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- 02/05/24 16:30 CEST

EA FC24 Player Unveils Method to Score from Kick-off Every Time

An avid EA FC24 gamer has stumbled upon a technique that allows players to score right from kick-off, and it might just be the reason behind some gamers' in-game frustrations.

Year after year, players passionately compete in various Ultimate Team modes such as draft, Division Rivals, and Champions.

To have the edge in these fierce competitions, players often spend the initial hours uncovering game strategies and minor tweaks to outplay adversaries.

This newly-found method, showcased by Twitter's @SAF_Tactician, guarantees a goal straight from kick-off. The scoring technique can be viewed in the attached video link.

To execute this, after initiating the kick-off, tap L1/LB which prompts the striker to make a forward move. Subsequently, engage in a quick one-two pass with a midfielder, followed by an immediate lobbed pass to the forward striker.

Though some might view this method as unsporting, it won't stop many from exploiting it to ascend the Ultimate Team leaderboard.

Twitter responses to the showcased video indicate that several have already fallen prey to this tactic. One dispirited gamer shared, "Every time they use it against me, they score. I've lost 0-4."

Another reminisced, "Someone employed this on me the day the ultimate edition was released."

Yet, some savvy players have found counter-strategies. They suggest modifying player assignments to counteract the kick-off move.

"It's simple to counter. Just switch to a central defender and pull him back," advised one user.

"It's annoying when players resort to this, but it's satisfying how easy it is to defend and regain possession immediately," another commented.

"It's only effective against those not paying full attention. Simply switch your joystick control to the central defenders," a player pointed out.

Another player humorously noted, "Great... the kick-off trick is back. Could we refrain from broadcasting it everywhere?"

So, are you considering giving this kick-off technique a shot in EA FC24? Share your thoughts below.

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