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I've been using EFT Intel since Oct 5, 2021 and it's the only cheese that I've used that hasn't resulted in a ban - when done correctly.

The price is worth it. Trust. But you must do the following. Or at least, this is what has worked for me after PAINFUL financial woes from other failed cheese providers and processes.

Whether you have been banned before or not, you should DEFINITELY use a HWID spoofer. I finally found one that works for me after being banned 12+ times. I won't advertise it here and I can't speak on the HWID spoofers offered by PC. Don’t DM me asking for it either. I won’t take business away from PCz. My HWID spoofer spoofs the ID's for my PC's MAC, BIOS, volumes, computer name, hard drives, and even the registry specific to EAC and Battleye. I also figured out a way to change my IP without a VPN. Look into it if you've been banned before and don't want to mess with finding a dedicated IP VPN.

1. Pay attention to the PC requirements. Intel only. Windows versions supported. Etc. I found a copy of "WIN 10 v1909 SPECTRE Superlite + Without defender" and installed it after completely reformatting my PC and wiping my hard drives using the rufus and diskpart method. Installing the SPECTRE Superlite without defender negates the steps for disabling Windows defender, firewalls, and setting exploit protections. The exploit protection options are often hit or miss even if you have the correct one selected - so this was my best option to ensure it wasn't an issue.

2. Follow EVERY SINGLE instruction (even the suggested ones) that are included with your key on the app.pc page. Did you all know there are PRE instructions at the top linked in red that says "!!!!Please make sure you have previously viewed and completed all the steps in this article!!!!"? After completing those steps and the ones specific for the EFT Intel cheese, my computer was constantly restarting until I changed the Paging File Size. (Search: View advanced system settings/Advanced System settings /Advanced/ Settings /Change –> Disable the Automatic option and set initial size to 5000 and maximum to 10000 and confirm.) Also. I disabled everything but Battleye service and GPU drivers in the system start up and services (msconfig and task manager).

3. Inject the cheese after a fresh PC restart! Select "NO" for the spoofing option. Your computer should restart just fine if you have followed every step provided by PCz. However, if you have followed every step and it's still not working - then sorry bud - you'll need to reinstall windows. Pay $1.99 for Google drive space. Zip up all of your important files/docs/etc and upload it to GD and download the zip/rar file after reinstalling Windows. Look for the WIN version I posted above. Spectre is the key word for the search.

4. Once your computer restarts, inject the cheese again. It should load and ask if you want to inject anymore cheeses. Select no.

5. Run your HWID spoofer. Depending on the spoofer you used, you may need to double check whether windows defender, firewalls, and exploit protections have been reset - if you have SPECTRE then this shouldn't be an issue. I like to run the command prompt as an administrator and input the following command before AND after spoofing to make sure my HWIDs actually spoofed: wmic diskdrive get model,serialNumber,size,mediaType

6. Launch the BSG client and click play. This is assuming you've already launched the game previously and set the borderless and graphic settings you want before injecting the cheese. ANY time you launch the game, your HWID spoofer should be used - even if you're not using the cheese and only launching EFT to fiddle with your hideout. Restart your PC before injecting the cheese. Don’t load the cheese after spoofing. You load the cheese and then spoof. If your spoofer causes your system to restart then I’d look into getting a different one. Certain spoofing options may require a system restart like spoofing registry and BIOS, but spoofing HWID should not cause a PC restart.

7. If you’ve done all of this and start playing with the cheese successfully and your game crashes then yes, it is safe to re-open the game without restarting your computer. If your entire PC crashes then you have to inject the cheese and then the spoofer again before playing.

Quick note: It’s perfectly normal if your game doesn’t launch and you get an error after clicking “play”. Just close it - DO NOT SEND STATISTICS TO BSG - and re-enter the 5-20 minute game queues. Lol. It will launch eventually.

Character limit reached... Coming up - my in-game cheese guide.
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Here are the configurations I use in-game for the cheese.

When you get into the home screen in EFT, press the “del” key. Be very careful to not hit “end” as this will completely close the cheese which I have done several times… Even if you click the yellow button where the key bind is and it says “none” - hitting any of the key binds will definitely still work whether its “end” to close the cheese or “f5” to loot.

visuals -> player esp
- players: I selected - enabled, adjust alpha, show level and unchecked show kd ratio. I leave max distance at 0. I set bone distance and distance text as close to 150 as possible. I think they both end up being 157.xxxxx. I leave everything else at their default setting. I’m not sure what “chams type” does but I may update this post in the future and let ya’ll know. Update: Changing to chams has crashed my game but I did it mid raid. Perhaps if you do it before the raid in the main menu then it may work.

- bots: I selected - enabled and leave everything else at their default options. Sometimes I will change distance text to 100 for quests that require scav kills at certain distances.

visuals -> items esp
- For loot I have the following checked: enabled, draw grenades, show valuables, always show quest items. Leave max distance and name text alone. I’ve fiddled with “show boxes around loot” and I personally like it checked and on. But if you’re running a mid to low tier PC build, then change name text to 1500 or less. This means that you won’t see loot 1501+ measurements (whatever they are… meters?) away from you.

- For containers I have the following checked: enabled, draw grenades, show container contents, apply item filters. Max distance I have set to 300 (or as close as I can get it). Name text is 0. If you increase the size of name text for containers - it shows the name of the container (duffle bag, ground stash, etc). It is not needed. If you are lagging with max distance set to 300 then leave it at 100.

- Leave extraction points and corpses at default. For corpses, if you only want to see dead bodies near you - then change the max distance value to something greater than 0.

- Item viewer. We’ll get to this later. This is my favorite part of the cheese.

- “friends” and “stream proof” should be left alone. I’ve never tried the stream proof option. Just tell people that after the recent updates, if you try to stream, your game lags too much even if you have a beast of a computer.

Misc tab

- battle mode is hotkey 0. When you press 0 on either the number line or number pad of your keyboard, it makes everything but player ESP disappear. Pressing 0 again or the windows key brings the loot back. This is a CRUCIAL button because if you’re fighting and there is a ton of loot in the area or behind whomever you’re fighting, it looks like visual rainbow vomit and causes a bit of lag. Get used to pressing “0” when you’re about to fight.

- weapons mods: I have the following selected - no breath, recoil percentage slide to 0, no sway, disable movement effects. Deselect everything else. I believe sway stops the effects from breathing while disable movement effects means that your gun stays put whether you’re walking, strafing, leaning or jumping. I personally do not like to enable “disable hands movement” because it gives this jittery effect that I dislike. DO NOT USE THE AUTO SHOOT OPTION.

- vision mods: Select no visor if you have a visor to give a normal view of the game. no effect means it’s the default look of the game. I almost never use night vision. For night raids, I like to use the thermal setting. Thermal is tricky because if you ADS, you can’t see through the scope. But you can see skeletons, so I still use it quite often. Get used to hip firing PMCs during night raids if you use thermal at close to mid range. Hip fire in EFT is more like shoulder firing and is incredibly accurate anyway.

- Player mods: Select “multi-search” and “unlimited stamina”. Why not the others? You need to level up skills like perception, intellect, attention, and memory, I’ve tested it - and I may be wrong - but selecting instance examine and instant search doesn’t trigger something even though it says you gained experience. I COULD be wrong about this so test it for yourself. When I remember to, I will turn them on during scav runs. I feel like flyhack and no fall would get someone easily banned though I’m sure it may be safe since it’s not labeled as risky. I personally have no use for it. You don’t need to loot the rogues on the top of the buildings in Lighthouse guys… I’m not even sure if it works because I’ll never try it lol.

- Looting through walls is a game changer. You have to be at least 1-3 meters away from an item you want to loot but it works like a charm. Just make sure you close the bag if you loot through a wall. We don’t need to alert players that a cheeseer is in the server. I’ve heard streamers send their server number, map, and raid time to devs when they loot already opened containers behind locked doors. I’ve gotten SO many things from marked room on Customs by going to the second floor and going into the bedroom below marked room and looting through the roof. Just stand there, look up, and press F5 and F when it gives the option of grabbing something. I’ve made almost 10mil just going to customs and the marked room since no one has keys right now (start of wipe). Don’t use FOV diff… I thought it had something to do with how far away you could loot something through a wall but it literally just changes your FOV which you can do in the game settings.

- environment mods: select draw laser, append item price to item name (if you’re screenshotting something for a friend… but sure to turn this off. price items are next to each loot item regardless of whether it’s in your stash, in-game backpack, flea market, everywhere). Deselect self value. Select show ammo counter but change the size to: 1.

- aimbot: People. This is important. Don’t use Aimbot. If you suck at shooting then stop playing an FPS. You already have the advantage of no recoil and knowing where people are coming from thanks to ESP. Turn this off by unchecking it on the left next to primary key. Also, turn off draw crosshair. It seems a bit off for some guns and I found that the draw laser option in misc > environment mods is a far better aim indicator. I haven’t tried “silent aim”.

- general: Just don’t press “end”. And remember. If you click the yellow button, pressing “end” still closes the cheese even though it says there is no longer a key bind.

- There IS NO WAY to save configurations. Stop asking for it! I read a while back that the ability to save cheese configurations can be risky so most developers don’t include that option anymore. As soon as I enter the game, I go through all of the steps I explained above.
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This is my favorite part of the cheese. Especially pre-level 15 when you have to find items for quests and hideout upgrades and barters. You have to wait until you’re awaiting session start (after loading loot and synchronizing with other players). I set the minimal price for loot at 50k (click the + sign a bunch of times). Why? I don’t want to pollute the map with a TON of gray text and boxes. Anything less than 50k I input into the item browser that pops up when you select “item viewer”. Deselect “Apply price slider” in the item browser. And click the items arrow to expand it. In search phrase I usually type in healing items and food and whatever other items I need. So if I need aa batteries, salewas, aquamari, kvass, iskra, mre, etc - I search for it, double click the green plus sign and press delete again to start my run. If I want it to show despite what I have selected for distance and name text distance, I select “should show” for the item. I believe this shows the item regardless of distance. You can press tab in game to bring up your character menu and press delete to change settings, but be careful to not throw anything out of your backpack or pmc stash since the keybind is "del" to bring up the cheese and "del" also removes stuff from your character. If I want to change something in game, I go to a bush and hit ESC to bring up the main settings window and drag and drop the cheese menu to the left and right side of the monitor.

I always start with a scav run and use the first few minutes to set up my item filter. Sometimes an item you want to add isn’t on the map you’re currently playing on so you’ll have to wait until your next raid to add it. I’m currently sitting at 32mil rubles and my hideout is almost completely upgraded on a standard account. That said, as a PMC, I still loot duffle bags and whatever I can to level up those skills I mentioned earlier. Like Memory and perception which I believe you need to level up for the hideout upgrades.

Quick tip. As a cheeseer it is hard to level up vitality. If you go in with a buddy, have him give you a heavy bleed. Use a propital or etg (green stem) to heal - but bring food because it takes a toll on your energy. By the time I was like 30, My vitality wasn’t even level 1 yet. I play pretty ratty and only fight when I absolutely have to or when I have a super easy shot that I can’t pass up that ANY player could see - with or without cheeses. Don’t be weird with your use of ESP and just chase someone down you know has been creep walking. You’ll get manually banned.

Any other questions - feel free to DM me. I can’t promise I’ll respond right away but if you do the things above - you should be ban free. DO NOT DM ME ABOUT HWID SPOOFERS OR FINDING WINDOWS SPECTRE. USE GOOGLE OR GET THE HWID SPOOFER FROM PCZ.

LAST AND PROBABLY MOST IMPORTANT TIP. If there is a PATCH. I wait anywhere between 9-12 hours before I play the game. EVEN if the site says the status is green and undetected. Give the devs time to check the cheese. If after 9-12 hours the status is still green, then you're probably free to load into a raid. If your game keeps crashing after a patch while you have the cheese injected then that means you need to wait for the cheese to update. I think this one tip has probably saved me from being banned.

Join the discord. Pay attention to what people are saying. Pay attention to the #updates-news and #announcement channels. Jaxx and the crew release info on discord much faster than on the site. I actually just discovered the forums today so news may travel here faster. No clue.

All of that aside - it’s a great cheese. The available options are insanely awesome. The PCz crew is amazing. For those of you complaining about not getting keys fast enough. BE PATIENT. I’ve gotten EFT Intel 22 times. I’d say that 18 of the 22 times I got the key right away and had to wait 6+ hours for the others. They will get a key to you. Be. Patient.

Sorry about the novel. I just really like the cheese. And I see so many people ask questions. Hope this was able to help someone.

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Wow thanks for the outstanding review, we are so happy to have you here! Have a great new year.