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Please make sure that your Antivirus (external or Windows Defender), as well as your Firewall, are all disabled before using the cheat.

Follow this video-guide to know HOW TO
Video Tutorial
Run Spoofer Loader as an administrator.
For a first-timer, you need to click on the button 'Register' or if you already have an account, just skip this part and Login with your credentials.

*PC V2 Registration process does not use website credentials and they are not related to each other, so make sure to not forget about the ID and password you’re going to use.

*In case of a first timer registration, create an ID and password as well as adding a valid license key.
In case of being valid our registration, the next thing to do is to login with your created username and password.
Once you are logged in, open CMD as admin and enter the following line:

"wmic diskdrive get serialnumber"

*This is an easy way to know your main disk serials. Save the main serials to compare them with the new serials after spoofing.
Once you know your main serials, go back to the spoofer and click the button "Run Spoofer"

Wait few seconds until you get a message "Done! Please make sure are spoofed correctly"

To make sure you are spoofed correctly, run the CMD as admin and write the same command again "wmic diskdrive get serialnumber" then compare the new serials with your main ones. If they changed that means you are spoofed correctly.
*COD requires reformat or game reinstallation and a VPN. Before spoofing, you have to uninstall the game using Revo Uninstaller; then install it again after spoofing. Connect to VPN before running Battlenet.

*Fortnite requires to run an external cleaner or reformat your pc. You will find the external cleaner inside the spoofer folder. Run the cleaner before running Epic Games.

*Never login to your new account or even opening the game launcher while or before spoofing, the game will detected your main serials and it won't work. BE SMART!

*In case of using cheat, first do inject your cheat, most of the cheats will wait for you until you open the game, so during that period of time, use the spoofer and then log into the game. Do not do it on the opposite, because cheats are also HWID locked and using them from a spoofed PC will lead the cheats to not be used as well.

In short:
*Inject with the desired cheat (For example Multi-Legit) /Apply the spoofer / Open the game.
*When you finish playing a game, do restart your computer. All the parameters and serials will be reverted and back to normal and main settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How the hwid spoofer works?
In short terms, for easy understanding, spoofing is the process that we’re going to make use to change a variety of hardware identification serials. Each part of our hardware got a designated number upon Windows installation.
Why do I need a hwid spoofer?
Sometimes, a Game may Ban a part of our components, making it unable to use an account as before and, as the game will look over this same component number, this may incur into an immediate ban or in other cases not being able to join any game even when an account ban hasn’t taken place.
What is going to change after I use the hwid spoofer? and is it a permanent change?
A spoofer may only change some and not all designated hardware serials, they may be the motherboard or network adapters or HDD’s for example. The changes are not permanent, everything will be back to normal after you restart your PC. Make sure that the software you gonna use is designated for the current ban type of the game.
What security measures should I do before using the spoofer?
When using a spoofer make a windows recovery point and also make sure that you have saved your Wi-fi password (in case of using) as it may restart your network adapter.

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