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5 Cool Things You Can Do With Cheats in Rust

When you use cheats for your favorite game, you open up a whole new realm of possibilities that may not have been previously available to you. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at five things that you can do with cheats in Rust that would have been previously impossible without them.

Snipe Players Out of Helicopters

One of the more frustrating things about Rust is how unforgiving the game can be, especially if you fall behind when it comes to tech. We’ve all been on the receiving end of a group of powerful players who just got a helicopter and want to make the most of it, and there’s typically not a lot that you can do.

If you’re lucky, you might have a weapon to fire back at the helicopter griefers, but even then, the chance of hitting the pilot or something crucial is nearly infinitesimal. However, if you’re looking for the most effective possible way to fight back, an aimbot might just be your best friend.

With a predictive aimbot, you won’t have to worry about compensating to lead the target based on how fast it’s going because it will be able to predict the target’s path. This will allow you to land accurate fire on the players flying around in a helicopter firing down at more unfortunate players.

Swing Around Like Spider Man

Due to the flexibility of Rust’s engine, we’ve been able to create some cheats that would otherwise be impossible in other games. Beyond functional cheats like aimbots and ESPs, we decided to create a few cheats that would simply be fun to use and that we believe should have been included in the base game.

The most obvious of these cheats is our Spider Man mod, which allows you to swing around the map like the titular superhero. Functionally, this cheat allows you to swing around the map using web-like grappling hooks, and you can release them in mid-air so that you can swing from wall to wall.

Along with the fun you can have flying around the map wherever you want to be, you’ll also be able to make it around enemy fortifications with relative ease, especially in the early game. If an opponent fails to seal off the top of their base, then you can easily pilfer their goods with impunity.

Find Every Resource Node Instantly

One of the more frustrating things about playing on randomly generated maps in Rust is that you never know where to find the most crucial spots even if you’ve been playing the game forever. It typically takes a lot of work and exploration or interaction with other players to find all of the relevant resource nodes.

However, if you’re using an item or loot ESP, it will be a lot easier for you to sniff out the resources that you need. You’ll be able to see the positions of things like ore veins and scrap caches so that you can easily travel between them and gather all of the raw materials you’ll need.

Another great thing about knowing where all of the resources are located is that you’ll be able to position your base in the best possible spot. Laying down your base early is a good idea so you can get a head start, but you don’t want to be in an inopportune position since that will lengthen your travel times.

Turn Night Into Daytime

Traveling through the world of Rust at night is often a challenge, especially if you’re lower on the technological scale than your opponents. Stumbling through the bushes with nothing more than a torch is pretty much asking to get yourself killed, especially if your opponents are out hunting for you.

However, with the always day cheat, you’ll never need to use a torch again because for you, nighttime will never come. This will keep you safe during the darkest hours of the day and it will allow you to keep gathering resources safely without putting yourself at risk, unlike your opponents.

Get Rid of Foliage

Getting into a gunfight in the middle of the forest in Rust can often be a challenge, especially since you rarely know where your enemies are shooting at you from. By using our cheats to remove foliage, you’ll be able to see where your enemies are located though they won’t be able to see you anywhere near as easily.

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