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Best Valorant Maps

Figuring out the best maps in Valorant isn’t much of a challenge when you consider how few maps are actually featured in the game. However, everyone has a differing opinion and we figured that our fellow cheaters may be interested in what we think about the top maps in this game.

For this reason, we’ve put together this list of the top maps in Valorant. We’re going to explore what makes each of the best maps in this game unique and give our verdict on what we think is the order they should be classed in. To determine this, we’ve put together the opinions of our top Valorant players working here.


Bind is our favorite map because it’s a lot more unique than the maps you’ll find in other competitive shooters. For example, the map features teleports that allow you to add some last-minute wrinkles that may not be possible on other maps, creating some clutch final plays.

Aside from the teleporters, we’re fans of Bind because of its lane layout. Unlike many of the other maps, this doesn’t subscribe to the traditional three-lane layout. Instead, it features a four-lane design that makes players have to pick and choose where they want to concentrate their efforts.

This makes it easier to fake out your opponent by creating feints at one site and you can then use the teleporters to reposition yourself so that you can take advantage of your enemy’s weakness. This map is balanced and it works equally well for both attackers and defenders.


One of the things we love about Haven is that the map is stunning, with its Japanese-inspired aesthetic filled with pagoda-style buildings. Aside from that, Haven features excellent gameplay that makes it a joy for anyone to play. However, it does have one crucial weakness: defenders have an advantage.

Due to the large number of points, defenders can be spread thin if they want to have a chance to react to the opponents attacking them. This means that attackers, if they’re well-organized, can focus all of their efforts on a single point, making it easier for them to lock it down.

This means that defending B is crucial because it allows defenders to more easily rotate to the adjacent points but it also means that defending strategies on this map are pretty predictable. Since B is likely to be fully defended, it’s almost a given that attackers will go for A or C.


Breeze is a great map, though it won’t be added to competitive play until it’s further refined. Despite the lack of this map in competitive play, it’s a breeze of fresh air (see what we did there?) compared to some of the other maps that we’ve been stuck with for all of this time.

Breeze is great because it features long sightlines that make sniper play more rewarding than it is already. In spite of this, there are plenty of tighter areas where players can focus their efforts if they’re dedicated to engaging their targets with guns like SMGs.

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