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How to Fight Rust Helicopters

Rust is one of the few games that allows you to progress from the technological level of a caveman to that of an advanced and modern soldier. Being able to traverse these technological boundaries is what separates a quality Rust player from a player of a wide range of other survival games.

What other game allows you to kill a bunch of people who have nothing but sticks and stones with an attack helicopter? That’s going to be directly related to the subject of today’s guide. We’re going to explore everything that you need to know about fighting helicopters in Rust and making the most of them.

Know Where to Shoot

Helicopters have about 10,000 HP if you don’t know where you’re aiming, but if you target the weak points of these vehicles, you’ll be able to take one of them out a lot easier. For example, the tail rotor only has 500 health, but it’s not the only thing you’ll have to take out to bring down the chopper.

You’ll also need to take out the main rotor, which only has about 900 HP. Once you’ve taken out both the tail rotor and the main rotor, the helicopter will fall to earth. Aiming for these weak spots may be a little bit harder but you’ll also be able to save a bunch of valuable ammo by going for them.

Don’t Try to Take Out Helicopters On Your Own

One of the worst things you can do is trying to take out helicopters on your own. While it may be technically possible to do so, it will be a lot harder for you to manage it because you’ll be the target of the helicopter’s focused fire. With a larger group of friends, you’ll be able to split up the helicopter’s fire.

This will give more people the opportunity to fire at the helicopter without having to worry about being blown to smithereens. Another advantage of having a bunch of people to attack a helicopter is that there will be more guns with more total ammo to take out the helicopter. This reduces the chances of you running out of ammo and having to withdraw to base under fire.

Putting Yourself in the Right Place

When you know that you’re going to engage a helicopter, you’ll need to know where you’re going to engage it. Being at the right place at the right time can make the difference between getting caught out in the open and getting annihilated and being able to loot a valuable helicopter wreck. So where should you set yourself up if you know you’re going to engage a helicopter?

One of the most important things is to make sure that you’re going to have the high ground when you engage an enemy helicopter. While you obviously won’t be higher than the helicopter, you’re going to want to be sure that you can get as close to it as possible, which means on being on something high like a tower.

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