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FIFA 22 Futlic hack has been added to our listings!

[FIFA 22] – A new product has been added to our listings! Futlic!

Anti "Alt-Tab"
Anti "AFK"
Players tab "chemistry, weak foot, skill moves, wr att, wr def, change position, preferred foot)
DR Stats
WL Stats
DR Division change
Green Time Finishing
GTF freekick & penalty
Players Link (Green link)
Legacy defending
Assisted headers
AI vs Online Opponent (for DR, DF and WL)
DR opponent squad
SB Match time (use 4 min)
SB Difficulty change
Play DF with 0 wining opponent
SB Side changer
Players skills
Unlimited skill points
Bots weak foot
Bots skill moves
Bots with skills + hidden (not fully hidden)
Player skills v2 + hidden (not fully hidden)
Players skills v2 + hidden
Allows to change Chemistry style, Weak foot, Skill moves, Work rate attack, Work rate defender, Position and Preferred foot for each player.
Traits (applies all talents)
Legacy Defending
Player Link (All players as Icons)
Ability to play Division Rivals in divisions 1~10
Ability to see the opponent's squad before playing in Division Rivals
Opportunity to play Draft online with opponents 0 victory
Squad Rating (allows to lower the team's rating)
Side - displays which side you playing
Various player cards
WL Played / Wins / Loses
Origin ID / Club ID
Rating / Chemistry
Add to Blacklist - Add opponent's club to the blacklist if the same club trainer warning you.
Green Time Finishing (Double tap shot button)
Green Time Finishing for Free Kick and Penalty (Double tap shot button)
Anti "ALT+TAB" + AFK
Hidden Time Finishing (Double tap shot button) (sometimes not working or work 50/50, maybe will not give the desired effect)
Allows to change your players to an icon player on your team, in Squad Battle and Draft Offline
Unlimited substitution of players or disable substitution
2x Match time
Change SB difficulty
Squad Battle Side Changer
Control Home Side
Control Away Side
Ability to change your Pro & your Friends Pro rating
Ability to add all traits
Bots with a 99 rating
Unlimited skill points



More info about FIFA 22 Futlic can be found here:

FIFA 22 Futlic Hack

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