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DayZ Hacks/Cheats With Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack, And Radar Hack

By Tom Capper – Updated October 6th, 2021

DayZ’s update 1.14 has finally gone live, and it includes contaminated areas that require you to use an NBC suit to access them. The game also now features new kinds of traps that you can use to ensnare your enemies, including fishnet traps, snares, and fish bottle traps. You can also now use tripwires.

DayZ’s developers have teased update 1.14 to the community, but nothing seems too concrete yet. Along with cryptic radio messages, we’ve seen some markings on maps of Livonia and Chernarus. Many of the secret messages that have been deciphered so far have been imploring people to escape while they can.

The most recent update for DayZ was Update 1.13, and it introduced the burst-fire firing mode as well as the M16A2 assault rifle. Other items that were added to the game include 45-round magazines for the KA-74, and 60-round standard mags. This is complemented by a range of different machetes and misc. items.

Update 1.13 for DayZ has been released and it’s brought with it some interesting changes. For example, the M16A2 now features a burst fire mode as well as new inland spawn areas. The M16 isn’t the only change in the weapons department. Bohemia has also added a few new machete variants.

Update 1.12 was the most recent major update for DayZ, and it featured the addition of various new items as well as a revamp of the combat system. NPCs are now more difficult to fight in melee combat, and they’ll also be less magically aware of how the player’s moving, so stealth will be a more viable approach.

The 1.12 update to DayZ, AKA the experimental update, has added a range of new items to the game, including a range of foodstuffs and some new weapons. Some of the weapons that have been added to the game include the kukri, fange knife, sickle, pioneer rifle, and a lot more.

Bohemia Interactive started as a modding team for ARMA 2, but gained such widespread recognition and acclaim that they went on to develop the stand-alone title DayZ. The Early Access period for this game took 5 years and the final build was announced in 2018. The game still receives patches, though they are few and far between.

Rust has become a more mainstream version of DayZ, and also has its roots in the modding team behind Gary’s Mod. Escape From Tarkov also shares many similar aspects to DayZ, minus the zombies.
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The player finds themselves in Chernarus, a place where society has collapsed and players are thrown to the wolves in this new dog eat dog dystopia. Encountering other players in DayZ usually only ends in one of two ways: either you die or they do.

Like other survival games, you will have to monitor your constitution religiously, being careful not to contract diseases from unsanitary conditions, finding good sources of nutrition and hydration etc...

DayZ has a high learning curve and most new players will die dozens of times before they can survive for days or weeks. There are so many ways for you to die in DayZ and the game really does keep you on your toes. Interspersed between these moments of despair are the quiet interactions that can be absolutely meme-worthy.

DayZ at the end of the day is a looter shooter, meaning that the whole playback loop is about not only surviving, but finding the best possible gear to help you do so. PvP is absolutely necessary if you want to get this rare loot. The longer you survive, the “fatter” your character gets and the more other players will want to take you down.

Even by taking the utmost precautions, you’ll still find yourself dying to non-player related reasons until you can really intimate yourself with the intricacies of the game’s items and mechanics.

Some players are turned off by this perma-death and the prospect of losing all your possessions and so they turn to other methods, perhaps less ethical to keep the experience light and entertaining.

DayZ Hacks

It’s not surprising that a game made by modders is pretty open to being modded, surreptitiously or not. DayZ cheats have become endemic to the game. As long as there is a demand, we are happy to supply these cheats and inform you about how they work.

Hacking in DayZ is against the game's rules obviously, and so part of this guide will also serve to teach you how to cheat “responsibly” to avoid getting caught. This is important if you don’t want to lose your account, or, even worse, get hardware identification banned.
What's more, as opposed to other illicit DayZ cheats you’ll find on the market, our hacks have some of the lowest identification rates. This means that, while anti-cheat tech is continuously evolving to deter cheating, we are still constantly upgrading our software, so you can be assured that purchasing our goods would not render them useless within the first month of buying them.

This guide goes through some of the special features that we've programmed in our cheats that will allow you to expand the methods and functions by which you can cheat while remaining incognito.

Cheating or not cheating, players are always eager to accuse players better than them of cheating. However, once you purchase our products, you’ll be able to evade the scrutiny of a more trained eye: the moderators who review your footage when you’re reported too many times.

Choosing the Correct DayZ Hack for Your Playing Style

In case it hasn’t been made abundantly clear already, in DayZ, your only real objective is to avoid dying; this is a lot simpler in theory than in practice. Buying our cheats makes it easier than ever imagined.

Is DayZ still DayZ when using cheats? Yes, you’ll just die a lot less and be able to consistently get to end-game content. It will become more common, perhaps less special, but still rewarding.

The DayZ cheats are a means to an end, a way for you to experience the game to its fullest without getting stuck at a mid-level barrier. On top of that, we offer a number of parameters that you can adjust to fool anyone who investigates your account for using our aimbot.

Our DayZ cheats allow you to play the game the way you want to play it. Depending on how you set up your cheats, you can still have a challenge without going overboard. The factory settings of our hacks will still help you have a good time, but they might make the game feel unrewarding or too easy.

While our driver signatures are rarely detected by the anti-cheat, you need to remember that, bottom line, if your account is banned, there isn’t much we can do for you aside provide you with the Hardware Identification (HWID) spoofer you need to prevent a ban that affects your whole device and not just your account.

You will be truly free to experience DayZ with all it has to offer without looking at the “death” screen every five minutes. Hopefully with our cheats installed, you’ll also be able to recognize certain patterns in the game that normally would only come after investing a few hundred hours.

To get the full hacking experience we recommend our premium packages which offer ESP Wallhacks, Radar Hacks and Aimbots for DayZ. Each of these entails different things, and while you might have heard people speak of them, you might not understand how they work.

You might be asking yourself: Well, how do I know which of these hacks is best suited for me?

If you enjoy the gunplay and can handle yourself under pressure when someone starts shooting at you, you might not need an aimbot. An aimbot will definitely help you rack up lots of kills, but it is the most obvious hack to look for and comports the highest risk of any of the three hacks previously mentioned.

In the DayZ Aimbot section, we will offer more details as to how we do this, but for now, all you need to know is that if you want to use an aimbot, our’s is top of the line and has many features that you can tinker with to get the most out of it.

If you follow the recommendations of this guide thoroughly, you’ll be able to get away with hacking for months, perhaps even years without having your account investigated for foul play.

Finding which hacks work for you comes by doing research and here at PrivateCheatz, it’s one-stop shopping where you can pick up cheats for most major shooter titles on top of learning more about what they do and how they work.

Aimbot Cheats for DayZ

A DayZ Aimbot uses applied vector trigonometry to automatically line up your gun with certain bones in an enemy player’s character model asset. By default, it targets the parts of the hitbox that deal the most damage. While this varies from game to game, it tends to be the head and the chest.

Your chances of survival drastically increase with an Aimbot, as it becomes almost impossible to lose a gunfight from a good position and implausible to lose one even when you’re in negative cover.
Because the nature of gun-battles in DayZ can be surprising and explosive, having an aimbot allows you to keep your cool, even when you’re least expecting a fight. Instead of just trading flesh wounds, an aimbot always shoots to kill, ensuring that you will emerge out of hot situations relatively unscathed.

Because human reaction time can sometimes be incredibly detrimental when supplemented with anxiety, an aimbot simply removes it from the equation and gives you the cold, calculated mathematical precision of a soulless machine while still allowing you to remain in control by tuning certain parameters.

The parameters for DayZ Aimbots we will be discussing are: Auto-fire, Smoothness, FOV, No-Spread/No-Recoil and prediction aiming.

Auto-fire removes the need for human input to shoot a target and will automatically do the job for you, using just the right amount of bullets needed to drop an enemy and not single shot more. In a game like DayZ where abundance is rare and every bullet counts this is of paramount importance.

One of the cons of using Auto-fire means that you’ve pretty much committed to the shoot-on-sight philosophy when playing the game, which of course, will increase your time spent alive at the expense of missing out on some interesting “role-playing” encounters.

Smoothness makes your aimbot appear more natural by extending the time and movement path that your aimbot has to take when locking from one target to the next in an encounter with many foes. This is a critical feature to fiddle with if you want to avoid accusations when a moderator is reviewing your gameplay.

The FOV feature extends your peripheral view and, consequently, how quickly and effectively your aimbot can lock on to targets who appear on the fringes of your camera. The higher the FOV, the more abrupt your movement will become when the aimbot locks on.

No-recoil removes recoil from guns, meaning no matter what gun you are using and how much you spray with it, all of the recoil values are zeroed out.

Prediction aiming is when your aimbot locks onto targets that are hidden behind cover and approximates where they are going to move next depending on the average of their previous movements.

Finally, one last feature not previously mentioned is the off after kill switch which will turn off your aimbot for the desired duration after it helps you get a kill. This is for players who want a boost, but not one that removes all the challenge from a gun battle.

Our DayZ Wallhack And ESP Exclusive Features

The DayZ ESP Wallhack is a fully customizable vision hack that allows you to see enemies past solid objects in any number of ways: either as boxes, glowing, stickmen or others.

You’ll also see how much remaining health they have, perhaps allowing you to kill them quickly as they struggle to raise their hit points again. We recommend using the bones or stickmen viewing option, as this will also show you when enemies are crouching and allow you to set your aim correctly towards their head when you peek around to take a shot. (If you’re not already using an aimbot, of course)

An ESP wallhack will also save your life by showing where to find certain objects in a pinch and by highlighting trap explosives like claymores. The ESP will display a warning once it has detected enemies in your immediate range if by some odd chance you didn’t see them yourself.
The object detection functionality is paramount in a game like DayZ, because it will allow you to move around the map efficiently and not waste time looking for items that you don’t really need.

If you don’t have fancy and expensive directional headphones to know when an enemy is nearby, you’ll still be able to detect them visually with an ESP before they get within critical distance of you.

Everything in the UI for our ESP wallhack is completely customizable and you’ll be able to decide what you want it to show you and how to do so.

Free ESP wallhacks are not exactly hard to find, but you won’t find one with all the combined programming skill it takes to offer you a wide range of options. Not to mention that virtually all free hacks come with a side dish of nasty viruses like spyware and ransomware.

An ESP is just as perfect for solo play as it is for group play, as you’ll be able to distinguish the colors of friends and foes. Moreover, your friends will instinctively follow your lead since your intuition somehow always allows them to avoid certain death.

Having an ESP gives you the critical power to strike with deadly and swift determination because there won’t be any hidden variables in play during a firefight. You’ll know exactly when to dive in and when to retreat and maximize your self-preservation drive.

Radar Hack for DayZ

The DayZ Radar hack is the perfect tool for the vanguard of the group, the one who makes the calls and sets into motion a long term plan of action.

This acts as a minimap that displays your enemies as red dots on a fully scalable and pinnable square.
This is useful for knowing which areas are high in traffic and which ones are more quiet, allowing you to assess the threat level beyond what is visible to you in your immediate vicinity.

Of course, using the Aimbot, ESP Wallhack and the Radar Hack brings your chances of survival well above 90% because you will be playing smarter, not harder.

DayZ Hacks, Why Do People Use Them?

In some twisted and convoluted way, I’m sure you could justify using hacks in DayZ on the grounds the game itself started off as a mod to another game. Not to mention the dozens of bugs in the game that make you die rage-inducing reasons. If DayZ doesn’t present an inherently fair meta to its player base, then why should the player base care about playing fair?

Because DayZ is essentially like playing high stakes poker all the time, going all in by betting on hacks to carry you to victory is a good gamble. Using cheats is certainly a gambit with a high pay off, but also a fairly large risk. We understand this and it’s the primary reason we endeavour to minimize any collateral damage.

Given that there are certainly other people using cheats in a game like DayZ among many others, you might be better off learning to beat them at their own game by subscribing to premium services offered exclusively on PrivateCheatz.

If you are motivated by constant success, by winning, by besting all those around you, then we really don’t need to explore other reasons about why people cheat.

Some people decide to get into hacking purely out of curiosity and choose to stick around because of how our cheats make them feel: powerful, unstoppable, fearing none and admired by all.

We encourage you to follow your curiosity and see all that hacking offers! Hopefully, over time, you will love our products so much that you will choose to use them in any of the other number of titles we have in our roster.

Exclusive DayZ Hacks from

PrivateCheatz is a company that has transformed itself many times, always in a state of flux, a metamorphosis. We have gone from being a lost caterpillar to a beautiful monarch butterfly.

By this we mean that we are constantly being pushed to the bleeding edge of technology and endeavouring with great effort to stay ahead of anti-cheat software. It hasn’t been easy, but we are now well established within the community with a solid core of a team who love games as much as they love breaking them.

We have many loyal and happy customers who have supported us for years, and it only seems fair to return the favour by giving them the best that money can buy. Our cheats are hassle free, reliable, intuitive and truly offer a staggering amount of possible configurations to best serve your needs.

Our Customer Service agents are directly involved in the development process, so they know the ins and outs to get your cheats working in no time at all. After submitting a ticket, we will contact you as soon as possible!

We ensure consistency between all our products and they must be approved of by the lead developers of the cheats so that no matter which game you’re buying hacks for, you know they’re going to be top notch and nothing less than that.

Our hand picked DayZ Hacks

DayZ Hacks, Aimbot, Norecoil, ESP, Wall Hacks & More

DayZ: Army Hack

Learn More

Windows 10 (build 2004,20H2,21H1)
Hwid Spoofer included HWID Locked


  • Player ESP
  • Objects ESP
  • Render distance
  • Chams


  • Aimbot with Adjustable FOV

Special Options

  • Magic bullet

DayZ: Intel Hack

Learn More

Windows 10 (build 1903,1909,2004,20H2,21H1)
Intel CPU Only
Virtualization must be enabled
HWID Locked


  • Boxes
  • Items
  • Town
  • Animals
  • Zombies


  • FOV
  • Smooth
  • Visibility checks
  • Aim bone selector
  • Skip zombies

Special Options

  • Murder mode
  • Radar hack
  • Dayhack
  • No recoil
  • No sway
  • Compass
  • Speedhack
  • Perfect weather
  • No grass
  • DLC unlocker
  • 3rd person view
  • Ammo counter
  • Battle mode
  • Toggleable mode

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the differences between the hacks?
We have different teams of programmers working on different games to adjust the source code to the peculiarities of each game. However, all of our cheats must be approved of by seasoned company executives. For more information about how each hack differs between titles, be sure to check out our Products Page.
Q2. What is Aimbot smoothness?
Setting your Aimbot’s smoothness to the highest value allows your aimbot to mirror the behaviour of a human playing the game rather than the very obvious and trademarked angular snapping of a basic aimbot.
Q3. What is Radar Hack?
A radar hack keeps track of enemies who are not visible in your immediate area, allowing you to plan ahead in a game like DayZ where survival is everything!
Q4. What is No Recoil hack?
A no recoil hack simply adjusts certain values innate to the gun you are using to nullify kickback. This permits all your shots, no matter the rate of fire the weapon, to land exactly at the centre of your reticle.
Q5. Are DayZ hacks safe to use?
Our hacks are as safe to use as it gets. Obviously no hack is entirely safe in terms of your account being investigated, but we will notify you if anti-cheat has detected your DayZ hacks.
Q6. What happens if I get banned using your cheats?
It is entirely possible you will get banned for using cheats. You can also ask for an appeal, but in most cases, a ban is a final verdict that is irreversible, leaving us very few options to help you.
Q7. Where can I download the DayZ cheat loader?
You can download our proprietary DayZ cheat loader from the e-mail link we send you post-transaction.
Q8. Do you offer customer service?
Our client service help desk is available to all of our clients who have accounts with previous purchases with us. If you're having trouble getting a cheat kit to work on your machine, please get in touch with us and we'll walk you through the process of making sure everything is in working order.
Q9. What is Hwid locked loader?
To avoid redistribution of our patented code, we use a HWID locked loader that binds to one unique device. Regrettably, we no longer pursue fully accessible development, but if you search hard enough, you can find information about how to do what we do all over the internet. We will create a new identification number for you if you need assistance downloading it on a new device. Please get in touch with customer service.
A9. HWID locked loader does not allow you to use the same cheat across different devices. By activating the serial key in the Hack’s loader, you can lock your cheat on your PC. Thus, sharing the cheat on another device will cause an error. This maintains the privacy of our cheats and prevents players from sharing them with their friends.
Q10. Do I need a hwid spoofer?
For games with anti-cheat systems that can track drive signatures from our cheat loaders, a spoofer is a fine option to avoid a permanent ban placed on your computer and not just your account.

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