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Internal vs. External Cheats for Fortnite

When selecting your Fortnite cheats, there are a few things that you’ll have to consider, including the framework of the cheats that you’ll be using. Unfortunately, many first-time cheaters have no idea of what the difference is between external and internal cheats. In today’s guide, we’ll outline the differences.

Internal Cheats

Internal cheats have a long history behind them, as these are the kinds of cheats that the first online cheaters were using twenty years ago. Internal cheats are so-named because they consist of code that is injected into a game’s existing code, altering it so that the cheats can work.

Internal cheats have long been the main target of anti-cheat programs because they’re also the easiest to defend against. Compared to external cheats, you’ll find that internal ones are a lot easier to detect because they create anomalies in a game’s code that can be found and purged.

However, internal cheats also have a few key advantages over external ones, and the main one is that they tend to have much better performance. Internal cheats won’t impact your computer as much, so you’ll be able to maintain pretty similar frame rates as before you installed your cheats.

Along with the game’s performance, you’ll find that internal cheats tend to perform better themselves, as well. This is because they don’t have to interact with the game through an overlay, eliminating any input lag that you’d experience when you’re running external hacks.

External Cheats

External hacks get their name from the fact that they aren’t actually injected into the game’s code. Most external cheats work through some sort of overlay that allows them to interact with the game, and the exact overlay that is used depends on the cheat (some even use Discord overlay to work!).

One of the best things about external cheats is that if they’re used properly, they’re almost impossible to detect. Some external cheats can even work on an entirely different computer, allowing you to access a radar display that will show you everyone’s position without any risk.

External cheats are also more common and affordable than internal ones because they require a lot less finesse to function properly. Most external cheats have pretty similar coding, varying only based on the particularities of the game that you’d like to hack using them.

However, external cheats also have their weaknesses, making them a little less suitable for twitch shooters. For example, the delay inherent in an external cheat means that it will be harder for you to use aimbots accurately, though some aimbots come coded with lag compensation that will make up for the delay.

Which is Best?

The best type of cheat depends on exactly what you’re trying to accomplish by hacking Fortnite. If you’re trying to be stealthy, then an external cheat will be your best bet. However, if you’re trying to get the most out of your hacks, then an internal cheat will give you the best results due to its lack of a delay.

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