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How Valorant Cheats Can Help You Progress

By Tom Capper – Updated July 10th, 2021


Valorant is the latest title from Riot Games, and while it may be extremely different from League of Legends, which the developer is known for, the game has amassed a substantial following. If you’re trying to make the most of your time playing Valorant, then here’s how you can progress faster using cheats for the game.

Quicker Account Leveling

If you haven’t played Valorant in a while, then you may be surprised to find the account leveling system that’s now in place. Riot Games implemented this system so that they could reward the loyalty of players who sink a lot of hours into Valorant, and there are a few rewards associated with a higher account level.

The most noticeable difference between someone who has a low account level and a player who has a high one is the border around their name and profile picture. If someone has a fancier border, then they have a higher account level, though Riot has promised to add more perks to being a high-level player.

When you use cheats in Valorant, you’re a lot less likely to end up getting frustrated with the game since it will be a lot harder for you to die or lose a round. These are the factors that most frequently lead to people closing the game, but if you’re playing for longer periods of time, then you’ll level more.

Your account levels tend to be tied more closely to the amount of time that you spend playing the game instead of the amount of kills that you gain or any other parts of your performance. While some might find fancier borders around their profile to be rather inconsequential, it’s a good way of showing other players that you’re a Valorant veteran.

Rise Through the Ranked Ladder

As with any other game that’s even moderately competitive, Valorant features a ranking system that allows skilled and talented players to rise through the ranks. By winning matches, you increase your ranking, but when you lose a match, your rank may drop, so it’s always representative of your skill at the time.

If you’ve ever played a competitive shooter, then you know that people take their ranks seriously, but gaining ranks is a relatively slow and arduous process. If you’re still not a master at Valorant, then you may find yourself in a position where you’re facing players that are a lot more skilled than you.

This is known as a plateau, and it can take a lot of practice and frustration to overcome a skill plateau. However, if you’re not willing to sink countless hours into practicing your aim and map knowledge, then you may simply wish to use some hacks so that you can make it through the ranks quicker.

Of course, the eventual rank that you reach depends on the power of your cheats and whether or not your aimbot can defeat the quickest of players who are gatekeeping the higher ranks.

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