The Cycle 1 Day Pass

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Downloading the hacks was effortless.
things to note, while injecting i recieved the following error: MAP-300-1 error

The sequence is as following:
  • We are currently attempting to fix MAP-300-1 error
  • Error Resolved
  • Found process
  • Cheatbackend success...
  • Loading Cheat Please Wait...
At this point the loader closes.

I'll attach some images of my ESP not working, without an ESP im affraid I cant confirm the status of the aimbot.

2022-04-15 01_16_34-Window.png

2022-04-15 01_16_54-Window.png
2022-04-15 01_17_02-Window.png

Has anyone else experienced this?


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Rechecked the .dll file to ensure its renamed.

re named it...

hack menu in game flickers
unable to deploy from station.
Again If you need support with this, please write via livechat on the website. We don’t offer support here. Sounds like you are doing something incorrectly.
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