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    Thoughts and stuff on them spicy bois

    So after kinda dickering about really and exploring the internet, been really curious about cheats in general and thought I'd try out one for Tarkov, and not gonna lie was pretty sketchy but going through the process it was astonishingly simple, yeah a bit long but for keeping you safe to...
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    EFT Classic not loading

    I'm actually dumb, I've solved the problem. Uninstall antivirus like the instructions say and your problems will be fixed >->
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    EFT Classic not loading

    Update: I've done a thing with my antivirus buuut now it tells me that windows cannot access it or that I may not have proper priveledges to access said file
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    EFT Classic not loading

    Henlo! I've been following all the Troubleshooting and how to use instructions to a T, absolutely everything, but when I try to load the EXE it loads but doesn't, does the lil admin prompt, closes, computer does a thing, and nothing else happens. Not sure if I'm missing anything, need to do more...