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How Cheats Can Help You Progress in Rust

By Tom Capper – Updated June 22nd, 2021


Using cheats usually makes it a lot easier to enjoy the games that you love, and Rust is no exception to this rule. However, if you’ve never used cheats before, you may be wondering exactly how you’ll be able to make the most of your cheats, and so we’ve created this series of guides.

Over the course of today’s article, we’re going to explore how cheating in Rust can allow you to improve your experience and speed up your progression. The three areas that we’re going to focus on include the increased ease of gathering resources, being able to hold on to them with ease, and being able to fight advanced players.

Easier Resource Gathering

One of the most important things in Rust is ensuring that you have enough resources to create more and more modern technology. Starving for resources will set you back relative to everyone else in your server, and you’ll likely end up losing everything to someone with a machine gun if you don’t progress quickly enough.

Gathering resources is the most pure form of grinding in Rust, and cheats can help improve your experience when you grind for resources. One of the most crucial cheats in Rust is an item ESP that will allow you to track down where you can expect to find resources, including scrap deposits and ore veins.

If you don’t have an item ESP, you’ll have to search far and wide across the map to determine where you’ll find resource deposits. This wastes time and you might even end up losing track of the various places where you can expect to find resources, making your job pretty frustrating.

Harder to Lose Resources

Cheats will also make it harder for you to lose the resources that you gathered as you’re on the way back to your base. For example, an enemy ESP can let you know if you have any opponents in the area that you’ll want to avoid so that you don’t end up getting shot with your pockets full.

This cuts both ways, since you’ll also be able to hunt down other players running back to their bases carrying a bunch of ore or scrap. This will drastically cut down on the amount of time that you have to spend personally grinding resources.

Fight Players Beyond Your Tech Level

When you’re facing off against players that are able to impose their will on you with impunity, it can be pretty annoying. Along with losing anything that you’re carrying, you can also end up getting discouraged with the game. After all, who wants to fight people with automatic weaponry using a basic spear?

If you have hacks, it will be a lot easier to outplay people who have better technology than you. For example, some aimbots may allow you to lock on to people who are in a helicopter, sniping them right out of it while they’re trying to reenact the Vietnam War as they fire machine guns at you.

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