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By Zack Zwiezen – Last Updated: July 16th, 2024

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There used to be a time when competitive, team-based shooters were the main game that everyone would play. Of course, the release of Call of Duty Vanguard this year shows that games of this type aren’t necessarily dead, but they’ve taken a backseat to the battle royale revolution that occurred throughout the mid- to late-2010s.

In fact, a huge factor that started the battle royale revolution was the release of PUBG, also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. PUBG made it clear that a battle royale game was realistic, and it blended elements of realism to make it a hardcore experience the likes of which players hadn’t yet seen.

However, PUBG has gotten old since it was released, and the game is actually slated to switch over to a free-to-play model very soon. This has players talking about the future of the series, and there have already been a few very popular spinoffs of PUBG, though mainly in the mobile space.

These include PUBG Mobile, which is one of the largest mobile games ever made, as well as PUBG: New State, which is a spinoff/sequel to the mobile version of the game. New State features a futuristic setting, though the gameplay is roughly similar to PUBG Mobile. However, players are truly looking for a worthy successor to PUBG.

This is where PUBG 2 comes into the picture. So far, the developers have stated that PUBG 2 is going to be unlike PUBG: New State for consoles, which is something that gamers were concerned about. Rather, it seems like PUBG 2 is going to continue where PUBG left off, and it will likely have a similar contemporary setting.

Another interesting thing about PUBG 2 is that it’s not the first attempt to make a sequel to this beloved battle royale. There was originally work being done on a different sequel to PUBG, but that ended up being scrapped. There are theories that part of the team that was working on the first sequel has now been transferred to this one.

What has been confirmed so far is that PUBG 2 is going to be using Unreal Engine 5, so it will look a lot more realistic and have far better reflections than the current game. Some have theorized that the game that Krafton is currently working on, codenamed X1, is going to be PUBG 2.

Krafton has stated that PUBG 2 is slated to be released by 2022, but whether the game will come out in early 2022 or late 2022 still remains to be seen. What we do know is that PUBG players all around the world are excited to see where the next chapter of the famous battle royale series will end up taking them.

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Why use PUBG 2 Hacks

PUBG’s developers have put a lot of work into ensuring that the game’s anti-cheat is up to par, largely because of the reputation that PUBG has developed throughout its lifespan. When people point to games that have too many hackers in them, PUBG is one of the first names that pops up.

In fact, PUBG even saw a notable decline in its player numbers because of the reputation that the game developed related to its hackers. This led to Krafton taking a renewed stance against hackers and making it a lot harder to use aimbot PUBG cheats, but hack developers are a resourceful bunch and they usually find a way.

However, since PUBG is now moving into the free-to-play space, it will need to have renewed anti-cheat, and Krafton is aware of that. They’ve already mentioned how they’re reinforcing the game’s anti-cheat so that it will be a lot harder for people to hack the game, and many of these lessons are going into PUBG 2’s anti-cheat development, as well.

If Krafton implements everything that they’ve learned throughout PUBG’s lifespan in PUBG 2’s anti-cheat system, then it will be significantly harder to hack the sequel. There are plenty of new anti-cheat systems that they’re relying on, ranging from automated detection to community moderation.

It’s likely that PUBG 2 is going to implement hardware bans to make it impossible for cheaters to use the same computer that they get caught hacking on without an HWID spoofer. This means that hackers will have to be smarter about using cheats unless they want to get locked out of the game permanently.

Along with that, more and more sophisticated kernel-based anti-cheat solutions are being developed all around the gaming industry, but it remains unsure if we’ll see that kind of anti-cheat being used in PUBG 2. Kernel systems are still distrusted by the gaming community at large because of their potential privacy concerns.

Finally, it’s certain that PUBG 2 is going to feature community reporting and moderation for hackers, as this is one of the easiest ways to catch cheaters. If someone is obviously hacking and they get reported by a huge number of players, then their gameplay is reviewed by a game master and then banned if there’s evidence of hacking.

What PUBG 2 hack should you use on release?

The first thing you’ll need to do before you decide to go out and get your hands on some PUBG 2 hacks is to decide what kind of hacks are going to work best for you. You’ll have a choice of many different cheats, and picking out the proper cheats will allow you to tweak your gameplay experience to your liking.

Picking out the wrong hacks, on the other hand, may not even help you out as much as you were expecting, so you’ll need to make sure that you do your research in advance. Some hacks are meant for more aggressive players while other hacks are designed for players that like to sit back and take their time.

For example, if you’re the type of PUBG 2 player that likes to run headlong into combat, then you probably won’t benefit too much from a radar hack. In a case such as this one, we’d highly recommend using something like an aimbot that will allow you to kill your enemies like you’re a Terminator.

However, if you like to hang back and don’t get into too many engagements over the course of a match, then you probably won’t get the most out of an aimbot. However, using an ESP, no recoil or a radar hack will allow you to track your enemies around the map and ensure that they don’t get too close to you.

One of the best things about battle royale games is that you can play them the way you want to, and this gives you some versatility when it comes to choosing the best hacks for your needs. You’ll also want to account for more than just the kinds of cheats you’ll be using in PUBG 2, however.

There are various kinds of hack packages that will change how you experience your hacks, including external cheat sets and internal cheat sets. Internal cheats tend to have better performance, making them more suitable for hacks like aimbots, but they can be easier for anti-cheat to detect.

External cheats, on the other hand, will be harder for anti-cheat to figure out you’re using, but they’ll also have worse performance for more hands-on cheats like aimbots. However, external hacks are perfectly suitable for cheats like radar hacks and ESPs, so pick based on what hacks you know you’ll be using.

PUBG 2 Aimbot, when to use it

A PUBG aimbot hack is going to be one of the more noticeable hacks that you can use because it will typically make your aim more robotic, but it will also be laser-accurate. These cheats are perfect for players who may not have the most refined aim but still want to be able to beat enemies in straight up fights.

Aimbots work by taking info from the game client about where your enemies are located and then using that info to lock your crosshair to that spot, no matter where your enemy goes. This means that no amount of strafing or dodging will allow your enemy to evade your aim once you’re locked.

Aimbots allow you to alter how they function in a range of different ways, including by altering their aimbot smoothness. Aimbot smoothness allows you to determine how smoothly your aimbot locks on to targets by altering the speed with which the aimbot tracks targets, with a lower smoothness setting going faster.

There is also the aimbot FOV setting that will determine the field of view in which your aimbot operates. For example, if you set your aimbot FOV to 90, it will only operate in a forward-facing 90-degree cone to ensure that it doesn’t end up locking on to enemies that you couldn’t even see.

Cover checks and allied checks allow you to make it so that your aimbot doesn’t stay locked on to enemies through either cover or your allies. Failing to activate these checks could make it obvious that you’re using an aimbot because you’ll still be tracking your targets when you can’t see them.

PUBG 2 Wallhack with ESP

A PUBG ESP hack or a PUBG wall hack is a cheat that is designed to let you see through walls so you have a better idea of how the match is progressing. Exactly what you can see through those walls depends entirely on the type of ESP you’re using, as there are many different varieties.

However, the most common form of wall hack or ESP is an enemy ESP, which lets you see the positions of enemies around you. This will allow you to avoid getting surprised by those enemies as they work their way around the map and it will let you choose how you engage or avoid them.

For example, if you’re playing it safe, you can use your ESP so that you avoid your enemy’s path and survive while they simply move further towards the final showdown. On the other hand, since you know where that enemy is, you can instead fire at them and get a pretty easy ambush kill while they’re moving past you.

Keep in mind that there are other kinds of ESPs, as well, including item ESPs that will allow you to keep track of all of the loot around the map. This will let you get your hands on the most powerful weapons and equipment nearly as soon as you drop into a match so that you can easily beat your opponents.

Most ESPs will also have a customizable maximum range that you can alter so that your screen doesn’t end up getting cluttered with all of the enemies and items that are all around the map. This can also help cut down on the lag that your ESP causes as it doesn’t have to render as much.

What is a Radar hack for pubg 2?

Radar cheats are similar to ESP hacks because they let you see the positions of your enemies and potentially even the items that are around you. The key difference is that a radar hack displays things entirely differently. While an ESP shows you things through walls, a radar hack projects a small radar screen over your HUD.

Radar cheats have a pretty large degree of customization that they afford you, allowing you to alter their size and opacity so that you can still retain a good amount of situational awareness. You can also customize the symbols used to represent enemies and items on the ESP, including their shape and color.

Radar cheats are pretty hard to detect, much like ESPs, especially if you opt for a cheat package that is external.

PUBG 2 Hacks how will it benefit you?

If you’re trying to figure out why people hack PUBG 2 in the first place, there are quite a few reasons, and we can’t exactly sum them all up in a few paragraphs. Instead of trying to address every reason why people cheat, we’re going to look at some of the most common ones to try and provide you with an explanation.

First off, the most common reason why people hack in games like PUBG 2 is that it makes it easier for them to win. Keep in mind that not everyone has the time to get great at a video game. A lot of us have jobs, kids, and other responsibilities that only let us play games from time to time.

Sadly, this means that many gamers will never reach the heights of players who have hours upon hours to spend on their favorite games. By using cheats, these players can make it easier to compete with other players who have thousands of hours while they may only have dozens of hours.

However, it’s not all about winning, as some people like to merely stretch the limits of what they can accomplish in their game of choice. For example, some games have noclip cheats that will allow you to walk through walls as if you were a ghost, allowing you to explore hidden areas.

Finally, some people just like to cause chaos, and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of trolling in an online game. It’s always hilarious to see how much salt people have when they think you’re hacking, and being able to repeatedly destroy them without them having a chance of getting back at you can make for hours upon hours of endless fun.

Exclusive PUBG 2 Hacks from PrivateCheatz

After all of this, you may be wondering what sets our cheats apart from those that you’ll get from our competitors. The first thing is that we actually care about our customers and we like to foster a cheating community, unlike many other cheat sites that will be more than happy to take your money and run.

To this end, PrivateCheatz produce quality hacks that will withstand the test of time and will result in a great gaming experience for you. Trust us, we’re also gamers and we understand how frustrating it can be to use cheats that make your game a glitchy, buggy mess, so we’d never force our customers to endure that.

Another great thing about our cheats is that they tend to be a lot more affordable than the ones available from the competition. We believe that everyone should be able to cheat so that it’s a level playing field, instead of letting wallet warriors be the only ones who can have a good time playing PUBG 2.

Our hand picked PUBG 2 Hacks

PUBG 2 Hacks, Aimbot, Norecoil, ESP, Wall Hacks & More

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the differences between the hacks?
Every PUBG 2 hack is different because they are mostly developed by different teams of cheat makers. This means that anything from the cheats themselves to the compatibility of the cheat package can vary based on the hack that you select. Be sure to carefully go over the details of each cheat before you select one so that you don’t end up getting disappointed by the wrong hack.
Q2. What is Aimbot smoothness?
Aimbot smoothness is one of the more useful settings that you’ll want to adjust when you set up your aimbot. This setting allows you to make your aimbot look more or less human by essentially limiting its effectiveness. For example, when you turn up your aimbot smoothness setting, your aimbot will snap to targets more slowly but it will look less like you’re cheating, making you less likely to get caught or reported.
Q3. What is Radar Hack?
Radar hacks are cheats that allow you to learn more about the battlefield and enemy dispositions by projecting a small display over your HUD that essentially acts as a minimap. The difference is that enemy positions are always highlighted on this minimap, making enemies much easier to find, which can be crucial in a battle royale like PUBG 2.
Q4. What is No Recoil hack?
No recoil hacks are cheats that do exactly what you expect them to, which means they cut out recoil entirely and make it easier for you to keep your gun on target when firing on full auto. Keep in mind that these cheats are pretty noticeable by other players, so some no recoil hacks allow you to merely mitigate recoil instead of getting rid of it entirely.

Q5. Are PUBG 2 hacks safe to use?
PUBG 2 hacks are not inherently safe to use because hacking is something that can get you banned no matter what, but we try to make sure that our cheats are safer than most. We do this by hiring only the most talented cheat developers and by always keeping an eye out to make sure that our cheats haven’t been detected by anti-cheat programs. If a cheat does get detected, we’ll send you an email letting you know that you should disable that hack before you get banned.

Q6. What happens if I get banned using your cheats?
As we mentioned before, we take every precaution to make sure that you don’t get banned when you use our PUBG 2 cheats, but sometimes, it happens. If you do end up getting banned, whether it’s your fault or simply bad luck, you have to take full responsibility for your actions. We cannot be held accountable for you getting banned because it was your choice to use the cheats that resulted in your account getting banned in the first place.

Q7. Where can I download the PUBG 2 cheat loader?
The PUBG 2 cheat loader is not available to the public unless you purchase one of the cheats we have available. Leaving a download link available to the cheat loader would make it a lot easier for anti-cheat developers to reverse-engineer our hacks. Once you purchase one of our cheat packs, we’ll send you an email containing a link that you can use to download the PUBG 2 cheat loader.

Q8. Do you offer customer service?
Every one of our customers has access to our customer service department, which is staffed by trained reps that can answer any of your questions. For example, if you are wondering why your cheats won’t install, our reps will help guide you through the process. If you’re having issues with billing or paying for your cheats, they can also help you sort out any payment issues.
Q9. What is Hwid locked loader?
HWID locked loaders allow us to limit the spread of our cheat loaders through pirates and community members who did not pay for our hacks. What an HWID locked loader does is ensure that a cheat loader can only be used once. This allows us to protect our bottom line and keep developing cheats for you in the long run without bleeding money.

A9. HWID locked loader does not allow you to use the same cheat across different devices. By activating the serial key in the Hack’s loader, you can lock your cheat on your PC. Thus, sharing the cheat on another device will cause an error. This maintains the privacy of our cheats and prevents players from sharing them with their friends.
Q10. Do I need a hwid spoofer?
If you intend to cheat PUBG 2, then you may want to get your hands on an HWID spoofer. This will ensure that you don’t end up getting hardware banned if you get caught cheating. A hardware ban would prevent you from ever playing the game again on the same computer, meaning that you’d need an entirely new machine or another HWID spoofer to circumvent it.

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