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Best Valorant Weapons

Valorant is one of the world’s most impressive competitive shooters, and it has taken the Counter-Strike formula and refined it even further. Despite the game’s similarities with its inspiration, there are a few crucial differences between the games, most of which make Valorant more competitive.

Valorant doesn’t differ from Counter-Strike dramatically when it comes to the weapons, but you’ll still need to know a thing or two about how the guns are balanced to make the most of your cheats. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best weapons in Valorant, starting with the best of the best.


This is Valorant’s version of the AWP, and it’s even reflected in the name (AWPerator, get it?). The AWP is infamous for being the deadliest possible weapon in skilled hands because of its unrivaled one-hit potential and its excellent range and accuracy, making it a killer at anything beyond short range.

Of course, to make the most of the Operator, you’ll need to practice your skills when it comes to quickscoping. While you can sit at the back of the map and hardscope your enemies, that relies on you being able to anticipate where your enemies are located and if you have to clutch a round, you’ll have a harder time managing that.

Keep in mind that the Operator isn’t quite as powerful as it once was. It was recently bumped up to 5000 credits from 4500, though it’s still incredibly powerful. The best thing about this gun is that you can still one-shot a target with a hit in the body, even if they’re wearing armor.


For CSGO players, the Phantom is the equivalent of the M4A1-S, and they’re both designed to be integrally suppressed assault rifles that are versatile and effective at many different ranges. The Phantom is so effective because of its high rate of fire, making it easier to get lucky headshots.

However, due to this high rate of fire, you’ll want to make sure that you’re maintaining control of the weapon whenever you fire at your enemy. You can easily make the mistake of holding onto the trigger for too long and at that point, your accuracy will be ruined and your ammo will have been run through.

Compared to its main rival, which is the Vandal, the Phantom has a higher magazine capacity, which is somewhat necessary when you consider that its ROF is higher. The Phantom also has a notable advantage in that the first shot that you take will be a lot more accurate than it would be with the Vandal.


The Vandal is the Valorant equivalent of the AK-47, which is known for having a slower rate of fire but more damage than other assault rifles. This allows you to do some serious damage if you’re able to maintain control of the gun, which is a little more reliant on your skills than the Phantom.

If you have excellent recoil control skills and you’re able to keep a hold of this mustang of a gun, you’ll be able to easily run through the competition. One of the main things that makes the Vandal a deadly weapon is its ability to one-shot targets if you hit them in the head, and this is the case at all ranges.

There are a few key weaknesses to account for compared to the Phantom if you’re going to be using the Vandal. The first one is that the magazine size is smaller, at only 25 rounds. Another difference is that the Vandal isn’t quite as accurate on the first shot, so you’re a little more reliant on RNG.


The Odin is the definition of a high-risk and high-reward weapon because of how dramatically it impacts your mobility and how much it costs you. This weapon’s nearest equivalent in Counter-Strike would be the M249, as they are both expensive belt-fed machine guns with large amounts of potential damage.

One of the best things about the Odin is its ability to penetrate walls with relative ease, meaning that you can lock down areas with easily penetrable walls. Due to the gun’s distinctive sound and tracers, players will easily guess that you’re wielding the Odin, so you’ll need support from your teammates.

The gun also features high damage and a high mag capacity. If you aren’t spraying needlessly, then you won’t have to worry about reloading for the duration of the round, especially if your teammates are holding their own and getting a few kills of their own.

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