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Best Guns in Warzone Pacific

Warzone Pacific has arrived with the launch of Call of Duty Vanguard, and it has revamped the game’s arsenal. The new guns make it difficult to know what’s the new meta, and players are searching for loadouts that will consistently let them succeed, so we figured that we’d help out.

We’re going to take a look at the best guns in Warzone Pacific over the course of this guide. We’ll cover some of our favorites, explaining what makes them better than competing weapons and how they compare to some of the weapons that we’ve already seen in Warzone from the previous two COD games.


The STG44 is a favorite when it comes to Warzone Pacific weapons because of its versatility. Compared to other weapons, the STG44 features reasonable range, effective damage, and the range of attachments allows you to pick and choose how you want the weapon to perform.

One of the impressive things about the STG44 is that you can set it up to perform well at long range, making it a bit of a hybrid between an assault rifle and a marksman’s rifle. Keep in mind that hitting enemies further away will be a bit of a challenge if you’re not used to controlling the recoil.


The Bren gun is one of the best LMGs available to Warzone Pacific players, and LMGs are usually weapons of choice because of their higher potential damage output. While the STG44 is pretty decent at long range, the Bren is a highly effective choice that doesn’t require attachments to perform at range.

One thing to consider is that the Bren doesn’t feature the downsides that you’d expect from most LMGs. It’s actually something of a cross between an assault rifle and an LMG when it comes to performance, and the weapon lacks the recoil that you’d expect to deal with in most powerful weapons with higher skill ceilings.

Cooper Carbine

The Cooper Carbine is one of the new weapons that were added in Season 1, and it’s an effective choice if you’re trying to fight at medium and close ranges. For this reason, we recommend the Cooper Carbine as a support weapon when you’re equipped with another primary that works at longer ranges.

For example, you may want to pair the Cooper Carbine with a sniper rifle so that you can still reach out and touch enemies at longer ranges. One thing to keep in mind is that the Cooper Carbine is a lot more accurate than you’d expect from a weapon with its range, so you can be sure that you’ll hit your enemies.


For fans of World War II games, the MG42 is a classic choice and it’s known for its high rate of fire that allows you to mow down your enemies like a buzzsaw. Due to this high rate of fire, the MG42 features a higher amount of recoil than other guns, making it less effective than the Bren at long range.

In spite of its weakness in this regard, the MG42 has a lower time to kill than a lot of other guns. Another great thing about the MG42 is that you can set it up to work better at longer ranges. A lot of players are expecting the MG42 to be nerfed from its current state due to its power.


Yet another classic World War II weapon, the MP40 features the usual low rate of fire and high amount of damage per shot that you’d expect from it. While it doesn’t quite rival its counterpart from Call of Duty World at War in terms of effectiveness, the MP40 is still a great choice if you’re expecting some close range engagements.

Like with most SMGs, the issue with the MP40 is that it doesn’t match other weapons in terms of long-range performance. Due to the size of Caldera, you’ll often end up in long-range gunfights that will require a bit more range out of your weapons than the MP 40 can provide.


While the BAR in its stock state may not necessarily be the most powerful weapon in the world, we’ve included it on this list because of how you can customize it. With the right attachments, you can turn the BAR from a standard assault rifle into a long-range killing machine that will be tough to match.

The BAR can even compete with marksman rifles at longer ranges, though with this kind of loadout, you’ll usually want to pair it with something more effective closer in.

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