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- 14/04/24 10:30 CEST

PrivateCheatz Takeover & New Direction

By Tom Capper – Updated April 21st, 2021



If you’ve been with PrivateCheatz from the start, you may have noticed that the site took a sudden downturn in the last few months. Cheats were being detected more frequently, some cheats didn’t work outright, and there were plenty of unsatisfied customers. It was clear that the previous management was simply not holding up their end of the bargain.

That’s where we stepped into the picture. You’ll be pleased to hear that PrivateCheatz has now been taken over by a complete new company and new management, and our first promise to our loyal clients is that we are going to clean up the site, revamp the products that are offered. We pledge to ensure that our customers will have access to the best cheats available.

We are currently working with over 30 cheat developers to ensure that we can pump out as many cheats as possible without compromising the quality of any of our hacks. As you may have guessed from the sheer number of developers we’re working with, PrivateCheatz is also looking to expand the number of games that we offer cheats for.

For the most popular games, we have several teams of cheat developers working on hacks at the same time. This has the benefit of giving customers like you a wider range of cheats to choose from, ensuring that you have access to hacks that are compatible with both your machine and your playstyle.

This has the added benefit of making our cheats more redundant: if one of our hacks for a game gets detected, then there are three more to take its place. This will, hopefully, ensure that there is always at least one cheat online per game at a time, even in the wake of a huge ban wave.

PrivateCheatz endeavors to become the market leader in the online cheat marketplace space. We want to create a website that clients can trust. There are far too many shady business practices in this industry, and we want to show players that cheats don’t necessarily have to be risky business.

To this end, we’ve implemented a brand-new and highly-trained customer service division that will tend to all of the needs of our customers. They will be able to address any concerns you have, and we hope that they are the first step towards rebuilding the trust that the previous management broke down.

As a further measure, all of the previous staff has been let go. We decided that we can’t take the risk of letting the rot that previously led to the downfall of this site take hold once more. In their place, we have a group of dedicated developers sourced from all corners of the web, all of whom have undergone a strict vetting process.

Let this be the first step towards a new chapter in the history of PrivateCheatz, and we hope that you’ll take that step with us.


**The products and services previously offered by PrivateCheatz under prior management are discontinued as of Wednesday, the 21st of April, 2021.

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