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Fortnite: Before I Cheated vs. After I Cheated

By Tom Capper – Updated June 25th, 2021


If you’re on the fence about hacking, you’re probably not the only one. Cheating in a game like Fortnite can dramatically improve your enjoyment of the game, but you’re also taking the risk of getting banned if you get caught. That’s how I felt before I decided to start hacking Fortnite, but I’ve greatly improved my in-game performance by doing so.

Today, I’m going to go over how my decision to start cheating impacted my performance in Fortnite, ranging from my will to play the game to my ability to win rounds flat-out. If you’re deciding whether or not to start cheating, maybe you can learn a thing or two from my personal cheating journey.

More Wins

The most obvious difference between before I started cheating and after I started doing so is the number of victories I have under my belt. Before I ever used a cheat, I had a difficult time winning matches, to the point that I only ever had a couple of victory royales under my belt when playing alone.

After I started hacking, I dramatically improved my win rate, and I’m not sitting at about 45 solo wins, and I’ve only been hacking for around a month. The ability to more effectively kill enemies and avoid danger are the two factors that have made hacking such a huge help in securing wins.

More Effortless Battle Pass Progress

The Battle Pass is one of the main factors motivating me to keep coming back to Fortnite day after day, but I used to have a lot more trouble progressing through the tiers before I cheated. You may be wondering how this is the case since your Battle Pass is tied to your playtime, and it’s simply because I’m able to play the game for longer periods of time.

Instead of getting frustrated after getting killed or losing a round and shutting the game, I have much less of a reason to stop playing when it’s easier to win. This means that I can progress through the Battle Pass over the course of a few weeks of playing the game relatively often.

Easier to Carry Friends to Victory

Fortnite is a game that’s a lot easier to enjoy when you’re playing with friends, but your friends can also be a source of stress. For example, if you’re not on the same level as your friends, they may end up getting frustrated with you and they may even decide to stop playing with you.

This happened to me once, but when I started using cheats, all of my friends started clamoring to play with me like I was some kind of lucky charm.

More Fun

This is more of a combination of all of the above points, but using cheats has a way of making the game that much more fun to play. By using things like flyhacks, you can even fly around the map doing things that you were never meant to in the first place.

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