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Everything We Know About Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies

Ever since Call of Duty World at War, COD releases have featured some form of PvE game mode that you can enjoy when you’re done slaughtering your opponents in multiplayer. The most popular of these has been Zombies, typically being preferable compared to other modes like Special Ops.

However, Activision is handling things a bit differently when it comes to Vanguard’s Zombies. We’re getting closer and closer to the release of the game and we’ve still heard precious little about what we can expect from this year’s Zombies mode. In this article, we’ve gathered everything we know to expect from it.

COD Vanguard Will Have Zombies

The first thing that we learned is that COD Vanguard will indeed have a Zombies game mode. Due to the lack of communication on Activision’s part, a lot of gamers were worried that COD Vanguard wouldn’t even have a Zombies mode, and it’s pretty easy to see why this was the case.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of Activision’s game development got scrambled, and some games ended up being shuffled around. We saw this happen with Black Ops Cold War being released one year early and this is also the case for COD Vanguard. Some players were worried that this would mean that Zombies would get cut from the game.

However, since Activision has confirmed the presence of Zombies in the latest title, some players have taken to asking whether it will be there at launch.

Will COD Vanguard Have Zombies at Launch?

Unfortunately, the Zombies mode won’t be available at launch on November 5th. Whether they need more time to work on the map or whether it’s simply being held back to beef up the launch of Season 1 remains unknown, but it’s pretty likely that it’s some combination of both factors.

While it’s disappointing that Zombies won’t arrive with COD Vanguard on launch, according to everything we’ve heard, dedicated players won’t have to wait long. The first season of COD Vanguard is slated to be released on November 23rd, if the leaks are to be believed.

While this may not seem like a long time, it’s still a full 18 days after the game is released, which is an unprecedented move for a survival game mode. The vast majority of COD games have launched with at least one map available from the start, while others launched with two.

The Dark Aether Story Will Go On

Another exciting tidbit of info that we heard is that Forsaken will not be the final time that we experience the Dark Aether Zombies story. While many players assumed that the Season 6 map would be the last chapter, leaks have shown that the Dark Aether story will be continued in COD Vanguard.

We think that it’s a good idea that they’re continuing the threads of the Zombies stories through multiple games because this allows them to create more cohesive storytelling experiences. Instead of having to wrap up an entire story throughout a COD game’s one-year lifespan, this will create a more unbroken narrative.

While Zombies stories were continued throughout the Black Ops series, they always seemed a little disjointed because of how much time passed between each game. This gave fans enough time to stop really caring about the story in between COD releases.

War of the Dead and What We Know So Far

Most Zombies fans assume that there has to be a reason why the map is being kept so secret and why it’s going to take so long for Zombies to be released in COD Vanguard. Well, we now have at least some of the reason why the release of Zombies is going to be so convoluted in this new game.

Leaks have revealed that the new Zombies map is going to be called War of the Dead and that it’s going to be one of the most ambitious maps we’ve ever seen in the Zombies mode. Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak mode was a huge success, and it seems that Sledgehammer Games has been taking notes.

From what we’ve heard, War of the Dead is going to be one of the largest Zombies maps yet and it’s going to combine what players love about Outbreak with what they love about the traditional round-based mode.

Whether this means that War of the Dead is going to incorporate multiplayer maps or if it’s going to be an exclusive Zombies map, we don’t know yet, but we’re staying hopeful.

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