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5 Cool Things You Can Do With Cheats in Fortnite

Cheating in a game like Fortnite is about more than winning every fight that you get into. Sometimes, you just want to have fun playing the game you love, and cheats allow you to have the fun that would otherwise be impossible. Here are five things that you can only do with cheats in Fortnite.

Flying Vehicles

The addition of vehicles to Fortnite was a great innovation that led to a wide range of new gameplay approaches, and they also opened up new avenues for potential hacks. Many of our major cheat packs now feature hacks that work exclusively with vehicles, and they can let you do some impressive things.

For example, the flying vehicles hack does exactly what you’d expect it to. Next time you hop into a vehicle, you’ll be able to take to the skies and navigate the map with relative ease. Keep in mind that this hack will likely get you reported if other players see you, so try to only do it in less populated areas.

See Weapon Type and Level Before Looting

There’s nothing worse than journeying around the map and finding nothing but terrible loot everywhere you go. First of all, it wastes your time, and second of all, it leaves you at a disadvantage relative to the other players in your match, so use your ESP to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Most loot ESPs will even give you filters that you can use to pick what kind of loot is displayed at a distance. For example, you can see what kind of weapon you’re heading towards and you can even filter your loot based on the level of that loot, so if you only want to see epics and legendaries, that’s your choice.

Magnetic Bullets With Bullet Control

Some Fortnite aimbots even come equipped with a feature called bullet control, which will control where your bullet goes after you fire it. This means that your aim doesn’t even have to be accurate so that you can hit targets, allowing you to shoot players around walls with impunity.

Keep in mind that using this kind of cheat is risky, so you’ll want to activate it sparingly if you don’t want to get reported by players who clearly see you missing yet you still kill them. Remember that balancing stealth and performance when using cheats is a skill set of its own.

Use Custom Crosshairs

Some cheats even let you change the crosshairs that you’re using, allowing you to show the activation circle of your aimbot or merely to make your crosshair more visible. While this may not be a major change, it still allows you to customize the game to your liking.

Lock Enemies Through Walls

When you combine an aimbot with an ESP, you have two tools that become extremely powerful together. For example, you can lock your aimbot to targets through walls so that you can shoot them accurately the minute you step out of cover.

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