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Best Guns in Super People

In any game, knowing the best guns will be a quick path to success, and that’s also true in Super People. In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at some of the best guns in the game so that you can forge yourself a quick path to success, despite the element of randomness that’s inherent in a battle royale like this one.


The M416S is a classic assault rifle, and it features the versatility and the high rate of fire that you’d expect to find in the 5.56 assault rifles in other games. One thing to consider is that the M416S has a lower amount of damage with each bullet than other guns, though the other stats make up for it.

When it comes to visuals, the M416S is a little less flashy than other guns, and whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing depends on your preferences. Personally, I think that the less obvious tint of gold on certain parts makes the gun look better than the gaudy mythical versions of some other guns.


The G3 is an impressive weapon in many games because it packs 7.62 ammo, which gives it a lot more damage than weapons like the M416S. The problem with the G3 is that you need to have a lot more control over the strong recoil to make the most of it. Thankfully, the weapon fires in semi auto.

One of the G3’s limitations is that it has a smaller magazine size than other weapons, with only 20 rounds in a mag. In spite of that, the higher damage means that you don’t sacrifice too much killing power, allowing you to take down as many opponents as a weapon that comes with a 30-round mag.


If you’re a fan of the close-range killing power of SMGs, then you’ll probably be a big fan of the UMP9. As the name suggests, the UMP9 uses 9mm ammo, and it features a standard mag size of 30 rounds. One thing to account for is the slower rate of fire of the UMP9, which can be a limiting factor.

The UMP9 is also extremely easy to use because it features excellent stability courtesy of its relatively low rate of fire. Even though it only uses 9mm ammo, the UMP9 features pretty high damage output, which makes it pretty dangerous to come up against in close quarters.


If you’re a fan of shotguns, then you’ll probably love the SA-12K, which you may know as the Saiga from other games. This semi-auto shotgun is a great option when it comes to close-range combat, when you need considerable killing power, though the magazine size is a little disappointing.

Thankfully, you can equip the SA-12K with an extended mag to make up for this issue. Other than that, the SA-12K can kill an enemy in close range far quicker than even guns like the UMP9, which specialize in CQB.


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