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View MW3/WZ3 Fecurity Hack
- 02/05/24 16:30 CEST
Please make sure that your Antivirus (external or Windows Defender), as well as your Firewall, are all disabled before using the cheat.

Follow this video-guide to know HOW TO
Extract and open the Gamepron loader as an administrator
The Gamepron loader should appear. Simply write/paste the serial key obtained from the shop and click on GO

Notes: Click on Save key if you do not want to reintroduce it again (In case you close the game and want to reinject again to play)

Drive 2: Do not check this option unless you’re playing in a cyber cafe (where the firewall is enabled with admin rights)
Several steps will be done here. Your key registration, decrypting, your timer display and injecting. Do not close this window and wait until it reaches the 100%
You will receive the following confirmation. After that, proceed to the next step.

NOTES: If by any reason you’re unable to see this confirmation, please do install the Direct X libraries and retry.
Download Here
Open Cold War from Battle NET and if everything has been set properly you should be able to see the menu on the left side of the screen. Operate by using the HOME button to open/close it and END to fully stop the cheat.
Use the Hotkeys to operate with the options.Example Alt + 1 (numeric) , 2 ,3 etc..

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it in fullscreen mode?
This product can be used in any window screen mode, contrary to Warzone previous model.
What game resolution should I use?
For this Testing we will be running the game in Borderless mode and 1920×1080 resolution.
Is there visible check option?
There’s no Visible check for now. It is suggested using a low aim distance with a very low fov for legit purposes.
I am getting "failed to loader the driver" error. How do I fix it?
Please read and follow this article before using any cheat!

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