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How to Hide Your Cheats from Other Players in Valorant

Valorant has a reputation for its strict anti-cheat but even Riot Vanguard can be fooled by quality hacks. However, beyond automated anti-cheat, player reports tend to result in a huge number of bans, so it’s usually a good idea to hide your hacks from people in every way possible. Here’s what you need to do to make it less obvious that you’re cheating in Valorant.

Try not to Be too Obvious With Your Aimbot

Using an aimbot can give you skills far beyond those of the average player, but one of the main problems with aimbots is that they’re a lot easier to detect than other types of cheats. However, if you’re trying to play stealthily, all hope is not lost because our aimbots come with settings that allow you to customize them to your liking.

Along with the more mundane settings, like the ability to control which key activates your aimbot, you’ll find that you can alter how your aimbot performs to make it less evident that you’re cheating. For example, aimbot smoothness and FOV are two of the major settings that you’ll want to play around with.

Everyone knows how to recognize an aimbot from its mechanical aim movements that lack any of the subtlety and grace that a human’s mouse movements would feature. However, the aimbot smoothness setting allows you to alter your aimbot’s speed so that it looks more like you’re the one aiming.

When you turn up your aimbot’s smoothness, it will slow down the aiming motion a little bit but it will also make it far smoother. This will ensure that people watching you play won’t have any idea that you’re using an aimbot when you’re really just clicking a button and letting the aimbot do its work.

However, if you don’t care about getting caught, you can always turn down your aimbot smoothness to the minimum level, at which point your aimbot will nearly instantly snap to your targets. To determine what aimbot smoothness level works for you, do a bit of experimentation to see what looks the most human with the smallest compromise on performance.

Along with aimbot smoothness, you’ll also want to alter your aimbot’s FOV so that you can determine what visual cone the aimbot operates within. Most players will match their aimbot FOV to their camera FOV to ensure that they don’t lock on to enemies that were out of their cone of vision.

For example, spinning around and hitting a guy right in the head after spinning around 180 degrees is extremely unrealistic, and aimbot FOV allows you to avoid a situation like that.

Use Your Intel-Gathering Cheats as Much as You Can

Many players neglect to use the entire suite of cheats that they have at their disposal because they have the power of an aimbot at their fingers. This is the kind of approach that tends to get people banned from their favorite games because of the lack of finesse in their cheating.

We understand that aimbots are extremely powerful tools, but they aren’t the only one in your toolbox, so be sure to also make the most of your other hacks. For example, by using a radar cheat in conjunction with an ESP, there’s no reason why you should end up getting surprised by your enemies.

Being able to get the drop on your opponents at all times will allow you to win gunfights without even having to activate your aimbot, and using an aimbot sparingly is one of the best ways to get away with it.

Don’t Focus Exclusively on Gunplay, Use Your Abilities Too

One way to make it obvious that you’re cheating in a game like Valorant is by only focusing on outgunning your opponents. While this might work well in a game like CSGO where you don’t have operative abilities, things might seem a little suspicious if you’re too busing aimbotting to even pop your ult.

A lot of first-time cheaters fail to make effective use of their abilities because it takes a lot of mental bandwidth to use your cheats and abilities at the same time. Along with making it less suspicious that you’re cheating, using your abilities will also make you a more effective fighter.

In fact, by combining your abilities with an ESP or a radar hack, you can always place them strategically so that they end up doing the most possible damage to your enemies.

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