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A Guide to Battlefield 2042’s Vehicles

Battlefield 2042 has finally arrived, and its launch has been a bit of a confusing one, leaving new and veteran players to wonder about a lot of what comes included with the game. We figured that we would take this opportunity to discuss the vehicles that you’ll find available in Battlefield 2042 and what they do.

We’ll start by going over the vehicles that are available to both factions before moving on to those that are unique to the American and Russian factions. Keep in mind that each faction has an equivalent vehicle that plays the same role but may have a few key differences from its counterpart.

LATV4 Recon

The LATV4 Recon is the game’s version of a jeep, and it’s the fastest ground vehicle that you’ll get your hands on. This will make it easier to traverse the map with your squad. The vehicle features some exciting enhancements, allowing you to swap out the default minigun with a grenade launcher, a 30mm cannon, or even a 50mm cannon.

LCAA Hovercraft

The LCAA Hovercraft is a more versatile transport vehicle alternative to the LATV4, and while it’s a little slower, you’re able to move over both ground and water with it, which goes a long way. You can swap out the default minigun for a grenade launcher, or if you’re looking to do some damage to armor, a TOW missile.

EBAA Wildcat

The EBAA Wildcat is best described as an armored car, featuring decent armor, good mobility, and relatively powerful weapons that can make it a thorn in the enemy’s side before they even see it coming. You can opt for several different weapons, including dual AA cannons, 40mm cannons, or even 57mm cannons for improved anti-vehicle work.

Your secondary weapons can be swapped between AA missiles or AT missiles.

MD540 Nightbird

The MD540 is 2042’s equivalent to the Scout Chopper from Battlefield 4, and it comes equipped with similar weapons, including a choice between miniguns or 20mm cannons that offer some splash damage. Your secondary weapons can be toggled between a 70mm rocket pack or an air-to-ground missile.

Your Detection Pulse and Sensor Array abilities allow you to easily scout out the battlefield for your teammates, and they can’t be replaced with any unlockables as of yet.


The MAV is an effective all-arounder that features good armor and firepower but loses out on both speed and maneuverability in exchange for it. It is best used with a full complement, as that will allow you to take advantage of the many weapons that it has available, as well as some powerful commander abilities.

The gunner can opt for a 30mm cannon or a heavy machine gun as his primary weapon, with a choice of either barrage missiles, TOW missiles, or a 50mm cannon as his secondary weapon. The support seat can choose between a canister weapon pod, a kinetic grenade pod, a rocket pod, a 60mm flak pod, a 40mm volley pod, or even a 60mm mortar pod.

M5C Bolte

The Bolte is a fast vehicle with some effective weapons but relatively low armor, making it something of a glass cannon. One of its more powerful tools is its mine layer, which is available to the driver in slot two, and gives him a choice of cluster mines, incendiary devices, or anti-tank mines.

The gunner has access to a minigun, a 30mm cannon, or a TOW missile launcher, depending on the targets that are expected.


The M1A5 is the US main battle tank, and it features a choice of a range of weapons, including three different types of shells for the driver and two different types of secondary machine guns. The gunner can choose between a heavy machine gun, a minigun, or even a TOW missile for more effective anti-vehicle work.

AH-64GX Apache Warchief

The Apache Warchief is the US’s main attack helicopter, and it’s a bit slower than the scout helicopter, but much more heavily armed. The available weapons include smart rockets, anti-vehicle rockets, anti-personnel rockets, and the secondary weapons include AA missiles, air-to-ground missiles, and wire-guided missiles.

F-35E Panther

The F-35E Panther is the US’s main fighter aircraft, and the main thing that sets it apart from the Felon is its VTOL capability. This makes it a lot easier to take off and land in small spaces, and you can potentially even use your hover function to trick your opponent in a dogfight, getting on their tail with ease.

MV-38 Condor

The MV-38 Condor is the transport aircraft available to the US, and it takes the form of a VTOL, giving it many of the same advantages as the Panther. This vehicle is filled with various weapons available to the passengers, including a 40mm grenade launcher or a 50mm cannon, as well as a couple of minigun pods.


The T28 is much like its American counterpart in that it’s a lot slower and less maneuverable than other vehicles. It makes up for that by offering some of the best ground-based firepower available and combining it with a terrifying armor scheme that will make it a chore to kill.

KA-520 Super Hokum

The Super Hokum is the Russian Equivalent to the Apache Warchief, and despite its strange looks, it performs identically to the American vehicle. The unlocks are also the same, allowing you to optimize your combat profile for use against vehicles, infantry, or even aircraft.

SU-57 Felon

The SU-57 is similar to the Panther, but it lacks VTOL capabilities. However, it still has a wide range of armament options that make it a versatile support tool in the sky. For example, you can toggle between a 20mm and 30mm cannon, and you can choose between IR and Radar missiles (the latter of which offers better range), as well as air-to-ground missiles.

MI-240 Super Hind

The Super Hind is the Russian air transport option, and while it may not look as impressive as the MV-38 Condor, it gets the job done just as well. It features the same range of customization options, including a choice between a 40mm grenade launcher and a 50mm cannon.

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