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View MW3/WZ3 Fecurity Hack
- 02/05/24 16:30 CEST
Please make sure that your Antivirus (external or Windows Defender), as well as your Firewall, are all disabled before using the cheat.

Follow this video-guide to know HOW TO
This guide is for both games: Warzone and Vanguard! they work the same.

The first thing we got to do is to generate our unique build. Each key will generate a different executable, meaning that it cannot be traded once used.
—->To do this, download the loader from your account panel.
*Register a new account with the key you received from the shop, and then login.
(Tick Remember me box to easily sign in for future use)
*Once you have logged in, you can check your remaining time on subscription tab. 
Go to the loader tab to download your unique build.

*Open the build downloaded from the website as administrator.
*The loader should delete it self, now wait until the web displays the cheats column.
*Then click on "Run" as shown in the image example.
Wait few seconds until you see a green message "Start your game in 3seconds..."
Once the web loader is closed. Open the launcher, click the play button to start the game.

*The game must be running in fullscreen borderless mode.
If everything worked fine, when you reach the warzone lobby, press F8. The crosshair and radar should appear. Then use the button "Insert" to show/hide the menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to disable the secure boot?
It is important having the secure boot disabled in BIOS before using this cheat as not having it disabled will end up giving Error upon launch.
What game resolution should I use?
For this testing we are using a resolution game of 1920×1080 and Borderless mode.

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