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Three Cheats That Will Revolutionize Your Battlefield 2042 Experience

Most Battlefield players will tell you that you can win the game by simply PTFOing, but what if I told you there was a different way to lead your squad (and your team) to victory? There are countless cheats that can improve your performance in Battlefield 2042, so let’s take a look at three of the best kinds.

A Good Aimbot

As with any other FPS game, an aimbot can turn you into a God amongst mere mortals in Battlefield 2042. For those who don’t know, an aimbot is a cheat that gathers information about enemy positions from the game itself and then uses that info to lock your crosshair to those targets.

What this means is that you don’t have to do any of the work aiming as you mow down legions of enemies with relative ease. While aimbots are pretty easy to use, they won’t set themselves up for you and you’ll have to do a little bit of tinkering in the configuration menu to get your aimbot working the way you want it.

For example, you can change the key that you use to activate your aimbot and you can even alter how smoothly it moves from target to target. Some options will allow you to make your aimbot less obvious, ensuring that you don’t get reported by salty players that you’ve killed over and over again.

Several Different Types of ESPs

An ESP is a cheat that allows you to see things that you otherwise wouldn’t by outlining them through walls. The most popular ESPs are enemy ESPs, and these allow you to keep track of enemy players by outlining them with a glow, a hitbox, or even a wireframe skeleton that represents their player model.

This means that you’ll always know where an enemy is approaching from and you can even track down valuable targets on the enemy team like their top player. This is possible because many ESPs provide you with detailed info about the target you’re looking at, including their name, distance, and potentially even their loadout.

However, enemy ESPs aren’t the only ones available. Some player ESPs allow you to keep track of allies as they move around the battlefield, and some will even allow you to track items. In-battle pickups and other gear will be visible through walls while you’re using an item ESP.

Gun Handling Hacks (i.e. No Recoil and No Spread)

Hacks like these allow you to make your weapons work the way you want them to. For example, you can use a no recoil hack to make high-recoil weapons a lot more manageable. This can turn a nearly unusable weapon into a meta killing machine since high-recoil guns tend to have more damage and higher rates of fire.

Along with no recoil cheats, you can also activate a no spread hack so that you can more effectively use weapons that have lower accuracy. This also allows you to counteract Battlefield’s mechanic where weapons get less accurate the longer you shoot them, so you’ll be able to hold down the trigger and hose down enemies accurately.

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