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3 Valorant Tips for Beginners

Valorant is one of the best competitive shooters the world has ever seen, in spite of early controversies over how Riot Games decided to handle their anti-cheat system. In retrospect, many developers have used similar anti-cheat in the years since Valorant was released, and they’ve been kind of exonerated for that.

If you’re thinking of getting into Valorant, then you may need to get up to speed with players that have been playing the game since it was in closed beta. In this short guide, we’re going to provide you with three of the most crucial tips you’ll need to get on the same level as Valorant pros.

Stop if You’re Going to Shoot

The first thing that you’re going to need to remember is that you can’t run and gun as effectively as in other games when you play Valorant. This doesn’t mean that you should make yourself a sitting duck for your enemies, but you’ll need to stop to get as accurate of a shot off as possible.

This is because when you fire standing still, you won’t have to deal with the spread that you’d otherwise have if you were moving. This can allow you to get a headshot, which will dramatically increase your chances of dropping an enemy before they’re able to damage you.

Synchronize Your Purchases with Teammates

Valorant is all about communication, and failing to communicate with your teammates will likely end up with your team losing the game. To this end, you want to make sure that your purchases are always synced with what your teammates are doing, so let them know how much money you have available and if you’ll be able to hold up your end of things.

In fact, if a teammate is planning on buying a new weapon next round, they may even be able to pick up a gun from a dead enemy, giving it to you, and saving you money. Always communicate when it comes to your weapon choices because your team’s resources are limited in Valorant.

Get Good at Using the Vandal and the Phantom

There are two weapons in Valorant that perform better than the others and therefore make up the meta. While the Operator is technically a third, it requires a highly skilled player to make the most of it, so the majority of players will either find themselves using the Vandal or the Phantom.

The Phantom is like Counter Strike’s M4, meaning that it’s more consistent when it comes to recoil though it has a little bit lower damage. On the other hand, the Vandal is like the AK in that it does more damage (killing armored enemies in a single headshot), but the recoil is going to be harder to manage.

We’d recommend picking one of these weapons and sticking to it instead of going back and forth so that you can get used to their recoil patterns. This will turn you into an expert with your weapon of choice and make you a lot more accurate in the long run.


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