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Fortnite Best Events

Fortnite, like many other battle royale games, has had a wide range of events that have taken place throughout the game’s lifespan. However, some events have been better than others, and due to the temporary nature of events, you may not have heard of some of the best events that have graced the game’s history.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the top Fortnite events that we’ve experienced, and we’ll explain what made them so good.

The Final Showdown

The Final Showdown was an event that featured references to two of the greatest movie monsters in history: King Kong and Godzilla. This event featured two monsters that were inspired by them going around the map, fighting each other. What was impressive is that these two would tear up the map, changing it around as they fought each other.

The main difference is that the event takes place between two fictional monsters, though it’s no less exciting than you would expect from an event between Godzilla and King Kong themselves.

The End

The End was the final event that took place during Season 1, and it featured the time rifts that we saw all the way back in Season 4. Everything came together in this event, and we saw missiles, glowing o, and meteors and the reason that they were featured in the earlier event.

This event really immersed players in the game world and it explained things like server downtime. While most other games would pull their players out of the immersion by explaining things in an out-of-world context, Epic Games outdid themselves by creating an impressive framework of narrative and lore.

The Butterfly Event

The Butterfly Event was one of the weirder events that we’ve seen in Fortnite, and it consisted of an event where Kevin the Cube started moving around the island that you’d normally find in Loot Lake. This was one of the first Fortnite events that had a larger budget, and it paved the way for future developments in the game.

While the event was a little complex for most players, it showed everyone that Epic was dedicated to creating experiences that were a little more multi-faceted. The Cube would go on to be featured in future events, tying into the overall story of the world of Fortnite and creating a future existential threat that would shake everything up.

The Cube Event

Following on from the Butterfly Event, the Cube Event was the one where we learned more about Kevin, which is the community’s name for the cube itself. Every hour or so, the cube would move around the map and it would change up the rules, namely lowering the gravity of the immediate area.

When the end of the event rolled around, the cube found its way to Loot Lake, where it ended up at the bottom of the lake. At this point, the lake became what was essentially a bouncy castle, allowing players to rebound off of the surface and fight enemies in the air.

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