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By Zack Zwiezen – Last Updated: January 27th, 2024

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Which is the best PUBG hack? Best PUBG hacks & cheats

Do PUBG hacks actually exist?
Of course! Our PUBG Hacks are completely undetected so there is no risk to your account. If you’re already familiar with cheats and such, then this won’t be a very big surprise to you. Battlegrounds is the newest rendition of shooter games to be considered, and it’s much better than the original batch (some would debate that, but it’s newer!). This is a free game, which means that there are going to be a lot of people playing; you can customize your character and keep track of your survival statistics. The gameplay itself is wonderful, and allows you to live life through your character. When you’re pitted against a bunch of people in one place, it’s going to be a bloodbath

That’s why exploits seem so abundant, but high-quality ones will always be tough to handle. Like many other games, this used to be an ARMA modification; but the popularity that it was sporting allowed it to become an individual title. There aren’t many games this fun, that’s for sure! Check out the features of our PUBG hack below.

We also have Warzone Hacks, Vangaurd Hacks, 2042 Hacks, Fortnite Hacks & much more, please check them out! Dont forget to grab a HWID spoofer when you cheating to cover your back! You can also view all our hacks here.
PUBG Aimbot
Any game that includes guns and shooting, will need an Aimbot. With this one, you won’t have to worry about being the weakest link in the server.

PUBG Wallhack ESP
When you’re in close quarter combat, there are bound to be walls and other things obstructing your view. With Battlegrounds wallhacks, you can see who’s on the other side at all times!

PUBG NoSpread
NoSpread is the process of removing spread, which is only going to cause issues in a game like this. You need accuracy , and you need an abundance of it.

PUBG NoRecoil
Recoil messes with your accuracy as well, which is another problem many people deal with. Remove it with our awesome NoRecoil option.

PUBG Instant Kill
Instantly kill anything that stands in your way! Whether it be other players, bots, or anything of that nature; Instant Kill will have you covered.

PUBG 2D Radar
Radar, anybody? Our 2D radar is so great, there’s nothing that you won’t be able to spot.

Essential Cheat Features for PUBG

ESP (Enhanced Sensory Perception) Tools:
Dive deep into PUBG's expansive battleground with tools that amplify your in-game perception.

Players ESP: Sharpen your PvP engagements by effortlessly identifying rival players.
Vehicle ESP: Spot vehicles from a distance, aiding in both quick getaways and strategic ambushes.
Terrain ESP: Navigate PUBG's diverse landscapes by detecting advantageous positions and potential hideouts.
Loot ESP: Swiftly pinpoint high-tier gear, weapons, and equipment, ensuring you're always well-equipped.
Trap Detection: Stay a step ahead by spotting pre-set traps or ambush points set by adversaries.
Drop ESP: Identify incoming supply drops to gather elite gear before your rivals.
Item Highlighter: Effortlessly locate essential items scattered throughout the battleground, making loot collection systematic and efficient.
Aimbot Features:
Perfect your shooting capabilities with these enhancements.

Precision Lock Aimbot: Lock onto adversaries, making every bullet impactful.
Stealth Aimbot: Keep your shots looking natural and under the radar, avoiding detection.
Customizable FOV: Modify the aimbot's focus area to suit your playstyle.
FOV Indicator: A visual guide showing the active target range of your aimbot.
Smooth Aiming: Achieve seamless aim transitions, avoiding jerky movements.
Range Restriction: Limit your aimbot's operational distance, ensuring plausible shots.
Quick Toggle: Instantly activate or deactivate your aimbot with a dedicated key shortcut.
Targeted Shooting: Opt for specific hit points, whether you're going for lethal headshots or aiming to immobilize with body shots.
Visibility Check: Ensures shots are taken only when targets are genuinely visible, preventing unlikely hits.
Trajectory Prediction: Stay ahead by predicting enemy motions and adjusting shots accordingly.
Specialized Features:
Refine your PUBG gameplay with these unique tools.

Bullet Control: Minimize bullet spread and maintain tight shooting patterns.
Rapid Fire: Enhance your fire rate for quicker enemy takedowns.
Barrier Penetration: Ensure your bullets find their mark, even through certain obstacles.
Tactical Overlay: Utilize a 2D radar to monitor enemy and ally movements, refining your game strategy and awareness.

Aimbot Hack for PUBG

Aimbot emerges as a paramount tool in the universe of gaming enhancements, offering players unparalleled aiming finesse. Within the intense arenas of PUBG, the aimbot takes a transformative turn, sharpening your targeting skills and bestowing you with a distinctive advantage over adversaries.

Consider aimbot as your dedicated in-game marksman guide. It becomes instrumental in consistently nailing your shots, whether you're amidst heated close-quarter firefights or trying to make that perfect long-distance snipe. PUBG's vast battlefields become stages where every shot you make seamlessly resonates with your strategic intent, enabling you to dominate every engagement.

But it's not just about landing shots; it's about dictating the tempo of the battle. Every round you fire homes in with unparalleled precision, converting frenzied firefights into systematic tactical encounters. Collaborating with aimbot lets you transform unpredictable skirmishes into deliberate victories, ensuring every bullet counts. Even the most adept players will find it challenging to outmaneuver such exactness, cementing your dominance in the thrilling world of PUBG.

ESP & Wallhack Enhancements in PUBG

ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) stands out as a groundbreaking asset in the high-stakes battlegrounds of PUBG. It broadens your sightlines, revealing hidden adversaries and crucial loot. This amplified awareness is not merely decorative; it's a real tactical advantage, engineered to propel you ahead, enabling you to outmaneuver competitors and dominate the field.

Visualize navigating through PUBG's diverse and challenging landscapes with a secret asset: ESP. ESP demystifies what's ordinarily concealed, serving as a beacon as you maneuver treacherously. Ambushed opponents become visible, crucial gear becomes pronounced, and the mysteries of the map unfold. This enhanced vision transforms unpredictability into predictability, anchoring every decision you make in insightful strategy.

PUBG's vast and varied landscapes set the stage for your ESP-driven revelations. Each engagement refines your gameplay, furnishing you with a distinct advantage. However, ESP isn’t solely about visual enhancement; it’s about grasping opportunities, controlling confrontations, and scripting your success.

Wallhack, a staple in the repertoire of gaming tools, endows players with the ability to glimpse through obstacles, offering a significant tactical vantage point. In the intricate dynamics of PUBG, wallhack emerges as an essential tactical ally, guiding you through intricate terrains and shaping winning game plans.

Exploits and More: Elevating Your PUBG Gameplay

Beyond the foundational mechanics, PUBG unfolds a realm of exploits and features. These tools refine your gameplay, from outsmarting enemy radar to minimizing recoil and ensuring precise shots. Discover these elite features at PrivateCheatz for the definitive PUBG experience.

In an industry saturated with easily detectable cheats, PrivateCheatz emerges as a symbol of reliability. Our skilled development team crafts hacks that seamlessly dodge anti-cheat algorithms. PUBG's built-in defenses are no match for our sophisticated solutions, assuring you a seamless gaming experience.

What draws players to these enhancements? The pursuit of unmatched skills and dominance is the driving force. At PrivateCheatz, we acknowledge this dedication and present top-tier hacks at unbeatable prices. Our unwavering commitment to premium quality and value makes us the preferred choice for gaming edge-ups.

Opt for PrivateCheatz to ascend in your PUBG battles. Find the perfect fusion of excellence, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Visit PrivateCheatz today and embark on an unparalleled gaming odyssey.

PUBG Hacks in depth

Gamers of all calibers will tell you that this is a hard title to get good at. There are many instances of a person becoming decent, only to be shot down by another player who has been absolutely grinding their lives away. It takes a lot of time to become a great player, but with PUBG cheats, all you need to do is turn on your settings. They used to call it “toggle”, in the good old days! Whether you’re just trying to gain a slight upper hand through removals, or completely blast away anybody who steps your way with the ; our Battlegrounds hack will keep you wanting more and more.

This game is going to pit you up against hundreds of other players, some of which are going to be on the same team as one another. In order to make sure that you aren't just fresh meat being thrown to the wolves, it's always in your best interest to make use of Battlegrounds hacks. You'll spot enemies through solid surfaces with haste, allowing ambushes and sneak attacks to be set up as a result. Whatever it is that you're interested in pursuing, we have all of the PUBG cheats that you could dream of. Don't work with lackluster providers, as that's a quick way to find your account on the wrong end of a ban
All of the weapons have a different feel to them, which is why individuals are going to have somewhat of a preference. Some people are going to go for the sniper rifle almost immediately, while others will be more keen on finding an automatic rifle. With PUBG hacks on your side, it doesn't matter what kind of gun that you happen to have – it's always going to aim true.

You can spot your opposition through the walls with the walhack, and then toggle on your to unleash a devastating ambush. Headshot after headshot, you’ll be able to take out entire fields of players with your wrath.

The opposing team is going to stare in awe as you completely demolish them, and if you're playing a solo game, it's pretty much over for anybody else that walks through your path. There's no need to work on your aim, or even trying to understand the map – all you need to have is a stellar Battlegrounds cheat to work with.

Choosing the Correct PUBG Hack for Your Playing Style

PUBG Aimbot
The PUBG Aimbot hack is equipped with everything you would need to succeed. Smooth aiming, bone prioritization and penetration checks man an appearance; as well as many different automated functions. Instant Kill, a popular option, is available too!

Critical Distance Checks
Instant Kill
Advanced Bone
Auto Fire
Auto Knife
Visible Target Settings
Smooth Aiming
Penetration Checks
Bone Prioritization
Movement Prediction

Battlegrounds Wallhack (ESP)
With our Battlegrounds hacks, such as the Battlegrounds wallhack, you can dominate without too much stress. You’ll be able to see skeletons, player health and names, as well as explosions through walls – all of which can be colour coded to your liking.

Explosive’s ESP
Fully Configurable Colors
Player Box ESP
Weapons ESP
Player Distance ESP
Player Health ESP
Player Names ESP
Skeleton ESP
Supply Crate ESP

PUBG Removals
Sick and tired of seeing fog or smoke? How about sway, recoil and spread? Remove those from your gaming experience with our wonderful “Removals” tool! You can customize your gaming experience to the fullest.

No Fog
No Recoil
No Smoke
No Spread
No Sway

Battlegrounds Warnings are great, as they keep you aware of approaching individuals or dangers. If someone is aiming at you, a warning will appear as well; you can customize the messages that pop up to say whatever you’d like.

Aiming At You Warnings
Fully Configurable!
Proximity Alerts

Player Unknown Battlegrounds Anti-Cheat
With this Battlegrounds PlayerUnkown exploit, you are protected in regard to BattlEye. Video Proof and Spectator Protection are always readily available with every single cheat provided here!

Video Proof
Spectator Protection

Is PrivateCheatz the Best Hack PUBG Hack Provider?

While many people look towards PrivateCheatz for a lot of different hacks, PUBG hacks have remained one of the more popular ones that we offer. With that being said, we are constantly adding new hacks to the library and all of them are high in quality.

To keep things short, yes! We believe that Private Cheatz is the best hack provider that you're going to find on the internet today.

Anti-Cheat for PUBG Hacks?
PUBG is known to have a very strict anti-cheat protocol implemented within, but that's nothin that we won't be able to handle here at Private Cheatz. If you want to feel like you're safe while you are using PUBG hacks, you'll have to make use of the amazing tools that we develop here.

Not only will you be covered from the anti-cheat engines that they use in PUBG, but you'll also be secure from spectators and people trying to record you cheating.

How is Your PUBG Aimbot?
You need a great PUBG aimbot to be the best hacker possible, which is why we've gone above and beyond what most hack providers are used to. Our aimbot is equipped with plenty of features that will have you gunning people down left and right, as you can make use of stuff like bone prioritization and even Instant Kill.

The features that are implemented within our PUBG aimbot make it one of a kind, and that's something that all of our customers can attest to.

What About the PUBG ESP?
When one wants to make use of PUBG ESP's without worrying, you can count on Private Cheatz to take care of things. Wallhacks are only as good as the ESP options being offered to you, so when we say you have a wide variety to choose from, be happy about it! You can see the likes of player names and health bars, as well as explosion ESPs.
Can Using PUBG Hacks Get Me Banned?
The only way that you'll get banned while using PUBG hacks is if you don't purchase them from a reliable source (like us!). If you decide to use any of the free hacks that you find scattered throughout the internet, just know that it's almost a guaranteed way to find yourself banned. If you want to be safe, work with us.

What Exactly is a PUBG Aimbot
Aimbot tools were developed to help those that are, well, terrible at aiming. Shooter games will reward those who are better at aiming every single time, so if you can choose exactly where you want to shoot your enemies and have it automatically done, it's a massive advantage.

Why Use a PUBG ESP?
Using an ESP in PUBG is a major advantage because it allows you to see all sorts of stuff through solid surfaces. You don't need to worry about any potential ambushes that are sitting on the other side of walls, because you can just use your x-ray vision to spot potential threats in the area.

Who Has the Best PUBG Hacks?
There are plenty of places to go when you're looking for PUBG hacks, but the best ones available are right here at PrivateCheatz.

PUBG Hacks from Private Cheatz: What Makes Them So Good?

Hacks are always going to come in different shapes and sizes, especially when you're looking into PUBG cheats. While they are frowned upon in most circles using PUBG hacks is the easiest way to obtain your very first win in PUBG – a feat that most people are never able to achieve. Winning a match in PUBG is a feeling that cannot be replicated, which is why people take it upon themselves to use the likes of a PUBG aimbot.

Everybody isn't created equal within the realm of PUBG, as some people will have experience with other shooters and battle royale games that keep them ahead of the competition. Whether you're new to PUBG or just haven't made much improvement is irrelevant, as the PUBG cheats that we provide to you here at Private Cheatz will have you winning in no time at all.
Why is PUBG So Hard?
Few games on the market could deliver as difficult of experience as PUBG does. This is because you're not only relying on your skills as a gamer, but you're counting on randomness and luck to be in your favor as well. Certain places will offer you the best loot during a drop, but they are always going to be littered with enemies; not only that, but you might not even get to the good loot before everybody else.

PUBG mixes luck and skill and blends it into a relatively enjoyable experience, but there are times where you feel like you haven't got control over the game. This is why PUBG hacks (such as a PUBG aimbot or PUBG wallhack) have become so popular, as people are sick and tired of losing the majority of their games due to “poor luck”.

What PUBG Hacks Should I Look For?
If you want to mold yourself into a PUBG player that's going to obliterate the competition in every single server, you need to make use of PUBG hacks. Even just a PUBG ESP will allow you to see through solid surfaces and identify enemies before they even know where you're located! You can imagine as to why this is such a large advantage, seeing as you'll be able to prepare ambushes (and avoid them) at will.

Using a PUBG aimbot will give you a chance to relax a little bit while playing, since the tool is going to aim (and even shoot!) for you. You don't have to worry about your level of skill since the tool will elevate your game, allowing you to keep up with even the “sweatiest of sweats” - if you want to enjoy PUBG without dedicating your life to the craft, PUBG hacks are what you need.

The Best Features
Optimal hacks can always be obtained from here at Private Cheatz, but what's included within our infamous PUBG hack? You can expect to see the likes of a PUBG ESP and a PUBG wallhack, but what else is present within our PUBG cheat? The next portion of this article will cover the best features available within the PUBG cheat here at Private Cheatz, as well as what it can deliver on.

PUBG Aimbot
A PUBG aimbot will aim for you and shoot with 100% accuracy, which is more than every single person playing PUBG can say about themselves. As humans, we're bound to miss a shot or two at some point regardless of how good we are; the PUBG aimbot will never miss. When you know you aren't going to miss, there's no telling how far you can go.

PUBG wallhacks will come with PUBG ESP features allowing you to see almost anything you could imagine through solid surfaces. You'll be able to see the likes of player names, their health bars and an abundance of other ESP indicators. The best PUBG hacks on the web will always offer a PUBG ESP function, but they are not all created equal; some would argue that Private Cheatz has the best PUBG ESP that money can buy.

PUBG Warnings
When another player has the jump on you and you're unaware of their positioning, you can use the PUBG warnings function to keep you alert. A message will pop up on the screen whenever you are in immediate danger (someone is aiming at you or is close in proximity), which can also be customized to your liking.

All of these features are going to change the way you approach your PUBG matches, giving you an advantage that you never thought possible in the past. Are you ready to feel what it's like to be unstoppable in PUBG? If so, check out the Private Cheatz PUBG hacks today!

PUBG: Remaining Relevant for the Foreseeable Future

PUBG isn't a game that we take for granted by any means in modern times, as we know how much of an impact it had on the gaming industry. There are a lot of people who wouldn't dare touch any other genre of video game other than battle royale, because that's what they enjoy most. In a competitive setting, battle royale games have become adrenaline-inducing battles that leave you wanting more (except when you come in second place, of course). It's like they found the fine line between hating a game and loving it, only to balance every single battle royale title on it.

Do we want more of that? Of course, we do, because we are masochists who love getting screwed over 75% of the time. It's not like PUBG hacks are prevalent on consoles like Xbox One or PS4, but there are definitely times where I wish it was possible. Getting to the end of a match and fumbling your controller due to anxiety is a real thing, people!

With all of that being said, you would think that PUBG had finally met its match when games like Fortnite and Apex Legends were released. As it turns out, that isn't the case at all and people still love the game after all of these years.
pubg hack
Why Do People Still Love This Game?
As someone who has been gaming for a very long time, it's not very hard to see why people love the game so much. The game has a very intuitive combat system that rewards those who are skilled over those who are just learning the ropes and the map is massive, the fact that there are vehicles to use is like a cherry on top. It seems like there will always be new things to discover within the game and different ways to approach your matches, which is another reason why people keep on coming back for more.

PUBG is a unique experience that you cannot find anywhere else, and while a lot of development teams have tried to replicate the success that PUBG has found, it still doesn't feel the same. Apex Legends is the newest installment of many battle royale games that are being pumped out by large publishers (talking to you, Electronic Arts), so it's only a matter of time before another game gets regurgitated onto the market. While Apex Legends has found its own form of success, people are still playing PUBG and the servers are still thriving.

The Weapons
The weapons that you can make use of in the game are in abundance, which is yet another reason as to why people are so fond of the title. There's a little something in there for everybody! Whether you are a fan of sniping from afar or getting up close with a shotgun doesn't matter, since you'll be able to play however you'd like. Some of the most iconic weapons in the game would be the likes of:

And many, many more!

Those of you who are considered “gearheads” will love the sheer number of games and scopes available in the game, as it adds a level of replayability that most games fail to offer their players

The Map
The map is broad and offers a lot of terrains to cover, which means people are going to favor certain areas. You never know where to storm is going to start or finish, so it's like you're playing a brand new game every time through; that's more than likely why they worked so hard to give us a unique map equipped with so many locations. Some areas are going to offer you an abundance of loot but will come alongside danger, as most other players in the match are going to be thinking the exact same thing as you. The locations on PUBG that offer the most loot (and the most action!) would be:

Military Base
The School
Starting at these locations is a surefire way to land some great loot at the beginning of a game, but it can also lead to some close encounters with the enemy without a weapon if you aren't quick enough. Even an amazing PUBG hack couldn't load your inventory with all of the best weapons in the game!

Can't Stop, Won't Stop!
PUBG has become a cornerstone of sorts in the gaming world, so there's no telling how long people will keep on playing it. As long as gamers are enjoying what PUBG has to offer, you can bet your bottom dollar that PUBG hacks are going to be readily available – who knows, maybe you'll have to get some PUBG hacks of your own to keep up with the competition!

PUBG Mobile Hacks: Why You Need Them

Getting good at a video game like PUBG mobile is no easy feat, and it's a process that has crushed plenty of people in the past. Playing games on your phone or tablet has grown in popularity as of recent, mainly because they allow you to game on the go without any real need for a console. We all have smartphones (for the most part) these days, and that's why mobile titles will remain as popular as they currently are into the foreseeable future. PUBG Mobile is easily one of the highest rated mobile games that we've seen so far, and it only makes sense to pair it alongside some of the highest quality PUBG mobile hacks that money can buy.

Whether or not you need these hacks isn't something to discuss, because it's a hard game to play on a console – now take away the controller and imagine how difficult things are going to be. Some people will play with controller extensions and what not, but that isn't an ideal set-up for your average person. Why go through all of that when you can just buy a PUBG mobile aimbot and start wrecking the sweats that do?

What is a “PUBG Mobile Hack”?
These are tools that will make you better at the game immediately. There is no need to practice and no need to wait for a miracle, you'll be slaughtering just about everyone you come across with ease when you're using the right tools. Private Cheatz has many different tool options for you to make use of, such as the PUBG mobile aimbot or the PUBG mobile ESP. Both of these tools are absolute game changes and will allow you to approach your matches with a sense of victory before they have even started.

PUBG Mobile is different from the PC or console version in the sense that you're going to have less control over your avatar. That's why using tools that will aim for you is going to be beneficial, because the odds that everyone else you play against will have rocks for fingers is quite high.

Will I Get Caught?
To keep the answer short, no. You will never get caught when you make use of the PUBG mobile hacks that Private Cheatz produces. We have some of the most effective anti-cheat methods in effect that you could implement within a hack, as that's one of the main reasons people refuse to use them. Whenever there is a risk of getting banned, people will be a bit afraid (understandably so).

VAC and spectator protection are included within every single tool that we develop (when it applies, of course). Nobody will be able to tell that you're hacking by looking at you through the spectator menu, and the VAC anti-cheat process won't pick up the tools either. You can cheat with peace of mind, as you're not going to get outed like you would with other cheap PUBG mobile ESP alternatives.

PUBG Mobile Hacks Are a Click Away
Whether you're someone who wants to make a push at becoming a professional streamer, or you're just sick and tired of losing all of the time, our PUBG mobile hacks turn you into one of the most seasoned veterans your opponents will ever face. If you haven't gotten that elusive first win our tools are almost guaranteed to get it done, unless you can't be helped – then again, we like to think that our tools can help anyone (and everyone!).

PUBG: How Effective Are PrivateCheatz PUBG Hacks?

When you want to gain an upper-hand on the competition, there's only one way to go about do it: through the use of PrivateCheatz amazing PUBG hacks. There are plenty of hack providers out there, but not all of them are created equal. You don't want to purchase a hack from a lackluster source, only to realize you've essentially wasted your money on a poorly put together product. Even if the hack you obtain from a cheaper source happens to work, the odds of it being undetectable are quite slim. PUBG hacks can come in many different forms, but none of them will be able to match up with the PrivateCheatz version. Can you imagine what your games would be like if you had a stellar PUBG equipped? You'd be pop-shotting people to death left and right without a care in the world!

What Kind of PUBG Hacks Are Available?
The right PUBG hack will not only allow you to flourish in any server you join, but it will give you the confidence needed to approach every match with a killer instinct. PUBG is a massive game that has you battling against 99 other people in a world filled to the brim with guns, so sporting a PUBG aimbot is going to make things much easier. Some of the most popular PUBG hack options would be:

PUBG Aimbot – Using a PUBG aimbot will ensure that your shots are on target every single time. This is an ideal tool to use, even if you have decent accuracy on your shots regularly. Nothing will beat the pin-point accuracy of a PUBG aimbot.

PUBG ESP (Wallhack) – Using a PUBG ESP will allow you to be psychic in a sense, as you'll be able to identify any potential threats through a solid surface (way before they will be able to see you). Setting up an ambush or actively avoiding one for yourself has never been this straightforward.

PUBG 2D Radar – A proper PUBG hack such as the 2D radar will keep you informed of enemy locations, which is important for a few different reasons. You'll be able to let your teammates know about the opposing teams' positions, as well as just develop a feel for where everybody is located in general.

How Does a PUBG Aimbot Work?
You're responsible for the settings associated with our PrivateCheatz hacks, so as long as your settings are in order, you'll be able to dominate without breaking a sweat. The PUBG aimbot works as you tell it to – if you prefer to just land headshots for the entire game, we can make that happen. If you wanted to make things seem a bit more realistic (keeping your hacking capabilities low-key is always ideal), you can set it up so that you aren't just sniping people in the head. Switch up with some body shots or just use the “Instant Kill” function to stop messing around; regardless of what you do, a PUBG aimbot is going to change the way you play the game in its entirety.

What's the Deal With the PUBG ESP?
The PUBG ESP tool will allow you to see through solid surfaces and identify enemies with haste. You'll be able to see not only their player models, but also other pieces of information (such as how much health they have left or even just their display names). You might be looking for a specific player to troll, or maybe you just enjoy knowing more about your victims; whatever the case is, a proper PUBG ESP will allow both you and your teammates to abolish the opposing team.

While most people have absolutely no idea where to start on their hacking journey, you've got a general idea. You know what the hacks do and how they can help, now it's simply a matter of applying them for yourself!

Using a PUBG Hack the Right Way – Learn How to Win With Ease!

When it comes to the actual application of the many PUBG hacks we offer up here at Private Cheatz, you may not know where to begin your journey. As a novice hacker, you'll need to learn the ropes as fast as you can; that's the only way you'll be able to hack with peace of mind. When you cut corners and just try to jump right into the hacking process, you might be easy to figure out – if there's one thing you need to develop in regards to your hacking skills, it has to be the component of surprise.

pubg hack
When you want to learn how to hack PUBG, you've got to willing to throw out any old information pertaining to hacks that you may have. Hacks are quite advanced these days, and as a result, you are going to have to adapt alongside them. This article is not only going to talk about which tools are most effective for PUBG (like the PUBG wallhack or PUBG aimbot), but also how you can go about using them in the safest manner possible.

Hacking is a thorough process, one that takes a lot of time and accuracy to understand completely. While you will always be able to jump right in with our amazing PUBG mobile hacks and start blowing some heads off, it never hurts to understand just how a specific set of tools works. It's one thing to just be messing around with some cheap software, but when you spend good money on a fantastic PUBG hack (like the ones at Private Cheatz!) you don't want to be selling yourself short.

What Hacks Should You Use?
When you're working with a good PUBG hack PC based, you'll begin to rely on it – some people tend to rely on them a little too much, as sometimes a PUBG mobile hack can become completely useless through updates and other means. Private Cheatz has hacks that are consistently updated, meaning they will never fall short of the mark. If you buy a PUBG aimbot from Private Cheatz, the updates will ensure that it works from now until the end of time; well, maybe not the end of time, but you get where we are going with this.

If one is looking to hack PUBG, they need to be able to have faith in the tools that they've spent their hard-earned money on. Using tools that are produced by poorly put together development teams will never last the pressure of a public server. PUBG is incredibly skill based, and if you aren't able to develop those skills efficiently, you're going to be the punching bag in every single match. There are three main types of hacks that you'll want to consider using, those of which would be:

PUBG Aimbot
The right PUBG aimbot is going to change the way you approach your daily endeavors online. You will no longer be the sniffling novice who is just trying to scrape by every single match; instead, you are now a killing machine without a care in the world. A proper PUBG aimbot will not only allow you to collect headshots with the click of a button, but they will allow you to target other portions of the body as well.

A good hacker knows that getting a headshot kill every single time is going to be a dead giveaway, which is why you need to switch it up. Be unpredictable with your settings and try to make it a little less obvious – the smoother you are with your hacking capabilities, the better! In regards to the most popular PUBG Hacks that money could buy, the Private Cheatz PUBG aimbot is truly one of the greatest tools you're going to come across.

When using a PUBG wall hack, you have the ability to see through solid surfaces. You might not think that it's a very important feat right now, but if you've played the game in the past there will be an understanding as to why that's so important. Getting the "drop" on someone has never been as crucial as it is within PUBG, this is a title that is based on how long you can survive in a game that stacks you up against 99 other people (in most cases). Hacking a PUBG ESP at your disposal will ensure that not only will enemies never be able to sneak up on you, but it will also ensure that you can plan ambushes of your own.

This tool allows you to see player models, names and even their health bars – this is all useful information that you can use to gauge whether or not you want to attack. Realistically, if you're using our PUBG aimbot there's nobody on the planet who will be able to aim faster than you. The only time you'll be defeated when using this amazing combination is if someone is also using Private Cheatz tools within your server; even then, it just means they have experience with their settings.

With the right settings and tools at your disposal, there isn't anybody online that will be able to match up with your firepower.

PUBG Anti-Cheat
The PUBG anti-cheat portions of any tool are arguably the most important, and while they don't seem to be the most popular, they could still be considered exactly that as well. Without proper anti-cheat efforts, your PUBG hack days would be short-lived. The servers would figure out that you're hacking quite quickly and you would get banned accordingly – there are even instances where people have been banned from their gaming platforms completely for hacking. It's against the rules to hack, and as a potential hacker, you've got to know that. You cannot blame the company that sells the hack, that is unless there was a poor PUBG anti-cheat process put into place.

Thankfully, Private Cheatz will never provide their customers with a lackluster anti-cheat effort for their PUBG hacks. That's a death sentence in most cases, and only the cheap/low-tier hacking developers are willing to cut corners in that manner.

The Hacking Process

Learn to Be Subtle
When it comes to the actual hacking process, you have to understand that you can't just crank all of the settings up and go out to play in a few public servers. Nobody is going to stop you from doing exactly that, but don't be surprised when you get permanently banned on your main account for hacking. First of all, you should be hacking on secondary accounts – if that isn't your kind of thing, you've got to be willing to seriously tone down your settings. There is a term that is known as "toggling", which is when you turn your hacks on and off to hide the fact that you're cheating.

The best hackers on the planet are amazing when it comes time to toggle. They know how to do it quickly and they know exactly when it needs to happen; if you're playing in a professional gaming tournament with hacks, understanding this concept is a must. There are plenty of professionals who use our PUBG hacks during actual contests and tournaments, they are simply better than most when it comes to being subtle. If you can't use the toggle function to your advantage, things might start to get obvious.

You should also consider having your hack settings at a realistic level. Shooting every single person in the head almost as soon as you see them is going to be fishy, and while it will work in a random server you don't frequent, you don't want to be messing around in your favorite ones. Find a level of hack settings that allows you to dominate, but also won't make the use of hacks incredibly obvious.

Use Everything at Your Disposal
Since you're hacking anyways, you may as well use every single tool that you have your disposal. The likes of our PUBG 2D Radar and PUBG Aimbot are merely scratching the surface, as there are plenty of features and tools to be used within our Private Cheatz PUBG hacks. There's no difference in ban time when it comes to the number of hacks you are using, or even the specific hacks themselves. Hacking is hacking, no matter how you cut it – if you plan on using a PUBG aimbot, you may as well go above and beyond with the PUBG ESP (PUBG wall hack) too.

Private Cheatz also offers up the likes of PUBG warnings and removals as well, which are both functions that will allow you to excel in-game with ease. The removal function allows you to remove stuff that is going to impede your vision, or otherwise stop you from being the best player you could be. You'll be able to remove things like fog, smoke or even recoil/spread when it comes to shooting – essentially anything and everything annoying could be gotten rid of.

The PUBG warning function will warn you when somebody is taking aim on your player model, meaning that you could become unstoppable in a sense. An enemy player will think they have the drop on you until the warning sign pops up to let you know it's going down; that's when you turn around with the speed of a God and riddle them with bullets.

Destroy the Competition!
Don't feel bad about destroying the opposing team, as this is a dog eat dog sort of title. Everybody on the map is gunning for you or any other player that they can lay their eyes on, so don't feel bad for completely demolishing an entire server or team. Destroy the competition at will and have fun while you're doing it – there's no telling how salty your opponents are going to get. It's a competitive title and getting a win is almost as rare as finding a good player who isn't toxic within the PUBG community, so enjoy every single victory that our PUBG hack allows you to produce.

Conclusion – PUBG Hacks Are Amazing When They're Approached Properly
Having a PUBG hack could make or break you, in the sense that there will always be an opportunity to win a game when you have them active. If you've completely ignored the advice that we've talked about throughout this article, that's on you. Getting banned is quite easy when you're hacking, which is why we always give our clients so many warnings. PUBG hacks can allow you to enjoy the game like you never thought possible, as developing the skills needed to be a dominant PUBG player take a lot of time and effort.

If you lack both the time and effort needed to develop these skills, hacks are the answer. That's the reason as to why hacks are such a popular choice among PC gamers, as the skills needed to compete with some of the "sweats" (the players who take the game a little too seriously) online don't come easy. Then again, cheating to win could be considered a sweaty move as well, so we'll just go ahead and give them a break this time around.

With a stellar PUBG aimbot and ESP hack PUBG based on your side, you won't be stopped; people will tremble in your presence once they see you've taken out about 25% of the server already. Just remember all of the tips and tricks that we've talked about in this piece and you should be fine. If you're one of those individuals who gets a bit grandiose and goes overboard, there's nobody to blame but yourself.

What are you waiting for? You know what it takes to become one of the best PUBG players to ever grace the face of our planet, so get out there and get to hacking! Some would say that hacking takes no skill at all, but that's debatable – hacking without getting caught might be one of the most skillful things a PC gamer could accomplish.

PUBG Interactive Map Guide

Understanding the map in a game like PUBG is not only going to give you an advantage over other players, but even your teammates as well. Knowing where to go for all of the best loot will allow you to lock and load quickly, getting into the fight without wasting any time at all. It's a known fact that the best PUBG players know the map like the back of their hands, as in most cases, it's their job to do so. When you want to be a dominant PUBG player, you have to start from the ground up; that's why we're diving into an interactive map guide today.

There are currently two main maps on the PUBG servers to play on, those being Erangel and Miramar. Both of these maps have many different spawn locations to look at, as well as vehicle and “combat zones” regions. When you know where the vehicles can spawn at any given time, you'll know how to loot in the most effective manner possible. You won't be stuck in the storm, trying to claw your way out and back into the circle – then again, if you've got our PUBG hacks at your disposal, you may not even make it to the first circle before you get that win.

Air Drops
Air drops will offer up some of the best weapons in the game, but they are random (for the most part). There isn't going to be a set area that always have air drops coming down, as that would essentially create a funnel for people to just die inside of. That'd be nice if you had our PUBG , as it would just be a killing frenzy; but one can continue to dream I suppose. Air drops are always nice and the second you hear a plane fly over your head, you should try and pin-point the drop location.

Just remember that when you're going for a drop, the odds are that there will be others going for it too. There are great guns in there, so of course it's going to be a challenge. Although, with a PUBG wallhack, you'll never need to worry about a sneak attack. Nothing beats good old fashioned PUBG wall hacks!

While there are other areas that would be considerably more popular, we'll take a look at three of them: Sosnovka Island, Underground Bunker and Georgopol. Use any of the interactive map features to see where the spawns are located, and take note of it!

Sosnovka Island – Although this island shouldn't be considered as anything unique, but the military base located on it is what you want to be targeting. When you get there, awesome weapons are sure to be had; the Player's Unknown Battlegrounds hack user is going to jump with joy at that point. It can be far away from the circle though, and getting out of the base without dying can be a challenge at times.

Georgopol – While it looks quaint and civilized from the outside, Georgopol is the complete opposite. It does contain some of the best loot you'll ever find in the game, making it one of the most popular drop spots around (also making it a bloodbath from the get go). People will be going to Georgopol, whether the flight path of the plane calls for it or not.

Underground Bunker – While this location still houses some of the best equipment that you can find in the game (like the infamous Military Vest and Helmet combination, as well as many of the finest guns in the game). There are a few different tunnels for players to squirm through like little rats, making the PUBG ESP (lengthily known as the Player Unknown's Battlegrounds wallhack) a viable option here.

Miramar is the second map that we're going to be looking at, as knowing both maps is bound to make you a better PUBG player (whether you like it or not!). When you an for PUBG, but don't understand both maps and their spawn points, you may be jumping the gun a little bit. Then again, who are we to say? Do whatever you'd like! Miramar is looked at as being the desert map, while Erangel is the map that has much more of a “forestry” feeling to it.

The starting location is also a portion of the map itself, with the game slapping you inside of the prison before you actually drop. It's hard to split this map up into portions, but we're going to try and do it anyways.

Pecado – Pecado is a region that you'll find located to the Northwest of Los Leones, riding alongside a ridge. It's packed to the brim with amazing loot, and there are many interesting places for you to look at all the way throughout. The boxing portion of this region has an abundance of level-three gear available, making it optimal for those using the best player unknown battlegrounds hacks (the best gear for the best hacks!).

Campo Militar – Did you actually think that they were going to remove the military base in this map? While it isn't the exact same, this particular military base is still keeping that fire burning. You can find Campo Militar in the absolute Northwestern corner of the map, and if you're able to come out on top there, you'll have all the gear you could ever ask for.

San Martin – The San Martin Mountains are an area that will not only give you tons of cover, but offer up an amazing amount of loot as well. Take into account the fact that you can swivel through this area and hop up onto shelves/water tanks that contain loot, and you've got a drop spot to fall in love with. Battlegrounds hacks will take you far, but a great drop will help kick it up a notch.

There are a lot of things to remember when it comes to players PUBG, but knowing the map will always remain a top priority. Well, that and ensuring that you've got the best playerunkown's battlegrounds hack on your side.

PUBG Advanced Guide

Just when you think you've got a grasp on the game, another win gets taken out from right under you. Sure, there are 99 other players to worry about, but you're better now; you've won your fair share of games so far and there's simply no way you should have lost that previous one. Mastering the game that has you testing every single portion of your survival instincts takes plenty of time and effort, but PUBG hacks would make the entire situation a breeze. Can you imagine what your games would be like if you had a stellar PUBG equipped? You'd be pop-shotting people to death left and right without a care in the world!

If you want opponents to moan and grovel whenever they see your name in the kill feed, you'll have to understand the mechanics of PUBG beforehand. Once you've looked at our beginner's and intermediate guide for PUBG (and checked out all of the amazing Player's Unknown Battleground hacks you can use), you can use this guide to finally realize your true potential. Being the best at any shooting game requires a lot of hand-eye coordination, but you can eliminate that for the most part – you just need to be using reliable (and undetactable) PUBG hacks.

Check Your Corners
Checking your corners should be something that becomes second nature. There is bound to be a few cowards hiding in the corners of houses, that's just a matter of fact – campers may seem like they are the cockroaches of the PUBG world, but they're really just free kills for you and your teammates. Whenever you're on your guard going around corners, you'll be ready for a fight; this doesn't mean that you'll kill them every single time though. If you wanted to ensure that you would have a kill shot on your opponent around every single corner, you'll have to not only develop the habit of aiming around them, but also make use of a Player's Unknown Battleground . If you aren't cheating, you aren't trying!

Conserve Your Ammunition
Only a noob is going to waste their ammo on a team that's too far away for any sort of engagement. Ammunition can become scarce in the PUBG world, especially when you're playing a game of squads or duos – you'll have to keep track of the ammo count in regards to every player on your team. When you're just firing at will and not picking your shots, you're not only giving your position away, but you're wasting ammo in the process.

Did You Hear That?
Sound is going to play a massive role in how successful you are in PUBG. If you can't use sound to your advantage, somebody else will, and it will probably be the difference in your battle. Many people rummage through buildings without a care in the world at first, especially if they've been landed for a few minutes already. When you get comfortable and start to loot without worry, you need to keep your wits about you in another fashion. You can't look around and see if people are coming up to you, but you can still hear them! The footstep system in PUBG is relatively intuitive, and allows you to hear enemies by both distance and location (when they're further away, the footsteps will be quieter; upstairs or downstairs).

A great pair of headphones will take you a long way when it comes to the sound aspect of PUBG, but then again, a PUBG ESP hack would make it so you never need to worry about it.

Knowing when (and more importantly, how) to use vehicles in PUBG is a critical component of the game, as without a vehicle, you cannot cover a lot of ground. There will be times where you drop in and happen to land just outside of the circle, and then there will be times when it seems as if you are an entire continent away. Vehicles are in the game for a reason, and there are a lot of people who have managed to “master” them in a sense. They allow you to not only cover ground, but move quickly and keep attackers on their toes. Some of the best vehicle users would tell you vehicles are good for:

Transport – Transporting yourself or your teammates into the circle is the top priority in this game. If you aren't in the circle when you storm is brewing, you'll take damage until your eventual death. Avoid that if possible, please.

Cover – Using vehicles as cover can be smart in some scenarios, especially if it's all you have to work with. Be aware though that vehicles can (and will) blow up when they've taken enough damage, and if you're close enough, you're going to blow up with it.

Attacking – Attacking with vehicles is much smarter than people would like to admit. The sheer number of times that I've been hit by a car in the middle of an intense firefight is also more than I would to admit. They're fast and they're deadly, but remember that people can still shoot you out of the drivers seat.

When it comes to bikes, well, just remember to bring a lot of painkillers.

Use These Tips to Dominate the Competition!
If you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to be an absolute beast in your favorite video game, these tips are surely going to put you on the right path. When you've finally become an advanced PUBG player, you can take it to brand new heights with the battlegrounds hacks available on PrivateCheatz.

Whether you're interested in a PUBG wallhack, an for PUBG or anything else that has to do with tools (or hacks) for battlegrounds, you know that there's a reliable source of them right here. There won't be any player in any server on the planet that will be able to test you; that is, until you come across another person using our battlegrounds hack!

PrivateCheatz delivers one-of-a-kind goods and customer support that you won't find anywhere else. The exploit kit market is extremely competitive, and we're constantly searching for new ways to develop and keep on the cutting edge of technology in order to deliver the best possible results for our customers.

Guides like this give a detailed analysis on the hacking world in a very open, honest and accessible manner, so that you won’t have to scour through obscure and obscene forums to find something worth its salt. Installing cheats and changing their parameters is far from easy, but we aim to change that.

In terms of scale, versatility, and stealth, what we have on the market is unrivalled in consistency. You will find that our website has a wealth of tools that are similarly detailed and are updated on a regular basis to ensure that anti-cheat security is in the dark about what we do.

Exclusive PUBG Hacks from 

There are a few reasons why you should get your cheats from us instead of the competition. We’d argue that the main reason is simple value for money. When you buy our cheat packs, you get a wide range of cheats for a much more affordable price than you’d get them anywhere else.

We try to make our cheats as affordable as possible to ensure that the widest range of people has access to hacks. We don’t think that someone’s financial situation should stop them from being able to enjoy the games that they love so much, and we also believe in providing a quality product for the money.

That’s why we work with the best cheat development teams to reduce the chances of you getting caught or running into game-breaking glitches while you’re cheating. When you install one of our cheats, you’ll be able to feel the quality in your gameplay, as the cheats will be more responsive and less bug-ridden.

Our hand picked PUBG Hacks

PUBG Hacks, Aimbot, Norecoil, ESP, Wall Hacks & More

PUBG: Hyperion Hack

Learn More

Windows 10/11
Intel & AMD CPU's
HWID Locked


  • Enemy ESP (box, lines)
  • Enemy info(position/health bars)
  • items ESP with filters


  • Legit Aimbot
  • visible checks
  • Aimbot FOV
  • Smoothness
  • Aim keys customizable
  • aim bone customizable

Special Options

  • Recoil compensator
  • spectator counter
  • 2D radar

PUBG: Intel Hack

Learn More

Windows 10 (build 1909~21H2)
Virtualization must be enabled
Intel CPU Only
HWID Locked


  • Team/friendly check
  • Bones
  • Health
  • Distance
  • Visibility checks
  • Smart Item ESP


  • Visibility checks
  • Bone selection
  • Humanized smoothing
  • Lock target
  • FOV
  • Multiple aimbot keys
  • Memory or mouse aimbot

Special Options

  • RCS (Recoil Control System)
  • Customise Kick
  • Customise Recoil
  • Radar

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the differences between the hacks?
Every hack is different because they tend to be made by different teams of developers. Each cheat developer has their own style or approach, with some focusing on providing the user with as many misc. mods as possible. On the other hand, some cheat developers would rather focus on eliminating glitches in their product.
Q2. What is Aimbot smoothness?
Aimbot smoothness is an option that you can use to control the speed with which your aimbot snaps to an enemy target. If you want to get rid of the traditional aimbot jerkiness, then turning up the smoothness will let you do so. Keep in mind that this will result in a moderate reduction in your aimbot’s effectiveness.
Q3. What is Radar Hack?
Radar hacks allow you to keep track of everyone around you by using a small overlaid minimap with enemy markers permanently outlined on it. Many gamers like to combine this with an ESP so they have both a 2D and a 3D idea of where their opponents are waiting for them.
Q4. What is No Recoil hack?
Since some PUBG guns have immense recoil coupled with great damage, the no recoil cheat allows you to make the most of these weapons. Instead of having to wait for your recoil to reset after each shot, a no recoil mod will allow you to fire pinpoint accurate shots in full auto mode.
Q5. Are PUBG hacks safe to use?
No hack is 100% safe to use, but we ensure that our hacks are undetected before we sell them to our customers. If a cheat ends up getting detected by anti-cheat, rest assured that you’ll be the first one that knows. We’ll send you an email letting you know that you should disable your cheats if you don’t want to get caught using them. Otherwise, our hacks are pretty safe.
Q6. What happens if I get banned using your cheats?
Since it’s so hard to get banned using these cheats, you typically won’t have to worry about it happening unless you make the mistake of configuring your cheats too aggressively. In these cases, you may end up getting manually banned due to a large number of player reports. In any case, we’re never responsible for the loss of your account.
Q7. Where can I download the PUBG cheat loader?
The PUBG cheat loader is included in the email that we send you when you make your purchase. This email will also include the details of your transaction and some instructions that you can follow to install the cheats as smoothly as possible.
Q8. Do you offer customer service?
All of our paying customers have access to our customer service line, allowing them to get support with one of their products as soon as possible. All of our customer service reps are well-versed in our industry, ensuring that you’ll get expert advice at every turn.
Q9. What is Hwid locked loader?
HWID locked loaders are designed to ensure that they can only be used once on a single machine because they lock themselves to that unique HWID. This is an anti-piracy measure to ensure that our loaders can’t be spread around the PUBG community at large after only a single person paid for them. For obvious reasons, this would be economically unsustainable.
A9. HWID locked loader does not allow you to use the same cheat across different devices. By activating the serial key in the Hack’s loader, you can lock your cheat on your PC. Thus, sharing the cheat on another device will cause an error. This maintains the privacy of our cheats and prevents players from sharing them with their friends.
Q10. Do I need a hwid spoofer?
Cheating without an HWID spoofer is a most dangerous game, and if you don’t mind your whole computer being eventually banned from PUBG, then you can go without one. In all other cases, you’ll want to use an HWID spoofer to ensure that you dodge a hardware ban if you ever get caught.

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