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How Cheats Can Help You Progress in Warzone

By Tom Capper – Updated May 28th, 2021


Warzone’s release shocked people with Call of Duty finally releasing a battle royale with some staying power. While Black Ops 4’s Blackout was technically the first battle royale mode that was featured in a Call of Duty game, it sadly didn’t have enough unique features to make it worth playing for an extended time.

On the other hand, Warzone’s longevity means that it has outlasted the game that spawned it, and it’s still going strong after Modern Warfare was relegated in favor of Black Ops Cold War. Today, we’re going to take a look at why you’d want to hack Warzone through the lens of the game’s progression systems.

We’ll explore each of the methods of progression in Call of Duty Warzone and then we’ll take a look at how cheats can help you progress in each of them. We’ll even recommend a few choice cheats that will allow you to make the most of your progression across these various categories.

Weapon Rank Progression

One of the most significant forms of advancement available in Warzone isn’t the game’s ranking system, which used to be the main way of progressing in Call of Duty games. Instead, the weapon rank progression matters a whole lot more for a host of reasons, but mainly due to its impact on gameplay.

The difference in performance between a stock weapon and one that is fully decked out with all of the latest attachments is frankly startling, and it’s why most players try to rush their way to maxing out their favorite weapon. Once that’s done, there are two kinds of players: the kind that stick with their favorites for the best performance and those that have to max out every gun.

There are advantages to both approaches. For example, working with a single gun allows you to get intimately acquainted with it so that you can make the most of your fleeting opportunities to get kills in Warzone. It will also be easier to get all of the weapon camos with that specific gun so that you can get gold camo on it.

On the other hand, switching to a different gun once you’ve maxed one of them out allows you to build up an arsenal of fully capable weapons that won’t be hobbled like their stock counterparts. Another thing to consider is the sheer variety of weapons in Warzone.

Since Black Ops Cold War was released, all of its guns have steadily been added to Warzone, so you have a selection of Cold War weapons alongside the Modern Warfare guns that Warzone released with. This means that you have plenty of guns to grind away at, which can end up getting pretty tiresome.

Cheats can make it far easier to level up your weapons since it will be easier to get the required weapon XP because you can get the most possible kills per round. When you’re using cheats like ESPs and aimbots to laser in on your targets, then it’s unlikely that they’ll ever have a chance to compete with you.

This will also make it easier to complete challenges that reward you with weapon XP tokens that give you double weapon XP for a certain period of time. Combined with your cheats, this will have a compounding effect that will allow you to make the most of your improved performance while also earning more double weapon XP than the usual player.

Seasonal Rank Progression

Once you reach rank 50 in Warzone for the first time, you’ll find a very different experience that awaits you compared to the more traditional Prestige system that was previously in Call of Duty games. Prestige has since been replaced by the Seasonal Rank progression system, which is a little more complicated but just as rewarding.

One of the best things about this system’s progression is that it still features the cool logos that let you show off just how much work you’ve put into your rank. There are a few ways to get different logos, including getting to rank 50 over the course of a given season, but beyond that, there are also seasonal challenges.

These seasonal challenges will give you a more and more impressive version of an emblem from the season as you complete more of them. Some of the challenges also have other rewards like XP. When you complete all of the challenges for a given season, you’ll get an advanced version of the emblem that’s animated.

The system also offers further rewards for getting past the point of level 50. For example, when you reach level 100 and level 150 over the course of a season, you get Prestige keys.

These Prestige keys allow you to pick up things from the prestige shop, including Prestige icons from previous Call of Duty Black Ops titles and even World at War. If you’ve been playing Call of Duty for that long, you may find that these are a welcome blast from the past, but they certainly take some effort to reach.

As you may have guessed, advancing through the seasonal progression system takes a lot of time and effort on your part. Much like making your way through weapon progression, it’s a lot easier for you to make your way through the progression when you’re earning more experience per match, something made simpler by cheats.

When you’re hacking, you’ll earn anywhere between two and five times more kills per match, which translates to a lot more experience. Cheats can also make it easier for you to win games, and that has a tremendous impact on the amount of experience you get with each match.

Where cheats really come in handy is in achieving all of the challenges that are assigned to you over the course of a season. These seasonal challenges can sometimes be extremely difficult, so hacks will allow players who would have otherwise had no chance of achieving them to do so handily.

Weapon Camo Progression

One of the most impressive challenges that someone can accomplish in Warzone is achieving all of the weapon camo challenges, getting gold for every weapon, and getting access to Dark Matter camo. Even if you don’t particularly like the look of Dark Matter, you have to admit that it represents an impressive accomplishment.

While anyone can get max weapon level on every gun in the game with a little bit of time, getting every camo for each gun requires skill since some of the challenges are extremely hard. For example, longshot kills and kills near cover require you to be able to kill enemies in a wide range of situations.

Perhaps the most difficult weapon camo challenges are the ones that require you to get Bloodthirsty medals with your gun of choice as well as those requiring headshots. For those of you that don’t know, you’re awarded a Bloodthirsty medal for getting five kills with a gun without dying.

Doing that in multiplayer may be relatively simple, but being able to do so in Warzone is a lot more challenging because of the scarcity of targets in the game. There’s also the fact that some weapon classes are at more of a disadvantage in Warzone, like shotguns, since most gunfights take place at extended ranges.

When you use cheats to improve your performance, you’ll find that making your way through weapons’ camo challenges isn’t as hard as you expect it to be. This is because you’ll have the help of an ESP to keep you on your toes at all times, and it may even be complemented by a radar cheat.

Beyond that, aimbots will make it a lot easier to get the more challenging tasks accomplished. For example, if you’re trying to get a bunch of headshot kills, you can merely set your aimbot to automatically aim at players’ heads so that you can easily get the headshots you need in a short amount of time.

Battle Pass Rank Progression

Finally, cheats can also help you make your way through the Battle Pass. You may be wondering how it’s possible because the Battle Pass is tied to your time playing the game instead of your performance, but the simple fact is that it’s easier to play Warzone for a long time when you have cheats.

Instead of finding yourself getting discouraged or frustrated because other players beat you, you’ll likely keep having a great time in Warzone when you use cheats. This makes it easier to play for huge chunks of time so that you can make your way to level 100 in the game’s Battle Pass, unlocking some of the most impressive rewards.

One of the best things about the Warzone Battle Pass is that you’ll only need to pick it up once if you intend on getting to rank 100 in it every time. This is because the premium version of the Battle Pass rewards you with enough COD Points to purchase subsequent Battle Passes if you make it all the way through.

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