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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – How to Stop Being a Terrible Teammate

By Tom Capper – Updated May 25th, 2021


Regardless of the mode you plan on playing within Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, you're going to need to learn how to work with a team. There are modes like Free-for-All that will allow you to play the lone wolf role, as well as the “Solo” option in Blackout, but where is the fun in that? Even if you don't have a proper team of your own to play with you can always match up with randoms, and while it's a daunting experience most of the time, it's better than nothing. This is why people use BO4 hacks so frequently, as randoms can be infuriating at times – being able to carry then with your BO4 ESP and BO4 aimbot will make the burden easier to bear.

Being the best teammate that you can be will not only improve upon a community that is known the be “toxic”, but it's just good for your karma too. While gamer karma might not seem like the most important currency to be collecting, it's nice to know that you weren't contributing to a loss (or happened to be the main contributor in a win). Gaming is competitive, and the only way you're going to win most of your matches is through amazing teamwork.

What Can I Do to Stop Being “Trash”?

While people will throw the phrase “you're trash!” out like it's candy, some people truly do stink at Call of Duty games. You need a certain level of skill and hand-eye coordination to even think about competing with the average person, let alone someone who has been dedicated their lives to being great at these games. Investing in BO4 hacks that will allow you to impose your will is always a great idea, but make sure that you only make use of reliable tools (like the ones found on Private Cheatz!).

Practice will make perfect, so try to play as many different maps as you can. If you're a beginner and are just getting into the rhythm of things you can always just observe teammates after you've died. Anybody who has played Call of Duty knows that the maps will become something that you know like the back of your hands, as it's merely a matter of experience.

What You Need to Improve Upon

Being the best isn't easy. You need to hone your skills and be the best BO4 player you can be, just like you would with any other hobby in life. The traits you need to improve upon are going to be:

Experience – Knowing how certain teammates will react is going to save you a lot of trouble online. You can sense whether a person is being hostile or not almost right away, and you can go ahead and treat them accordingly. If they are being rage-inducing misfits, treat them as such, but don't stop to their level.

Communication – Communicate where you see enemies, as well as what they are doing. You can use your BO4 ESP to see through solid surfaces and relay that information to your teammates, which is bound to earn you a solid friend or two.

Skills – You don't need skills if you plan on using our BO4 aimbot, but it's nice to have them regardless. We haven't developed a tool that can move around the map for you just yet, so you're still going to have to do all of that. You still need to be able to sniff out the enemies and understand how to get around the maps, as well as maintain some sort of aiming skill.

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