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So after kinda dickering about really and exploring the internet, been really curious about cheats in general and thought I'd try out one for Tarkov, and not gonna lie was pretty sketchy but going through the process it was astonishingly simple, yeah a bit long but for keeping you safe to actually use these products is well worth it. Obviously using this stuff requires some common sense and playing with some settings to make the most out of being safe and effectively utilizing the items but all in all.

Super easy installation, and process of obtaining items albeit a long process but this is only due to actual people manually giving you keys and emails so it's a given.

A surprisingly friendly and helpful community that's generally very welcoming and happy to help whenever.

Very well designed products, and items for a variety of mainstream people vs people games with a pretty decently large amount of customization with settings.

Little pricy for a couple of days to a month of usage with the most basic item but then again, this stuff is like a personalized item kinda, and people hafta make a living off of this thin,g so forgiven.

Afterthoughts. The first time using and going into this kinda environment was really sketchy but after trying it, def gonna be buying some more keys, an absolute blast. I think personally if you get caught after everything that was done to prevent the cheat itself from being detected is just user error or circumstantial.

11 artichokes out of 5 potatoes will I be purchasing some more of these wonderful items!

EDIT: Forgot to mention on the first day of trying this I spent most of those 24 hours troubleshooting what was wrong and fixing everything shortly just reinstalling windows, but the biggest problem I've seen is DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error blue screening my pc. Other than that, pretty cool beans. Do wish the key time restriction didn't stay active and paused itself while not in use but what can you do.
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