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Best Warzone Perks

Making the most of your time in Warzone means coming up with the right loadouts. While scavenging for weapons and surviving long enough to get your loadout is crucial, the game quickly devolves into ensuring that your loadout can match your opponent’s, no matter what cheats you’re using.

To ensure that our readers are always well-equipped out in the Warzone, we’ve put together this short guide to some of the best perks. We’ve divided this guide into three parts based on the perks that we believe you should take in each of the three slots. Let’s start off with the first slot.

Slot 1


Cold-blooded used to be one of the most popular perks in the game, and it’s still a quality choice but it has become a little less useful since people stopped using so many thermal optics. However, you still benefit from not activating High Alert and you won’t have to worry about people running Combat Scout, either.


EOD is probably the best perk that you can opt for in slot one because of how dramatically it improves your survival odds. This is because it allows you to survive more damage from non-scorestreak explosives. Whether you’re trying to survive a good thermite throw or make it through a claymore, it’s a good pick.

Double Time

Double Time is a great pick if you’re a player that tends to use Dead Silence because it keeps you silent while moving at faster speeds thanks to the improved crouch movement speed. As an added bonus, Double Time allows you to tactical sprint for a longer time.

Slot 2


Tempered is one of the newer Warzone perks available and it’s a great choice if you end up getting shot a lot. This perk cuts down on the amount of time that it takes for your armor plates to be applied and it also allows you to save more plates because you’ll be full after only two of them.


Restock is an excellent option if you like using equipment a bunch. Instead of having to worry about picking up equipment to replace what you’ve used, you’ll recharge it over the course of 50 seconds. If you’ve set yourself up in a great camping spot, you can simply lay down countless claymores.

High Alert

High Alert is an interesting choice that may be a little more situational because it will let you know when someone is aiming at you. If someone’s zeroed on your head with a sniper, you may have your life saved by the ability to get into cover at the last moment. Keep in mind that High Alert won’t work if the enemy who is aiming at you is using Cold Blooded.


Ghost is simply one of the best perks in the game because it makes you nearly impossible for enemies to detect using some of the most common methods like UAVs and heartbeat sensors. When you’re at the end of a round and everyone is popping UAVs left and right, you’ll be happy that you picked Ghost.


Overkill is another extremely common pick that rivals Ghost due to its usefulness. Being able to get two primary weapons out of a loadout drop is simply so useful. Most players use this perk to couple a medium to close-ranged weapon with a long-ranged one like a sniper rifle. Keep in mind that Overkill provides no additional bonuses, so you’ll have to be a good shot to make the most of it!

Slot 3


Tracker is one of the more niche perks that you can use in the third slot, but it’s pretty useful if you like the idea of being able to track down your enemies based on where they’ve been walking. If you tend to engage enemies in closer confines and buildings, tracker is an excellent option to pick up.

Combat Scout

Combat Scout is an excellent choice of a perk if you play in randoms or if you don’t think your callouts are quite up to par. When you shoot an enemy, they’ll be revealed for your teammates so that you won’t have to waste your time pinging targets. Keep in mind that Combat Scout won’t work on enemies using Cold Blooded.


Amped is an excellent choice if you’re running Overkill because you’ll be able to switch between your weapons with relative ease. It will also ensure that your weapons have better weapon handling, which is pretty useful if you’re going to be using something like an LMG.

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