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Combining Cheats with Fortnite’s Game Mechanics

Cheats will only allow you to get so far in your favorite game, but being able to combine the cheats you’re using with a game’s mechanics will allow you to make the most of them. In this guide, we’re going to explore some synergistic tactics that you can use to make the most of your cheats in Fortnite.

Use Vehicles to Your Advantage

Vehicles are a relatively recent addition to Fortnite, and they’ve opened up an entirely new realm of possibilities for players using cheats. There are plenty of cheats that work with vehicles so that you can do things that were previously impossible, including teleporting to vehicles or flying around in them.

When you combine vehicle-based cheats with informative hacks, you’ll be able to use those very vehicles to your advantage. For example, if you spot an enemy on your radar, you’ll be able to use your vehicle teleport cheat to get right behind them and kill them before they ever would have guessed you were there.

You can also use vehicles in a more traditional way to get to loot or enemies that you’ve spotted using your ESP, saving yourself a crucial bit of time and allowing yourself to get ahead of your competitors when it comes to the amount of gear that you have at your disposal.

Building Combined with an ESP

Fortnite’s construction system is what originally set it apart from other battle royale games because it makes the game more about strategy than it does about simply shooting your targets. Late game fights are a mix of accurate fire and intelligent building, and this synergizes well with cheats.

For example, you can build yourself a fortress and you’ll still be able to see out of it using an ESP even if your enemies have no idea where you’re going to pop out next. An ESP will also allow you to pre-aim at the point where you expect to see your target and pop off a shot before they can even react.

Of course, you’ll always want to be sure that you gather enough materials to build these impressive structures over the course of a game. Don’t get distracted hunting other players or focusing on maxing out your number of kills if you want to be able to compete when the time comes to get into a real fight.

Drop in the Right Spot With an Item ESP

Item ESPs allow you to see what kind of loot you’ll be running into before you even drop, so you can pick your drop points with ease when you know where you’ll find the greatest concentration of legendary loot. If you’re playing with friends, let them know that you have a sixth sense when it comes to finding gear.

If you prove to lead them into the right drops over and over again, it’s likely that your friends will make you jumpmaster every time, so take full advantage of your tools and gear up!

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