EFT Classic Esp Bugging


New member
Anyone elses esp not working properly. 1 game I seen loot but no players or scavs. 2nd game seen players but not scavs with esp.


Staff member
  • Disable all overlays (discord, Overwolf, Nvidia, ...)
  • CFG (Control Flow Guard option from windows) is imperative to be disabled, or it will give a KMODE bluescreen
  • It is imperative again the use of the game in Borderless mode (changed the project to an external driver), cannot be used dual screens monitors or fullscreen mode (in-game) while using this project.
  • Not supported HDR mode screen option. How to turn off HDR in windows: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us...ndows-10-2d767185-38ec-7fdc-6f97-bbc6c5ef24e6