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How to Level Up Fast in Fortnite

If you’re looking to make the most of your Fortnite experience, you’ll need to level up your Battle Pass. From the new Spider Man skins to The Foundation skin that will soon be accessible, there’s a lot to like in this season’s Battle Pass. This guide will focus on how you can level up fast in Fortnite.

Weekly Challenges

One of the best ways to gain XP is by completing the nine seasonal quests that come out every week. This is easily one of the best tactics available because these seasonal quests provide you with far more experience than many other sources, and they shake things up a bit by getting you to change your playstyle around.

Most of the time, these challenges will reset on Thursday at 9 AM ET. The objectives for these quests can vary dramatically, and some of them are as simple as catching fish. However, some of these weekly challenges can be a bit harder, though you can often find guides for them available online.

Daily Quests

While weekly challenges can give you a long-term goal to work towards over the course of the week, daily quests give you something to do over the course of shorter periods of play. Much like weekly challenges, your daily quests will refresh at 9 AM ET, giving you a host of new ones to complete.

These challenges are usually pretty easy to complete, and you can often get the first three done over the course of a single game, provided you don’t get unlucky. Keep in mind that only the first three daily quests that you complete will give you enough XP to make them worthwhile, as the amount falls off after that.

Party Assist

Playing with friends always tends to make Fortnite more fun, but it can also increase the rate at which you gain XP. If there’s a particular weekly challenge that you’re struggling with, you may want to use the Party Assist feature to let you get your hands on it much faster than you would otherwise.

This feature allows you to benefit from the progress that your friends make over the course of a match, contributing to your own weekly challenge progress. The best way to take advantage of the Party Assist feature is by playing in Squads, since there will be more teammates that can help you progress.


Milestones are the most long-term way that you can gain XP in Fortnite, and you will rarely find yourself working towards one of them unless it’s a very specific one. In most cases, you’ll have to destroy a certain number of items or get a certain number of kills with a specific weapon class.

Even if you’re not actively working towards a milestone, it’s a good idea to play the game in a varied way so that you can work on as many milestones as possible at one time. Your milestones can be found in the quests menu, where you can also see your current progress on them.

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