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Mobile Game Streaming Checklist: Top 3 Streaming Gear You Need (& 3 You Don’t)


Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


In the past when people wished to broadcast any show or video content then a lot of crew and expensive cameras and other equipment were needed. Thankfully they are now a thing of the past since now almost anyone can start making video content by the virtue of a few electronic tools like mobile phones, mics, and other similar equipment. Creators can now leverage high-quality mobile phones’ high-resolution camera technology to capture some awesome shots and some phones are available too which cater to this specific camera needs.

Like in iPhones, there is a dedicated movie shooting mode which is also integrated with the iMovie app. You can easily carry around a phone, an external mic, a power bank, and some flashlights. With these tools in your pocket, you can shoot anywhere and in any outdoor location.

Sony has launched a dedicated Xperia phone for vlogging and photography purposes since their Exmor Rs lenses are known for capturing a good amount of details in objects. Asus also has a Republic of Gamers Phone known as ROG phone. It can play a lot of the latest android games and also has great cooling capabilities and a huge ram, all of which make it a mobile streamer's favorite device to play and stream live gameplays. But there is certain other equipment too which you can use for mobile streaming. But in case you are a beginner in this world of mobile streaming and so wish to learn how to live stream then read here.

Here is a list of them:

1. Reliable Mic:

Just as playing and streaming a game is important for a mobile streamer, his voiceover commentary is also important. People will simply switch over to other streams if they do not find the content exciting. Nobody likes to watch a bland video game match. If you think that the phone’s internal mic will catch your voice then you are correct but if you want your audience to feel more passion and depth of your game commentary then use an omnidirectional external mic.

2. Good Phone:

This is the most obvious equipment. Without a phone, you can’t be a mobile streamer. But this is the most common wrong choice committed by various entry-level streamers too. A lot of android games rely on graphical and central processing power units (GPU and CPU) but you are not doing that only, you are streaming too. So you need as much RAM (Random Access Memory) as possible. Not only this you will also need a good storage type like UFS 3.1 UFS 3.0, etc, and not those Emmc types. This is because a game is stored in the internal storage and for accessing the files you need a high-speed read and write transferability. Emmc simply cannot keep up with these needs. So buy a good gaming phone specifically for this purpose and try to buy one with at least 8GB RAM and UFS 3.0 or UFS 3.1 storage type. If you are worried about buying such expensive phones and then later if you cannot recover the cost. Then read here to know How Much Do Twitch Streamers Make.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

3. Video Encoder

A lot of entry-level streamers live stream without using any kind of video encoders. What happens is the video gets compressed badly or distorted, etc and the stream quality becomes poor. To avoid this, buy a subscription for a good live streaming video encoder and then pass the video through it so that all your streaming efforts do not go in vain.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Here is some equipment that you do not need right away:

1. A Mobile Streaming App

If you are just starting out in the world of mobile game streaming then do not invest in a mobile game streaming app right away. First, build your content i.e game and fan following. The streaming apps are good in a way but it is of no use if you do not have a significant fan following. With the streaming apps, you create an additional graphical layout and other stuff which looks cool but is not essentially required. A good streamer only needs his game commentary to be interesting and his gameplay to be exciting. That's all that is needed. Later when you have reached a certain level you can start using these apps for a more added dynamic flavor to your streams.

Photo by Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash

2. USB Cooling Fans

You do not need an external USB cooling fan if you are buying a gaming phone. Since most gaming phones these days like Mi Black Shark, Asus ROG, and others have a dedicated liquid cooling or similar technology already inside. But if you are not buying a gaming phone for game streaming purposes then go ahead buy an external USB fan to cool down your phone.

3. External Monitor

A lot of people prefer to stream their games by connecting their mobile device via Miracast or other similar technology to their TV or monitors and then play. It works fine and also helps in focussing on the game but at the same time, it unnecessarily ups your streaming budget. So if you want to spend a lot to buy such a TV or dedicated gaming monitor then go ahead. otherwise, save this money and invest in a good gaming phone which is what you need most in a game stream.


A good dedicated gaming phone can go a long way into establishing you in the world of gaming. Notable YouTuber Carryminati uses an Asus ROG phone to play his games and then stream. He is famous not for his gameplay style but rather for his unique voice-over commentary on various gameplay aspects.

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