is blacklisting it. While it may be a little nerve racking to disable your anti-virus, you’ll run into a lot more trouble with your hacks if you don’t.

In most cases, anti-virus programs seem to think that cheats are hacks because they don’t have legitimate software certificates. Since cheats are grey market software, you can’t expect them to be certified by a legitimate company, so anti-virus will automatically assume that the software is malicious.

This can end up interrupting or otherwise messing up the installation process so that you run into errors when you try to run your cheats in-game. Because of this, you’ll always want to make sure that your anti-virus is disabled before you decide to start installing your latest pack of cheats for Warzone.

Some cheats may also require you to disable the secure boot feature in your computer’s BIOS. To access the BIOS, press the prompted key on your computer’s splash screen when it’s starting up. You can then go into your motherboard’s options so that you can disable secure boot.

Attempt to Reinstall Your Cheats

If none of the above options worked for you so far, you can also take the step of uninstalling your cheats and then reinstalling them. This can help if you installed your cheats improperly the first time around. For example, if you installed your hacks with your anti-virus still on, you may need to reinstall the cheat pack.

Keep in mind that whether or not you can reinstall your cheats easily depends on the kind of cheats that you installed. Some cheat packages may not give you a simple uninstall option and you may end up having to uninstall the whole game before reinstalling it and then adding your cheats once again.

Many external cheat packs make it a little easier on you to uninstall them, as some come packaged with their own uninstallers. Before messing around with your game files, it’s usually a good idea to check any official documentation that you received with your cheats to make sure that you’re uninstalling them as recommended.

Freshly reinstalling your cheats may make up for any issues that occurred during the first installation, as perhaps a crucial file was skipped or potentially blacklisted by your anti-virus.

Fortnite How to Trick Anti-Cheat

By Tom Capper – Updated May 31st, 2021


Fortnite is the king of battle royale games, and Epic Games has made so much money off of it that Gears of War is but a distant memory to them.

Every game has a unique form of anti-cheat, and the same can be said of Fortnite. Like with other free to play games, Fortnite has more problems with cheaters because of how much easier it is to get your account started once again, even if you get caught hacking and you’re banned from the game.

Over the course of today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at how Fortnite’s anti-cheat works, and we’ll recommend some ways to get around it.

How Does Fortnite Anti-Cheat Work?

Fortnite has a relatively different anti-cheat system from most games, making it a little harder to develop hacks for, though it typically isn’t dangerous for the player if they use the right hacks. Whereas other games tend to use one anti-cheat service, Fortnite gets by with two of them.

Fortnite implements both Easy Anti-Cheat and BattlEye, and it works by randomly sorting players into one of the two. However, players are unable to see which anti-cheat service is working, since this makes it harder for them to get around the anti-cheat and pick the right hacks for it.

As you’d expect, this makes it so that cheat developers have to make sure their hacks are capable of countering both of these anti-cheat programs. However, this also has a few downsides for Epic Games, namely the fact that they have to pay twice as much for their anti-cheat protection as other game developers.

However, since this makes Fortnite a more secure and attractive game for legitimate players, Epic Games sees this as worth the money. If they had decided that this technique was a waste of money, they likely would have switched to a single anti-cheat service a long time ago.

How to Properly Avoid Fortnite Anti-Cheat

Since Fortnite has such effective anti-cheat systems, you want to be sure that you’re buying your hacks from a reputable site like us. Some of our competitors may sell Fortnite cheats that only work with a single type of anti-cheat, which puts you at risk of getting banned and makes it a matter of chance whether or not you get caught.

To make sure that our clients are able to dodge Fortnite’s anti-cheat systems, we only sell cheats that are able to counter both BattlEye and EAC. Whether or not you buy your cheats from us, make sure that the hacks you decide to purchase are able to evade both of these anti-cheat systems.

Even if you know the exact anti-cheat group you’re sorted into, you have to account for the fact that Epic Games regularly switches users between the groups. If you take a gamble and get cheats that only work for one anti-cheat system, you may end up getting switched over and banned.

Other than that, just be sure to keep your cheats low-key enough that you don’t end up getting manually reported, and you’ll be safe.

Valorant Cheat Profiles

By Tom Capper – Updated May 31st, 2021


Valorant is the latest game from Riot Games, and it seeks to become the League of Legends of competitive shooters with its high tick rate and excellent performance on a wide range of systems. Despite the introduction of Riot Vanguard, cheating is still possible in Valorant, but you’ll have to decide which cheats are best for you.

Every player cheats differently in online games, and the ideal cheats for you are largely dependent on your playstyle and what you would like to make up for when it comes to your weaknesses. In today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at how you can set up your cheats for the best possible results.

The Tracker

The Tracker is a player that uses their hacks to keep track of everything on the map, preferably relaying the info that they discover to their teammates, making it easier to win the match. For this to work, you’ll need to be playing with a team of people that already know you’re cheating, so you don’t end up getting reported.

The cheats that the Tracker uses most often are ESPs of all different types, including enemy, friendly, item, and objective ESPs. However, to make sure that they have everything in view at all times, the Tracker should also use a top-down radar hack so they can have a different perspective.

The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger is a player who wants to be at the top of the leaderboard in terms of kills every match. In most cases, this player will have the best possible K/D and will impress everyone around them. It’ll be even more impressive if the people you’re playing with don’t even know you’re hacking.

As you would expect from this kind of player, the Gunslinger makes heavy use of aimbots to ensure that their aim is always true, no matter how much their opponent tries to strafe out of the way. Along with this, an enemy ESP makes it easier to hunt down other players and get kills on them.

The Clutcher

The Clutcher is a player that likes to feel the adoration of their teammates, since they’ll typically be the last one standing and their objective is to clutch the game. Along with this, a Clutcher is a great addition to a team of players that are relatively new or perhaps aren’t on the same skill level as the Clutcher.

What makes the Clutcher so effective in these circumstances is that they are usually the last one standing, but their combination of combat skills and informative hacks allows them to make the most of a bad situation.

A Clutcher typically uses an enemy ESP to ensure that they always know where enemies are approaching from, and they can either choose to avoid them if it’s early on in the round or engage them if it’s a bit later. Some clutchers may also prefer using an aimbot to make the most of these combat opportunities and to ensure that they don’t end up letting their teammates down.

Valorant How to Trick Anti-Cheat

By Tom Capper – Updated May 31st, 2021


Valorant’s competitive nature means that the game’s reputation is staked on players thinking that they’ll have a fair fight when they’re going up against other players. If you’ve been playing PC games for any significant period of time, you may already know that there’s rarely such a thing as a fair fight.

Valorant has drawn a lot of attention for its unique approach to anti-cheat, and players have largely decried how they’ve decided to implement Riot Vanguard. In this guide, we’re going to explore how Valorant’s anti-cheat system works and we’ll also give you some advice so you can get around it.

How Does Valorant Anti-Cheat Work?

Valorant uses its own unique form of anti-cheat because Riot Games decided that it was too easy for cheat developers to counter things like EAC and BattlEye, and they weren’t exactly wrong. Since so many games use these anti-cheat programs, they’re largely more of a deterrent than anything.

However, Riot Games alienated some of the community when they revealed that their anti-cheat system, Riot Vanguard, would always be on since your computer starts up. If you decide to turn off Riot Vanguard, you’ll have to restart your PC so that you can start the program again before being allowed to play Valorant.

While Riot Games argues that this makes it harder for players to circumvent their anti-cheat measures, the community has different ideas about why Riot has decided to do this. For example, some people are concerned that Riot Vanguard is an elaborate front for spyware, and while it may not be quite so nefarious, there’s something suspicious about it.

No matter what you think about Riot Vanguard, you’ll need to consider what you can do to get around it to ensure that you don’t end up getting banned from Valorant after making a bunch of progress. While you won’t lose much since the game is free to play, getting banned sucks.

How to Counter Valorant Anti-Cheat

Riot Vanguard is notoriously difficult to counter because of how it’s always active on your machine. This means that cheat developers have had to do a lot of extra work to make it so their hacks function without getting people caught, but Riot Vanguard has been bypassed, just like every other anti-cheat program.

A few Valorant cheats use virtualization to bypass the wall that Riot Vanguard puts up, but the exact methods used to get around the anti-cheat system depend on the hack you’re using. As long as you get your cheats from us or from another reputable cheat site, then you’ll likely be satisfied with the results.

Also, another thing to consider is that Riot Vanguard is notoriously harsh on the players that it catches cheating, so if you’re going to hack Valorant, we’d highly recommend using an HWID spoofer to ensure that you don’t get hardware banned. If you’ve already been hardware banned, an HWID spoofer can still help you get around an existing ban.

PUBG Cheat Profiles

By Tom Capper – Updated May 31st, 2021


PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world, giving monoliths like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty Warzone a run for their money. However, it’s also one of the most challenging battle royales because of how realistic and unforgiving its combat is, to the point that the game can sometimes be frustrating.

However, there are a few ways to cut down on the frustration that you experience while you’re playing PUBG, including picking out the right hacks for how you play the game. In this guide, we’re going to discuss some of our favorite playstyles for PUBG and we’ll include the cheats that compliment them best.

The Warrior

The Warrior is an ideal cheat profile for players that like action, and if you actively seek out fights while you’re in a PUBG game, then this will work for you. As you may expect from the name, the Warrior specializes in taking out enemies before they even have a chance of fighting back.

The most important cheat for the Warrior is an aimbot, since that will give them an inherent advantage over other players, unless those other players are also cheating. Another important building block in the Warrior’s foundation is an enemy ESP, since that will allow you to seek out the most worthy enemies and challenge them.

The Commander

The Commander is someone that usually plays PUBG with a group of their friends and tailors their cheats so that they can provide those friends with the lay of the land. For example, a good Commander would point out the positions of enemy concentrations as well as wherever you can find the best gear.

To achieve this goal, the Commander uses a mix of cheats that allows them to see how the battle royale is progressing. A radar cheat will allow the Commander to know where they will encounter pockets of resistance whereas an enemy and item ESP will allow them to point out positions to their allies.

The Stealth

The Stealth is a player that wants to avoid getting banned at all costs. There are a few different reasons why you may wish to adopt this hacker archetype, but it’s likely that you’ve invested enough money into PUBG that you’re worried about losing everything if you end up getting banned.

Most players who share the Stealth mindset use external cheat packages to make themselves much less likely to get detected. This also means that they eschew more obvious hacks like recoil reduction mods and aimbots so that they appear far less suspicious to other players and game masters if they end up getting reported.

To retain the advantage of hacking, the Stealth will use cheats like a radar display as well as ESPs that will display the positions of enemies, allies, gear, and vehicles. Knowledge is power, and being able to fight an enemy on your terms in PUBG will ensure that you’re more likely to win, even without an aimbot.

Why Players Cheat in PUBG

By Tom Capper – Updated May 31st, 2021


PUBG’s gameplay keeps people who love the game coming back for more and more, even all these years after the game was released. Perhaps it’s the intensity of the gameplay that makes PUBG unlike any other battle royale games on the market, including titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Cheating in PUBG can make the game a lot more fun and easier, but a lot of players wonder exactly why some people decide to start hacking in PUBG. In this guide, we’re going to dive deep into the mindset of players who hack in PUBG and you just might find that they have some pretty solid reasons for doing so.

Dealing With Other Cheaters

One of the most prevalent reasons for people cheating in PUBG is that they are tired of fighting against cheaters who automatically have an advantage when it comes down to a 1v1 fight. If you’ve been gunned down by one too many cheaters in PUBG, then you may decide that it’s time to make things a little more even.

If that’s the case, using something like an aimbot will put you on the same level as other cheaters, and with an ESP, you might even be able to see another player looking at you through walls. If you want to spite another cheater, you can even report them for hacking because it will be a lot easier for you to notice.

Impressing Their Friends

A lot of people like to play battle royale games with their friends because it gives them an “us against the world” feeling, but this can also lead to some nasty arguments. In a battle royale, everyone has to pull their own weight, and if a player isn’t then they may end up getting flak from their friends for it.

If you’re tired of getting degraded by your friends for not holding up your end of things, then you may want to use cheats to show them that you’ve improved as a player. Your friends likely won’t decide to start hitting you with that kind of talk once you carry them through a few games.


Of course, there’s also always the classic reason why people hack in online games, and simply due to how fun it is to win in them. PUBG is no exception to this rule, and it might even be more of a reason than in traditional team-based shooters because of the smaller chances of winning in a battle royale.

In a team game, you can easily get carried to victory because there are only two teams and not a bunch of wildcards to deal with. In a battle royale game like PUBG, you’ll have to contend with a bunch of different teams of players, meaning that each team’s individual chance of winning is smaller.

However, if you’re using hacks like an ESP or an aimbot, it will become much easier for you to win matches against your opponents because of the innate advantage that you’ll have over them.

Why Players Cheat in Warzone

By Tom Capper – Updated May 28th, 2021


Online cheating has existed since LAN allowed people to play with each other more effectively than through split screen. There are countless reasons why people decide to cheat in their favorite games, and those reasons are typically dependent on the player and the experiences they’ve had.

In Warzone, there are many different factors that influence people to start cheating, and we’re going to take a look at some of the most significant ones in today’s article. From progressing through the game faster to looking good in front of your friends, there are many different reasons why you’d want to cheat.

To Win

Winning is probably the most significant factor that pushes people to cheat, since after all, who doesn’t love winning an online game. If people appreciated the feeling they got after a loss, then everyone would be throwing games and it would be far easier to win, but this is the nature of competitive games.

One of the things that you have to consider about battle royales is that they tend to be much more competitive than most team-based shooters, and the reason why is up to simple math. In a team-based shooter, if both teams are equal, then you’ll have a 50% chance of winning the game.

On the other hand, in a battle royale, you can have as low as a 2% chance to win (if there are fifty other teams) if everyone is of equal skill. Of course, you’ll never find a match where everyone equals you in skill, so in reality, the odds may be higher or lower than that, and they also depend on the number of teams in the game.

By using cheats, you can rest assured that you’ll have an inherent edge over the opposition, so that should instantly increase your chances of winning. While you’ll likely never have a 100% chance of getting the win in Warzone with cheats, you’ll get pretty close to it as long as other players don’t have hacks of their own.


In Call of Duty, the progression system is geared to make the game as grindy as possible, and there are countless things that you can advance in by simply playing the game. Over time, progression has become less and less linked to performance and more to the time you spend playing the game, but there are still some cases in which cheats will help you progress faster.

For example, the seasonal rank progression system that replaced COD’s previous Prestige system is entirely reliant on the amount of experience that you get per match. When you get more kills, headshots, and objectives completed, then you’ll naturally get more experience so that you can progress through it faster.

Some of the most notable rewards in Warzone include special emblems that allow you to show off just how much you did over the course of a season. To get the best of these emblems, you’ll also have to complete specific seasonal challenges that will also be much easier when you have cheats at your disposal.

While the Battle Pass system for Warzone is dependent on the amount of time you spend in-game, you’ll also be able to ensure that you have more fun while you’re doing it by using cheats. This will make the Battle Pass levels blow by like they’re nothing and ensure that you enjoy your time in Verdansk.

Dealing With Other Cheaters

One of the major issues with Warzone compared to other Call of Duty games, in the eyes of an anti-cheat developer, is the fact that the game is free to play. If you haven’t purchased either Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War, then you may have noticed that Activision insists on you inputting a mobile phone number so that you can authenticate your account.

This is an anti-cheat measure put in place so that cheaters who are caught will have to jump through an extra hoop so that they can create a new account. While it isn’t particularly effective, it shows you how common cheaters are in Warzone, and this can concern any player that tries to get through the game legitimately.

This leads to more and more players deciding to cheat, and it’s not just because they want to have an unfair advantage over the competition but also because they want to be on an even playing field. Warzone isn’t fun when you spend your time wondering whether or not the guy who killed you can see you with an ESP.

An added bonus is that it becomes far easier to tell that someone is hacking when you have cheats of your own. For example, if you can see that someone is clearly looking at you through walls when you have an ESP active, then there’s a good chance that player also has an ESP of their own.


One of the most common goals for any Call of Duty player is to reach the exalted status of having Dark Matter camo, but that can be pretty challenging if you’re only playing Warzone. Compared to playing Black Ops Cold War or Modern Warfare, you can expect to get far fewer kills in Warzone.

This means that you’ll have to rely on alternative approaches so that you can make up for the fewer kills that you can expect to get compared to multiplayer. While some might say that it’s nearly impossible to get Dark Matter playing only Warzone, cheats make it a very real possibility.

For example, getting Bloodthirsty medals with cheats becomes far simpler whereas if you were playing legitimately, you’d have to be a pretty skilled player to get five kills without dying repeatedly. The same goes for the weapon camos that require you to get headshots, as you could simply use an aimbot that locks on to a target’s head.

Looking Better When Playing With Friends

If you’re the kind of player who likes to have fun while playing FPS games and Battle Royales but you play with a bunch of friends that are highly competitive, then you’ve likely been teased for your lack of skill before. While your friends might find it, most people don’t like having jokes made at their expense, and cheats can help you reverse this stigma.

Who says that you have to tell your friends that you’re using cheats when you could simply use them to make yourself look like a better player? Nobody has to know that you’re hacking if you don’t want to let them know that you are, and you can certainly accomplish some impressive things with a varied range of hacks.

For example, if you decide to use an ESP, your friends will think that you have a sixth sense and they’ll be amazed that you know exactly where everyone’s coming from. Of course, you don’t want to make it too obvious that you’re omniscient or your friends may start to doubt the legitimacy of your newfound skills.

Doing the Impossible

Another great thing about hacks for Warzone is that they allow you to accomplish things that would otherwise be impossible. If you ever wanted to experiment with what you can do in Warzone, then there are some risky hacks that you can do to accomplish some incredible feats that will leave your enemies stunned.

For example, noclip hacks will allow you to fly around the map and walk through walls since your player character will no longer be constrained by the laws of physics. On the other hand, speed hacks allow you to run around Verdansk at the speed of a rocket ship, getting amazing trickshots on people who never even saw you.

Yet another impressive hack that allows you to bend the rules of the game is a silent aim cheat, which lets you kill another player even if you can’t see them. It essentially allows you to damage another player no matter where you are on the map, getting nearly instant kills on people who never would have expected you to be there.

Because It’s Easy

The final factor that we’re going to cover that encourages people to cheat at Warzone is the fact that it’s easier than ever to hack in the game and to even get away with it. Provided you’re using something protective like an HWID spoofer, you can even ensure that there are fewer consequences if you end up getting caught.

Cheating has never been easier, and it doesn’t require advanced knowledge of the game that you’re playing or even knowledge about coding to do so. All you’ll need to do is run a cheat loader, start Warzone up, configure your cheats (probably the only part that requires at least some knowledge), and you can then load into a match.

As we mentioned earlier, another great thing is that you’re not wasting any money even if you get caught cheating and end up getting banned from Warzone. Since the game is free to play, you’ll be able to start up a new account so that you can get started cheating all over again.

How Cheats Can Help You Progress in Warzone

By Tom Capper – Updated May 28th, 2021


Warzone’s release shocked people with Call of Duty finally releasing a battle royale with some staying power. While Black Ops 4’s Blackout was technically the first battle royale mode that was featured in a Call of Duty game, it sadly didn’t have enough unique features to make it worth playing for an extended time.

On the other hand, Warzone’s longevity means that it has outlasted the game that spawned it, and it’s still going strong after Modern Warfare was relegated in favor of Black Ops Cold War. Today, we’re going to take a look at why you’d want to hack Warzone through the lens of the game’s progression systems.

We’ll explore each of the methods of progression in Call of Duty Warzone and then we’ll take a look at how cheats can help you progress in each of them. We’ll even recommend a few choice cheats that will allow you to make the most of your progression across these various categories.

Weapon Rank Progression

One of the most significant forms of advancement available in Warzone isn’t the game’s ranking system, which used to be the main way of progressing in Call of Duty games. Instead, the weapon rank progression matters a whole lot more for a host of reasons, but mainly due to its impact on gameplay.

The difference in performance between a stock weapon and one that is fully decked out with all of the latest attachments is frankly startling, and it’s why most players try to rush their way to maxing out their favorite weapon. Once that’s done, there are two kinds of players: the kind that stick with their favorites for the best performance and those that have to max out every gun.

There are advantages to both approaches. For example, working with a single gun allows you to get intimately acquainted with it so that you can make the most of your fleeting opportunities to get kills in Warzone. It will also be easier to get all of the weapon camos with that specific gun so that you can get gold camo on it.

On the other hand, switching to a different gun once you’ve maxed one of them out allows you to build up an arsenal of fully capable weapons that won’t be hobbled like their stock counterparts. Another thing to consider is the sheer variety of weapons in Warzone.

Since Black Ops Cold War was released, all of its guns have steadily been added to Warzone, so you have a selection of Cold War weapons alongside the Modern Warfare guns that Warzone released with. This means that you have plenty of guns to grind away at, which can end up getting pretty tiresome.

Cheats can make it far easier to level up your weapons since it will be easier to get the required weapon XP because you can get the most possible kills per round. When you’re using cheats like ESPs and aimbots to laser in on your targets, then it’s unlikely that they’ll ever have a chance to compete with you.

This will also make it easier to complete challenges that reward you with weapon XP tokens that give you double weapon XP for a certain period of time. Combined with your cheats, this will have a compounding effect that will allow you to make the most of your improved performance while also earning more double weapon XP than the usual player.

Seasonal Rank Progression

Once you reach rank 50 in Warzone for the first time, you’ll find a very different experience that awaits you compared to the more traditional Prestige system that was previously in Call of Duty games. Prestige has since been replaced by the Seasonal Rank progression system, which is a little more complicated but just as rewarding.

One of the best things about this system’s progression is that it still features the cool logos that let you show off just how much work you’ve put into your rank. There are a few ways to get different logos, including getting to rank 50 over the course of a given season, but beyond that, there are also seasonal challenges.

These seasonal challenges will give you a more and more impressive version of an emblem from the season as you complete more of them. Some of the challenges also have other rewards like XP. When you complete all of the challenges for a given season, you’ll get an advanced version of the emblem that’s animated.

The system also offers further rewards for getting past the point of level 50. For example, when you reach level 100 and level 150 over the course of a season, you get Prestige keys.

These Prestige keys allow you to pick up things from the prestige shop, including Prestige icons from previous Call of Duty Black Ops titles and even World at War. If you’ve been playing Call of Duty for that long, you may find that these are a welcome blast from the past, but they certainly take some effort to reach.

As you may have guessed, advancing through the seasonal progression system takes a lot of time and effort on your part. Much like making your way through weapon progression, it’s a lot easier for you to make your way through the progression when you’re earning more experience per match, something made simpler by cheats.

When you’re hacking, you’ll earn anywhere between two and five times more kills per match, which translates to a lot more experience. Cheats can also make it easier for you to win games, and that has a tremendous impact on the amount of experience you get with each match.

Where cheats really come in handy is in achieving all of the challenges that are assigned to you over the course of a season. These seasonal challenges can sometimes be extremely difficult, so hacks will allow players who would have otherwise had no chance of achieving them to do so handily.

Weapon Camo Progression

One of the most impressive challenges that someone can accomplish in Warzone is achieving all of the weapon camo challenges, getting gold for every weapon, and getting access to Dark Matter camo. Even if you don’t particularly like the look of Dark Matter, you have to admit that it represents an impressive accomplishment.

While anyone can get max weapon level on every gun in the game with a little bit of time, getting every camo for each gun requires skill since some of the challenges are extremely hard. For example, longshot kills and kills near cover require you to be able to kill enemies in a wide range of situations.

Perhaps the most difficult weapon camo challenges are the ones that require you to get Bloodthirsty medals with your gun of choice as well as those requiring headshots. For those of you that don’t know, you’re awarded a Bloodthirsty medal for getting five kills with a gun without dying.

Doing that in multiplayer may be relatively simple, but being able to do so in Warzone is a lot more challenging because of the scarcity of targets in the game. There’s also the fact that some weapon classes are at more of a disadvantage in Warzone, like shotguns, since most gunfights take place at extended ranges.

When you use cheats to improve your performance, you’ll find that making your way through weapons’ camo challenges isn’t as hard as you expect it to be. This is because you’ll have the help of an ESP to keep you on your toes at all times, and it may even be complemented by a radar cheat.

Beyond that, aimbots will make it a lot easier to get the more challenging tasks accomplished. For example, if you’re trying to get a bunch of headshot kills, you can merely set your aimbot to automatically aim at players’ heads so that you can easily get the headshots you need in a short amount of time.

Battle Pass Rank Progression

Finally, cheats can also help you make your way through the Battle Pass. You may be wondering how it’s possible because the Battle Pass is tied to your time playing the game instead of your performance, but the simple fact is that it’s easier to play Warzone for a long time when you have cheats.

Instead of finding yourself getting discouraged or frustrated because other players beat you, you’ll likely keep having a great time in Warzone when you use cheats. This makes it easier to play for huge chunks of time so that you can make your way to level 100 in the game’s Battle Pass, unlocking some of the most impressive rewards.

One of the best things about the Warzone Battle Pass is that you’ll only need to pick it up once if you intend on getting to rank 100 in it every time. This is because the premium version of the Battle Pass rewards you with enough COD Points to purchase subsequent Battle Passes if you make it all the way through.