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Apply as a Reseller Partner

By Longhorn – Updated July 24th, 2021


We are looking for reseller partners. You must understanding the products we sell and are able to handle the support of your customers yourself.

To apply, send a email to [email protected], Via discord - Longhorn#0001, PM me direct via the forum or start a chat on live chat.

Title the message:

Then please cover these topics:
1. Name/username
2. Where you want to resell (What region, what site, what way do you plan on getting customers etc)
3. Your abilities on how to use the services we offer
4. Have you sold anything prior as a reseller?
5. Estimated sales
6. A link for the site and a plan for your marketing.
7. Information about your business, the way it works and the way you wish for it to develop

Look forwards to hearing from you.
PrivateCheatz Team

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