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FIFA 22 Manager Mode Tips

Manager mode is a great career mode for players that want to run their own soccer club, though it can be a little difficult if you’re just getting started. Knowing a few of these key tips will give you a considerable advantage, even if you’re playing against a more difficult AI.

Don’t Be Afraid to Purchase New Talent

Being hesitant when it comes to buying new players is a mistake that many people make, but you should try and acquire as much talent as you can when you start your career mode. Most teams will have a pretty significant transfer budget to start off with, and not using this is a bit of a waste.

Be sure to buy up top talent when you get started so that you can improve your chances of winning matches and tournaments, further improving your chances of earning more money. The kind of player that you purchase will depend on the goal that you have for your career mode.

Older Players or Younger Players?

Young players with a lot of potential are a lot more expensive than older players because they’ll provide you with more over the course of your career. However, you’ll want to account for how long you’ll be playing your career mode in the first place, since most people don’t play for more than a few seasons.

If you’re one of those players, then there isn’t much of a reason to purchase younger players if you’re not going to use them for the duration of their careers. You may be better-served by a veteran player that’s a little bit older, however there are a few things that you should account for when it comes to them.

The first thing is that older players tend to get injured more frequently, so if you have an older squad, you’ll want to make sure that you have enough backups to slot in in case that happens. You may also have to deal with players that are retiring if you purchase stars that are a little later in their careers.

Don’t Feel Obligated to Pick the Best Team

Many players feel like they have to pick powerful teams when they’re starting up a manager mode career, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Some of the most fun you can have in manager mode is bringing a team up from a poor position in a league’s standings to winning it all.

For example, your favorite team may not necessarily be the best one, but it’s nice to feel a bit of pride for your home town when you’re able to win with them. The great thing about manager mode is that it’s so versatile and it allows you to experience so many different types of situations based on the team that you pick.

Along with teams, don’t be afraid to play different leagues. The experience will vary dramatically based on whether you’re playing in something like La Liga or the Premier League.

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