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- 02/05/24 16:30 CEST

Map Size and Bots in Battlefield 2042: A Cause for Concern?

The open beta for Battlefield 2042 divided the community, who had plenty of complaints based on the direction that the Battlefield series is going in. However, aside from the game becoming more like Warzone than Battlefield, we had a few more fundamental questions to ask about the game’s design.

We couldn’t help but notice that the game’s huge maps made the Battlefield feel a little sparsely populated, even with two teams of 64 players going at it. To further add to our concern, we saw mixed results from the implementation of bots in Battlefield 2042, so we’re going to address how these can be potential issues.

Map Size

From what we saw of Orbital, it looked like the map may have been a little too big for 128-player combat. There were plenty of times where we were running around the map looking for a fight and we had to admit that we went a little too long between engagements to have as much fun as in previous Battlefield games.

There were a lot of complaints about Battlefield V, but one of the better things about that game was that the maps funneled players into areas where they would quickly engage each other. One of the things that concerns us most about Orbital is that it’s supposed to be a “medium” map.

This means that we can expect large maps to be even larger, and with a hard limit of 128 players, it’s hard to imagine how DICE is going to keep the gameplay flowing and people excited. This has a bit to do with the new sector system, in which players need to fight over smaller control points.

While this ensures that people fight over more than just a single point all the time, it also ends up splitting the fighting into smaller pockets of resistance. The issue is that this makes battles feel more like small-scale guerilla engagements than all-out war unless the stars align and every squad finds themselves in the same area.

Let’s Talk About Bots

Since Battlefield 2042 was announced, the developers have been open about the inclusion of bots in multiplayer games, and we saw a lot of them in the open beta. This comes as a bit of a surprise when you consider how hyped up Battlefield 2042 is and how many people were clamoring to try out the beta.

To put it simply, there shouldn’t have been that many bots clogging up the matches in the beta, but it was still happening. This has a way of disrupting the flow of the game because bots will never be as intelligent as real human beings, and their performance has a way of jarring you out of your immersion.

We hope that DICE will further refine the bot system before the game releases to make them appear more often or at least to make them a little more intelligent than they currently are.

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