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Exciting Game Modes That Players Are Creating With Battlefield Portal

Battlefield 2042’s launch has been a little disappointing, but many players who decry the many features missing from the main game have heaped praise on Battlefield Portal. Bringing back some of the most iconic Battlefield games in a modern mode with full customization is one of the best ideas that DICE has had in years.

To show you just how far the customization can go in Battlefield Portal, we’re going to take a look at some of the most impressive game modes that the community has created in it. These range from simple game modes like Infected to a full-on milsim experience that makes Battlefield more realistic than ever.

Gun Master of Ages

If you’ve ever played Call of Duty’s Gun Game, then you likely already know what to expect from this game mode. In most Gun Game modes, you have about 20 weapons that you cycle through one at a time whenever you get a kill, and the first one to get a kill with each weapon wins.

The catch is that the early and late weapons in the list tend to be the most difficult to use, for example, starting you off with pistols and finishing with a rocket launcher or crossbow. However, Gun Master of Ages puts a twist on that formula by using weapons from every age of Battlefield.

This means that you may start off with a World War II vintage bolt action rifle and work your way up to World War II SMGs before you can access more and more modern weapons. This creates a more interesting group of guns that you’ll have to use to progress through a Gun Master of Ages match.

Milsim Servers

Milsim servers are one of the more exciting directions that players are taking Battlefield Portal in, and they feature some changed rules that make the game a lot more realistic. Keep in mind that nobody is expecting Battlefield to ever match a game like ARMA, but it doesn’t have to.

The reason why so many people are attracted to Battlefield milsim servers is that Battlefield is relatively easy to pick up and play. You don’t necessarily need comms and you don’t have to devote an entire afternoon to playing, let alone the amount of time it takes to learn milsim games.

To create this realistic gameplay experience, milsim servers feature some key rule changes when compared to normal Battlefield gameplay. The most crucial of these is the exclusion of any HUD elements, while some games retain the large-scale map, looking at it will put you at a disadvantage in terms of situational awareness.

Other rule changes include a much faster time to kill, meaning that you can be killed by one or two bullets, especially if that bullet hits you in the head. It’s up to individual milsim servers how they handle healing and reviving, but it’s not unheard of for some servers to disable revives altogether or otherwise limit them.

Other changes involve vehicles, which are rather common in most Battlefield game modes. Milsim servers seek to maintain the integrity of their gameplay while still making vehicles extremely powerful if used properly, so the spawn rate of these vehicles is often reduced.

Zombie Modes

All it takes is one look at Call of Duty’s zombies mode to get an idea of how much people love fighting the undead in first person shooters. While there is a similar mode in Battlefield Portal, it’s more akin to the Infection game mode in Halo than the PvE zombies mode you’ll find in COD.

This means that you’re essentially playing against other players that don’t have a zombie skin, but they have a few boosters that make them able to swiftly overwhelm you. For example, zombies only have melee weapons, but they have much higher speed than regular players.

The survivors have to use their ranged weapons and their intelligence to select a spot where they won’t end up getting overwhelmed by the zombies. If a survivor is killed by a zombie, then they will join the zombie horde, increasing the amount of pressure on their former allies.

Modern vs. Historical Teams

An exciting twist on the normal Battlefield formula is the ability to make teams using equipment from different games face off against each other. For example, if you want to see how a Battlefield Bad Company 2 team will face off against a Battlefield 3 team, you can feel free to try it out.

Even more exciting is the ability to make a Battlefield 1942 team face off against a more modern team. While even odds will likely leave the World War II team struggling a little bit, there are ways to make the matchup a little bit more even using Battlefield Portal’s settings.

For example, you can make it so that the World War II team has more soldiers than the modern team, creating an interesting battle between numbers and advanced technology. You can even limit the World War II players to bolt action rifles to make the weapon makeup a little bit more historically representative.

Returning to Old Favorites

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to do something outlandish with the options that Battlefield Portal gives you. It’s also there so that you can bring back some of the fun times that you had playing previous Battlefield games without having to spend hours searching for a game.

Gamers who grew up playing classics like Bad Company 2 will be excited to return to the maps and weapons that they once used, and the same can be said for Battlefield veterans returning to Battlefield 1942.

All of these games have been brought up to the gameplay standards of Battlefield 2042, ensuring that they run as smoothly as possible, and the weapons have been painstakingly implemented to maintain their original balance.

It’s hard to believe when you hear it, but if you give Battlefield Portal a shot, you’ll see that it was crafted as a love letter to Battlefield fans who have been around since the start.

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