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NoSpread in New World: Pinpoint Accuracy in Aeternum

New World provides players a vast expanse of land to explore, filled with dangers, magic, and age-old secrets. As combat becomes increasingly critical in your journey through Aeternum, understanding mechanics such as 'NoSpread' can determine the tide of battles. Here's an insight into the role of NoSpread in New World and its impact on gameplay dynamics.

Unraveling NoSpread in New World

  1. The Aeternum Adventure: Set against the backdrop of mysterious and vast lands, New World thrusts players into a realm where the battle for control and survival is unending. In such an environment, precision in attacks holds paramount importance.
  2. Defining NoSpread: The term 'NoSpread' refers to the removal or drastic reduction of projectile dispersion. In the world of New World, this would imply that arrows, bullets, or magical projectiles land precisely where intended, with no random deviations.

How NoSpread Influences Combat in Aeternum

  1. Certainty in Engagements: Aeternum's diverse landscapes offer multiple combat scenarios, from dense forests to open terrains. NoSpread ensures players can trust their weaponry to strike true, be it during close combat or ranged engagements.
  2. Conservation of Resources: Resources in New World can be hard to come by, making every arrow or bullet invaluable. NoSpread guarantees efficient use of these limited resources during intense encounters.
  3. Evolution of Battle Tactics: Knowing that every shot will hit its mark can encourage players to experiment with different combat styles, leading to a more varied and strategic approach to battles.

Pondering on NoSpread in New World

  1. Balancing the Essence of Aeternum: New World's essence lies in its carefully crafted balance between exploration, crafting, and combat. Implementing NoSpread might tilt this balance, potentially simplifying combat dynamics.
  2. Preserving Gameplay Depth: Mastering combat in New World isn't just about landing shots but understanding the game's intricate mechanics. Making shooting too straightforward could dilute this complexity.
  3. Amazon Games Studio's Vision: Amazon Games Studio has a clear narrative and gameplay direction for New World. Any gameplay adjustment should resonate with this overarching vision.

Amazon Games Studio's Perspective

Amazon Games Studio remains committed to ensuring New World offers an immersive and balanced gameplay experience. Their primary focus is to keep the essence and integrity of Aeternum intact.


While NoSpread in New World offers the allure of unmatched shooting accuracy, any inclusion should be made after careful consideration. The richness and challenge of New World's gameplay must always remain at its heart.

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