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Combining Cheats with Rust’s Game Mechanics

Using cheats effectively is about more than just downloading a hack set and letting it do all of the work for you. While you can do this, if you’re trying to make the most of your cheats, you’ll need to implement them alongside some of Rust’s mechanics, and we’ll examine how to do that today.

Using Cheats in Conjunction with Helicopters

Helicopters are some of the most dangerous and effective tools that a Rust player can have access to, especially if you’re using them to terrorize players who are stuck at a lower tech level. However, firing out of or at a helicopter can be a little challenging if you’re trying to do things legitimately.

On the other hand, cheats can make it a lot easier to fight while you’re on a helicopter. For example, using an aimbot will allow your pilot to fly at full speed while you lock on to enemies. This will ensure that it’s a lot harder for your enemies to effectively return fire while you fly by them.

Keep in mind that cheats won’t only help you hit enemies from helicopters, but they will also help you effectively fight enemies who are in helicopters. Even if you don’t have a high-tier weapon, you’ll be able to aim at the pilot or gunner so that you can take them out effectively.

You can also use helicopters for non-combat tasks with your cheats. For example, if you use a loot ESP in a helicopter, you can show the pilot where they need to fly so that you can gather as many resources as you need. Most loot ESPs will allow you to see where ore nodes, scrap boxes, and more are located.

Using Spider Man Hacks to Get Into Player Bases

Many players think that it’s a little wasteful to put a roof on their bases when they’re first getting started. After all, players can’t jump high enough to get over walls and steal all of your loot, at least not if they’re playing legit. This is where Spider Man cheats allow you to excel.

A Spider Man cheat is essentially a grappling hook that allows you to go from wall to wall, like Spider Man does with his webs. This will allow you to climb an enemy base and make your way into it without them even knowing that you’ve compromised their defenses.

Go Out at Night With Daytime Cheats

Some cheats allow you to entirely change how the world of Rust appears to you, and cheats of this type include grass removal hacks and a cheat that makes it always look like it’s daytime. Daytime hacks are powerful tools that make it a lot less dangerous to head out at night.

Another great thing about daytime hacks is that you can camouflage yourself a lot more effectively. You won’t have to use torches or other sources of light to make it around safely, and this will allow you to sneak up on enemies and kill them without them knowing you were there.

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