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- 02/05/24 16:30 CEST

EFT Posh hack has been added to our listings!

[EFT] – A new product has been added to our listings! Posh!

Enemy ESP (Box, Skeleton)
Enemy Info (Name, Health, Weapon, Ammo, Level, KD, Distance)
Loot & containers ESP wih filters (Prices, Distance)
Exit gates ESP (Pmc, Scav, Name, Distance)
Accurate Aimbot
Adjustable Aim FOV
Aim Key selector
Aim bone selector
Custom Aim distance
No recoil
No Sway
Draw FOV
Draw crosshair
My ammo
2D Radar
Inf stamina (risky)
Inf oxygen (risky)

More info about EFT Posh can be found here:

EFT: Posh Hack

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