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Alien Isolation cheats

Are you finding Alien Isolation challenging? We're here to help! Check out these cheats and tips to make your way through this thrilling sci-fi horror game.

Unlock powerful weapons and outsmart the alien creature with these cheats. They will give you an advantage and help you survive.

Get ready to conquer the challenges in Alien Isolation! Gear up and dive in!

Alien Isolation cheats

Gameplay Tips

To effectively evade the Alien in Alien Isolation, players can use hiding spots like lockers, cabinets, and vents. These spots help avoid detection.

Players can also use distractions like noisemakers or flares to divert the Alien's attention. This allows for safe passage.

Strategic movement around the station is important. Avoid direct confrontation with the Alien, androids, or humans for survival.

To maximize resources, players should search each location for collectibles like Nostromo logs, ID tags, and blueprints. These can help craft essential items.

Using the map menu to plan routes and locate important items is useful. This helps conserve resources and avoid risks.

Prioritizing mission objectives such as reactor maintenance or gaining access to key locations like Sevastopol Station is crucial. This can lead to valuable rewards and game progress.

Combining these strategies with tools like the motion tracker and EMP mines helps navigate Sevastopol Station more efficiently. This leads to greater success.

Useful tactics to evade the Alien

To evade the Alien in Alien Isolation effectively, players should focus on stealth and resource management. Here are some tactics to consider:

  • Use distractions like throwing objects to divert the Alien's attention.
  • Hide inside lockers or under tables to stay out of sight.
  • Cautiously use the motion tracker to monitor the Alien's location without attracting it.
  • Maximize resources like EMP mines and flashbangs to temporarily stun the Alien.
  • Explore the station thoroughly to find collectibles like ID tags and Nostromo logs for insights and new areas in free roam mode.
  • Utilize tools like the access tuner to hack doors and the stun baton to disable androids for undetected navigation.
  • Carefully navigate through locations such as engineering, the train station, or quarantine to increase survival chances and outsmart hostile entities.

Maximizing your resources effectively

To maximize resources effectively in Alien Isolation, players should prioritize and allocate resources strategically to achieve their missions.

Players can utilize items such as EMP mines, blueprints, and flashbangs to navigate through challenging areas with androids, aliens, spiders, and humans.

Exploring locations like Seegson Communications, Reactor Maintenance, and Sevastopol Station can help players uncover collectibles such as Nostromo Logs and ID tags to enhance gameplay.

Leveraging tools like the motion tracker, access tuner, and stun baton can assist in unlocking doors and accessing new areas like Solomon’s Habitation and Engineering.

Players can optimize resource collection by using Morley’s Keycard in Morley’s Office or searching for unicorns and origami foil throughout the game.

By implementing these strategies and exploring different levels like Level 3, Spire, and Scimed Tower, players can effectively navigate the game while making the most out of their limited resources.


Players can unlock secret costumes and characters by completing specific achievements or missions in the game.

These unlockables can include unique androids, aliens, or human characters that add a new level of gameplay experience.

Hidden weapons and items can be found throughout the station by exploring different locations such as Nostromo logs, ID tags, or elevator shafts.

Players can also discover new areas by utilizing the map menu to navigate the intricate layout of Sevastopol station.

Collectibles like EMP mines, blueprints, or flashbangs can be acquired by successfully completing tasks like reactor maintenance or accessing locked doors with tools such as the access tuner.

By searching carefully in areas like Seegson Communications or the Spire, players can uncover these valuable items to aid them in free roam or specific missions within the game.

Secret costumes and characters

Players can find secret costumes and characters as they progress through the game. These include androids, humans, or aliens. They can uncover these secrets by searching specific locations like the station, Nostromo logs, or by using an access tuner to reach areas like the reactor maintenance or Seegson Communications.

Exploring the map menu allows players to discover hidden creatures such as aliens, spiders, or even unicorns. Collectibles like EMP mines, blueprints, or flashbangs can be found, which assist in progressing through missions. Special tactics, like using an EMP mine on robots or a stun baton on androids, can be useful in navigating unique levels like level 3 or the Sevastopol Station.

Knowing where to locate key items, such as Morley's keycard in Morley's office, or unlocking doors in places like the Lorenz Systech tower or Solomon's Habitation, is crucial for success. The game features secretive elements inspired by Ridley Scott films like Blade Runner. Players can fully immerse themselves in a free roam environment, using tools like the motion tracker or exploring quarantine zones for unexpected surprises.

Hidden weapons and items

Players can find hidden weapons in the game, like EMP mines and blueprints for crafting tools. These weapons, such as the Stun Baton, give players an edge in missions against threats like androids and aliens.

Exploring different areas in Sevastopol Station can lead to discovering valuable items like Nostromo logs and ID tags. These items, along with Morley’s keycard, unlock new areas and collectibles.

Locations like Reactor Maintenance and Solomon’s Habitation hide rare weapons. The Motion Tracker, access tuner, and maps are important for navigation and finding hidden treasures within the station.

By strategizing and exploring, players can uncover Sevastopol's secrets and prepare themselves for the challenges ahead in this exciting game environment.

Cheat Codes

Players in Alien Isolation can use cheat codes to get advantages. Cheat codes can give things like infinite health and ammo. This makes dealing with androids, humans, and the alien easier. By putting in specific codes, players can skip hard missions and unlock all game levels quickly. The cheat codes can also give access to secret costumes, characters, weapons, and items not found in regular gameplay. These cheat codes help players explore, fight, and sneak around better.

They can find station blueprints, get special items like EMP mines and flashbangs, and help with combat and finding things. Cheat codes let players freely move around the station, find collectibles like ID tags, and explore places like the reactor maintenance and Seegson Communications. By using resources like the map menu, the access tuner, and the motion tracker, players can plan and move through Sevastopol Station better.

Infinite health and ammo codes

Using health and ammo codes in Alien Isolation can give players a big advantage.

With unlimited health, players can explore freely and complete missions without worrying about getting defeated.

Infinite ammo ensures players always have enough bullets for battles.

Players can use these codes to focus on achievements, finding collectibles like Nostromo Logs and ID tags, and navigating different areas of the space station.

This makes gameplay more immersive, especially during free roam or when searching for specific items.

Whether facing androids, aliens, or spiders, having these codes can make the game easier and more fun for all players.

Skip difficult levels with unlock all levels cheat

Players of Alien Isolation have the option to unlock all levels using cheat codes found online or by modding the game. This helps them access later levels without having to finish the challenging missions in between.

By skipping difficult levels with the unlock all levels cheat, players can freely explore areas like Sevastopol Station, Lorenz Systech, Spire, and more. They can do this without facing tough alien encounters or puzzles. This allows for a more laid-back gameplay experience and lets players focus on collecting items such as Nostromo Logs, ID Tags, blueprints, and other scattered collectibles in the game.

With all levels unlocked, players can try out different weapons and strategies to tackle aliens, androids, and humans encountered in the game. This cheat enables players to enjoy a free roam experience in Alien Isolation without the need to complete each mission in sequence.


The "Walkthrough" section has a step-by-step guide with detailed instructions for each mission in "Alien Isolation cheats."

Players can find important collectibles like nostromo logs, id tags, and blueprints by following the directions in the walkthrough.

To navigate each level effectively, players can use the map menu to locate themselves and search for key items such as access tuners and motion trackers.

The guide also offers tips on dealing with androids, humans, aliens, and other threats in the game.

Following the instructions in locations like Seegson Communications, Reactor Maintenance, and Solomon’s Habitation can help players progress smoothly and handle challenges using items like EMP mines, flashbangs, and stun batons.

Step-by-step guide for each mission

Completing a mission in Alien Isolation starts with locating the mission on the map menu. Players can then navigate through the mission using location markers, tools like access tuner or emp mine, and interacting with key characters for information or items.

Important collectibles in each mission include Nostromo logs, ID tags, blueprints, and Morley’s keycard. By searching each area diligently and selecting specific objectives, players can increase their chances of success and unlock achievements.

Key locations like Sevastopol station, Lorenz Systech, the spire, and Solomon’s Habitation are vital for game progression. With features like free roam, elevator access, and reactor maintenance tasks, players can fully immerse themselves in Alien Isolation's suspenseful atmosphere.

Locations of important collectibles

Players in "Alien Isolation" can find valuable collectibles by exploring specific locations such as Sevastopol Station, Solomon’s Habitation, and Scimed Tower. These areas hold items like Nostromo Logs, ID Tags, and blueprints that help in the mission.

To uncover these collectibles, players should focus on searching in areas like Engineering, the Spire, and the Train Station. They should also check hidden spots like Morley’s Office or Quarantine, where rare items such as Morley’s Keycard or EMP Mines might be found.

Tools like the Motion Tracker, Access Tuner, and Stun Baton can be used to enhance the search for these important items. By exploring thoroughly, checking the map menu, and prioritizing these locations, players increase their chances of success in finding these treasures.

Xbox One Cheats

Players who want to unlock achievements in Alien Isolation on Xbox One can use cheat codes. These codes can add excitement to gameplay by allowing players to perform special moves and access hidden areas. Cheat codes can also give players infinite health and ammo, making missions easier. By using cheats, players can explore the Sevastopol station, uncover Nostromo logs and ID tags, and find hidden collectibles.

They can face androids, aliens, spiders, or robots while enjoying advantages like EMP mines, blueprints, and flashbangs. Different cheat codes in the game provide access to various levels and areas of the Sevastopol station, from reactor maintenance to elevator doors.

Achievements cheat codes

Achievements cheat codes in Xbox One games can help players unlock special achievements. By entering specific cheat codes, players can access hidden items, shortcuts, or abilities to make missions easier.

Some cheat codes reveal collectible locations like Nostromo logs or ID tags. They can also grant access to restricted areas like reactor maintenance or Sevastopol station.

Certain cheat codes disable enemies such as androids, humans, aliens, or spiders, allowing for more exploration without encounters. These codes can also provide useful items like EMP mines, blueprints, flashbangs, or access tuners for unlocking doors in locations like Sevastopol station, Lorenz Systech, or Solomon’s Habitation.

Controller button combinations for special moves

Players can perform special moves in games by mastering common controller button combinations.

To learn these combinations effectively, practice and repetition are important. Breaking down complex moves into smaller parts can improve accuracy.

Players can also refer to in-game tutorials or guides to understand the specific inputs needed for each move.

Mastering these combinations is essential for progress in challenging missions or levels. It helps achieve objectives like unlocking achievements, collecting collectibles, or accessing new areas for exploration.

With patience and dedication, players can explore locations like Sevastopol Station, Solomon's Habitation, or the Engineering section while encountering threats from androids, aliens, or rogue robots.

Using tools such as the EMP mine or stun baton, players can handle enemies and obstacles, similar to surviving encounters in the Alien franchise.


Cheats in Alien Isolation offer shortcuts, advantages, and extra features for players. They unlock hidden items, provide invincibility, and allow manipulation of game mechanics. With cheats, players can overcome challenging levels and obstacles in the game more easily.

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